Review on IMATE IM 05 Muscle Trainer

Review on IMATE IM 05 Muscle Trainer - 1

You may be one of those who, try hard as they might, are finding that ‘perfect’ figure difficult to come by. However, with the right set of gear, achieving that objective should be less daunting. One of such gear is the IMATE IM 05 which was designed to help keep the body in good shape. The gear is a ‘muscle trainer’ and it helps to tone the muscles of the arms, abdomen, waist, and legs.

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The IMATE IM 05 is quite effective in fulfilling the purpose for which it is set. Notwithstanding, there are a couple of persons remain skeptical of the efficiency of this sort of gadgets. These individuals see the gear as a ‘lazy option’ that might not be sufficient in itself to help people actualize their fitness goals.

How does the IMATE IM 05 work?

Its functionality is primarily dependent upon the various features/elements it carries. It’s safe to say that this muscle training gear is yet one of the many ways that technology is shaping our world – the human body if that sounds more appropriate in this context. Like most of the gear in its class, the IMATE IM 05 works on the concept of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology. With this particular element (EMS), muscle toning is possible through the application of low-level electrical signals.

How does the IMATE IM 05 work?

These signals are sent to the underlying tissues where motor nerves stimulate the contraction of latent muscle fibers. Just for the mention; on the average, most of the muscle fibers in humans are in a state of dormancy. This, in effect, causes the activity level of the fibers to subside as time passes by.

Due to the capability imposed on IMATE IM 05 by the EMS technology, it can be used in the treatment of certain medical conditions such as arthritic conditions and muscle deformities. That it does not require intense pressure for strengthening and/or reviving frail muscles is a testament to this fact. For this very reason also, athletes can use the gear to work (weak) muscles back into form.
In terms of the component parts, however, IMATE IM 05 muscle building kit consist:
• Two fitness hosts
• 3 gel pads – 1 large pad and 2 smaller pads. The large is for the abs while the smaller ones are for other parts like the arms, waist and legs
• The host carries the control unit, and it has a 3.7V Li-ion polymer battery which is rechargeable
• A pair of USB cables

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The gel pads typically act as electrodes that stick to the skin. It is through them that the low-frequency electrical currents from the device pass unto the underlying muscle fibers.

So, why should use the IMATE IM 05?

Well, you should use one because of the benefits it offers. The very first, and of course, the most obvious reason to use IMATE IM 05 is that it helps to condition the body. More so, it is suitable for increasing the size of the muscle. You can use it in tandem with a less rigorous exercise routine to bring about admirable abs, triceps or biceps – or just about a trim that makes you feel (and look) good.

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Although this next point somewhat relates to the first, but we feel it’s better to talk about it separately. This has to do with the fact that the gear can serve an immeasurable benefit to anyone who is about weight loss. Incorporating it into one’s weight loss program will give a far-reaching result.
Thirdly, as you fix the device to the body region you wish to work on, you can get to do some other things. For instance; you can read a book, watch TV, play games…you name it while the IMATE IM 05 does its work. So, in a way, you get to save time and/or multitask as you get your body into shape.

Review on IMATE IM 05 Muscle Trainer - 6However, maybe you are one of those that get motivation from fitness gizmos while on the go, this very gear is enough to give you a push. Getting on the go could mean more fun on the go.

Pros & Cons

• It can be set to different levels of intensity to suit personal need
• USB charging is possible
• 1 hour of charging = 15 hours usage
• Quite economical
• Convenient to carry around
• Insufficient gel pad

Inasmuch as we will not want to include this among the cons; there is a need to synchronize this gear with a mobile device. This will go a long way in making the IMATE IM 05 a perfect fitness gear. So, integrating Bluetooth technology into it – probably in a subsequent upgrade – should help to make this a reality.
Such enablement will allow users to seamlessly track their progress while keeping faith in the IMATE IM 05.

The analytics provided therein would help to intimate one (that is, a user) on the areas that need a touch – or just whether moving on to a different level of intensity will make things ‘all right’. Thus, users get to take decisive steps (in view of achieving a commendable fitness goal) in quick time.

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Those persons who love to keep things trim will find this gear quite handy to have around. This will help them attain their muscle sculpting goal even the busy work schedule. They can have it fixed while in the office; in the car or while at home on a weekend.

On the other hand, a body-building freak who loves to keep it ‘natural’ through workouts and visits to the gym – doing an all-intensive routine – may not find the IMATE IM 05 ‘fun-filling’. For such ‘gym-o-philes’, more is needed to hit the right figure – maybe we share this sentiment to some extent.


The aim is not to dissuade you from picking up or using this gizmo but we just have to tell you the truth. ‘You cannot build a castle on quicksand’ – ‘more’ is truly needed. So, you have to reconsider your approach if you have been basing your muscle-building routine solely on the IMATE IM 05 or some other ‘wonder-working’ gizmos. Gaining a perfect physique demands some discipline and/or commitment to your exercise regimen.

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