Xiaomi Router 4: In-depth Review – 199 Yuan networking beast

Xiaomi Router 4

Ever since the evolution of the internet we’ve seen a lot of improvements in the field of networking, especially in routers and network switches. Gone are the days when we used to wait immensely while getting connected to the internet. Xiaomi has come up with their Xiaomi router 4 after their most successful router series.

Xiaomi Router 4

Furthermore, apart from going with the traditional speeds in megabytes, Xiaomi leaped ahead and implemented gigabit network speeds in Xiaomi router 4. The device just got released in China, and we are happy to review the model and give all our loyal readers a sneak peek of the new Xiaomi router 4.

The Xiaomi router 4

Xiaomi is a brand that focuses on bringing value to their customers at a very reasonable price. And yet again they’ve implemented the similar approach with Xiaomi router 4. The device will sell at the starting price of 199 yuan in China. The worldwide sale will start soon.

Xiaomi’s habit of releasing a networking device for their consumers every year led them to deliver Xiaomi router 4 in the year 2018.

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What’s new in the Design?

Detailed Specification (Port Placement)

Can be controlled with Mi Router App

Performance, testing, speeds – results

What we loved about Xiaomi router 4

What all we disliked

Xiaomi router 4: The configuration

As far as the general configuration of the router is concerned, Xiaomi router 4 is almost identical to the Xiaomi router 3.

Xiaomi Router 4 Configuration (Specs Sheet)
Model Xiaomi 4 Router
Processor MT7621A MIPS dual core with 880MHz
Flash/Memory 128MB/128MB
Wireless Frequency Band 2.4GHz/5GHz
Antenna 4 (2 x 2.4G gain 5dB and 2 x 5G gain 6dBi)
Interface(Ports) 2 x 10/100/1000M Adaptive LAN Port

1 x 10/100/1000M Adaptive WAN Port

Size 200 x 134.96 x 178.98mm
Colour White
Starting Price 199 yuan


The design overhaul: Xiaomi router 4

There is not much of a difference from the previous generation of Xiaomi Router, but there are some very significant changes.

  • First, the previous generations never had an angulated design. For some, this won’t matter much, but the curves give Xiaomi router 4 an edge, ironically.
  • Furthermore, Xiaomi implemented the same matte finish white color which not only looks cool but also prevents the device from unwanted dust and scratches.
  • The Mi Logo is present on the top of the device which doubles as a MiNET Button (more on this later)

  • All the essential ports are located on the back of the Xiaomi router 4 with a 4 antenna system.
  • The rear side of the router houses a cooling area that complements with vents. This enhances the performance of the Xiaomi router 4 by cooling it down and thus making your connection stable.
  • Furthermore, the device also comes with aluminum-magnesium heat sink built right into the chassis that enables high thermal conductivity and hence more heat dissipation, thus maintaining the right temperature inside.

Xiaomi router 4 in-depth specification

  • The device comes with a set of 4 antenna systems. Two for handling the 2.4GHz and the remaining for handling 5GHz band reception.
  • The antenna systems play a crucial role in the receiving and sending signals to and from the WiFi devices to the Xiaomi router 4.
  • Xiaomi’s 4 omnidirectional high gain antenna system offers great connectivity and incredible speeds.
  • Just like the predecessors, Xiaomi router 4 comes in white color.
  • Furthermore, the router has the ‘Mi branding’ on the top. In the previous generations, there was no physical button on the router itself.

  • This time, Xiaomi router 4 houses a physical button under the ‘Mi Branding.’ This button is for their new feature called as MiNET button. More on this later.
  • Instead of using as a network switch you can also use Xiaomi router 4 as a repeater.

Ports and Connectivity options

Xiaomi router 4 offers a plethora of connectivity options. All the essential ports are located at the back of the device.

  • There is one power socket, with a pinhole type reset button and two LAN and one WAN ports.
  • To check the connection status, each LAN and WAN port comes with an LED indicator light.
  • There is no WPS button on the Xiaomi router 4, but you can always use the MiNET button instead, which not only works faster than WPS but also is safer.

The new feature of Xiaomi router 4: MiNET button

As already mentioned, Xiaomi router 4 will come with a new physical button up top under the ‘Mi Branding.’

  • This MiNET button enhances the quick connection speed. More so like a WPS button but it doesn’t work in the same way.
  • MiNET supports the MIOT fast WiFi connection protocol. This enables all the Mijia devices- Xiaomi’s other smart devices such as rice cookers, scooter and many more, to connect to Xiaomi router 4.
  • It is like a one-connect button to connect all the Xiaomi products within a flash.
  • To connect to any Xiaomi device, all you need to do is press the MiNET button, and you are good to go.

Isn’t this amazing? Well, during our initial testing we found this feature pretty useful

Instead of just entering long encrypted codes to connect to the WiFi network, all you need is a push of a button.

The Mi Router App for Xiaomi router 4

Xiaomi router 4 comes with its dedicated app that lets you control everything, from the passwords, usernames and the connection protocols.

The Mi Router is compatible for installation on all the android devices. All you need is a Mi account, and you are good to go.

Using the app, you can tweak almost all the functions of the Xiaomi router 4 app, which not only makes the usability convenient but also helps you keep your network secure.

Here is how you can make use of the Mi Router app and access all the amazing features and put the Xiaomi router 4 and app to test.

Xiaomi Router 4

  1. Download the Mi router app from the Play Store on your android devices and log in to your Mi account. If you don’t have one, it’s a good time to create one.
  2. Scan the barcode that is present on the rear side of the router, or you can log in to the router’s WiFI network via the username and password located on the barcode sticker.
  3. Once the app confirms the router login access, it’ll save the router in your Mi Account. This feature enables the users to back up their router’s settings so that it can be restored back when in need.
  4. Once everything is done, you’ll be asked to enter the credentials given by your ISP so that you can connect to the internet.
  5. Furthermore, if you are using Xiaomi router 4 as a Wireless Repeater, then you are required to enter the credentials of the broadcasting device.
  6. Enter in the WiFi SSID and password of the broadcasting device to gain access.

More Features built-in Mi WiFI app

All the devices that are presently connected to the Xiaomi router 4 will be shown here. Additionally, you can see their uplink and downlink status too.

Furthermore, you can also track the time all these devices were active via Xiaomi router 4.

You can get the list of all the Xiaomi Smart devices, with all the other PC, Laptops, and smartphones, projectors too

Toolbox Section of the app

Every one of us, use some of the third-party apps to calculate our internet speeds. Well, the internet speed calculator option is built right into the app.

You can additionally change the administrator password also.

What else can you do?

  • Tweak Firewall settings to make the connection more secure.
  • QoS optimization can be done
  • The deep speed test calculates the connection speeds so that you can optimize it further,
  • Update section enables you to update both the app and the Xiaomi router 4 firmware.
  • WiFi optimization feature gives an advantage so that you can optimize the connection signal strength etc.
  • Selection of better channels.
  • Change WiFi name, password, and username.
  • Game acceleration mode is also available with the Xiaomi router 4 which can be availed as a three-month free offer.
  • MiNET button function options can also be tweaked.

Other functions

  • WiFI health and security settings
  • Network control options
  • You can carry out some very small functions, like sharing the network with a friend
  • Flood prevention
  • And there are few more itsy bitsy pieces of functions that can be explored via the app only.

Performance of Xiaomi router 4

We’ve talked about the features, specifications and other information about Xiaomi router 4 already. But what about its performance in the real world?

Well, for those who want just the answer, ‘The performance is phenomenal,’ the router can still impart frequencies through 2-3 walls easily.

For those, who are interested in our detailed results, here are some of the facts and figures that we found during our initial testing.

  • The Xiaomi router 4 processor and the antenna system makeup gives this router an edge over all its competitors.
  • Xiaomi router 4 uses MT7621A dual-core, a quad-threaded processor that operates on 880MHz. This state of the art processing system offers high speeds in Gigabits.
  • During our signal testing, we tested Xiaomi router 4 in a three bedroom space with 130 square meter area.
  • The coverage area is shown in the image.
  • The signal strength offered by Xiaomi router 4 is commendable. We used Xiaomi Mi Note 5 in our testing and found out that the bandwidth was 100Mbps.

We also employed a third party app called as ‘WiFI Overview 360’ that enabled us to test the WiFI signal strength and stability. Here are the results;

Signal images are arranged in decreasing signal strength order.


Strongest Signal at point A and the Weakest at Point C. The wall placement and thickness must be taken into consideration with these results.

So, ideally without any hurdle and walls, the Xiaomi router 4 can maintain a constant speed of 4MB/s. But in the solely 5G mode, it can reach up to 9MB/s.

We tried to connect 7 devices at a time, and the device didn’t choke up in the speed department giving all the 7 devices a constant speed of 4MB/s.

Power consumption

At Gadgets First we employ our heart and sweat to bring out the best for our readers. So we went ahead and did our testing.

The Xiaomi router 4 uses 4.4 watts of power for performance at the normal temperature conditions. More details are evident in the images.

Xiaomi router 4: Worth buying?

Well, the final decision about the purchase isn’t dependant on only 1-2 factors. So we’ll just lay down some of the things that we loved about Xiaomi router 4 and the things we hated the most.

Stuff that we loved about Xiaomi router 4

  • The curvy design
  • Speed and the processing power
  • The MiNET button works swift and fast.
  • The device worked steadily in our office without any issues.

Stuff that we don’t like about Xiaomi router 4

  • What’s disappointing is the availability of LAN ports. There are only 2 LAN ports provided with the Xiaomi router 4 which won’t solve the purpose if you are going to use it in your office.
  • Therefore it is great for home use with only 2 LAN port users.
  • Well, if you rely on a WiFI network in your office, then surely it can be a solution for your offices too.
  • It can connect to up to 128 devices simultaneously over the Wireless connection, but for better results, you should connect only 64 devices at max at a time.

What do you think, upgrading to Xiaomi router 4 will really change the game for you? Comment down below and share your views.

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