Meizu POP Bluetooth headset review: Clear And Unbiased Facts(Without All the Hype)

Meizu POP Bluetooth headset

The Bluetooth technology has changed the world for good. It is getting used in a lot of electronic devices primarily in the market of smartphones. Bluetooth devices connect to the smartphones without any wired connection and provide true hands-free experience with a great sense of freedom to the users. It is entirely safe furthermore it utilizes radio signals that are weaker than 1000 times from the standard wire technology. After the introduction of Apple Airpods the smartphone accessories market has seen a steep rise in Bluetooth headsets. As not everyone can afford Apple Airpods, we present you the Meizu POP Bluetooth headset. In a price range very low compare to Apple Airpods. Meizu POP comes with many features that we can get only in premium and expensive headsets.

Meizu has produced many smartphones in the past that come with top-notch design and premium hardware. In its 15 anniversary devices, Meizu has introduced new products for the music lovers. The Meizu POP is going to compete against Samsung GearIconX and Apple Airpods. The Meizu POP Bluetooth headset is available in only white color and comes with touch-sensitive features that are really great.


The Meizu POP Bluetooth headset comes pack in a small white paper box as you can see from the image. The inside Bluetooth headphones are wrapped in bubble plastic, so it doesn’t take any damage while in transit.

Meizu POP Bluetooth headset 1

The Meizu POP Bluetooth headset comes with inbuild case. The case is used to keep headset safe from any external damage and also double up for charging the device. We can place the headset inside the box and directly plug it for charging.
Meizu POP Bluetooth headset 2


The Meizu POP design is kept in the way that it gets precisely set in the ears. They entirely come with the IP6X5 rating, and they provide true wireless and water resistant functionalities. Each of the Meizu POP Bluetooth headset weights around 5.8 grams per unit. It is so light that it can be wear for a long time without feeling any weighs to your ear.

The microphone comes inbuilt with the earphones so can be used for calling purpose as well. The case of Meizu POP Bluetooth headset wights 48 grams and the battery capacity you will get is a big 700mAh battery inside the case. The battery inside the Meizu POP Bluetooth headset is 85mAh so it can be used for almost 3 hours before it needs recharging again.


One of the best parts about Meizu POP is that it has touch interaction so no need to take out your smartphone to make any changes in the volume or for calling functions. The touch-sensitive controls let you use all functions like play, pause or even change songs with just one tap on the earphones. It can also be used to answer or reject calls or wake up the voice assistance(If you are having the device running on Flyme 7.0).


Meizu POP Bluetooth headset 5

It comes with Bluetooth 4.2 that is the latest version of Bluetooth and provides an uninterrupted connection between phone and earphone. It also has features to connect with Meixu voice assistant, and it works on the frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz. The Meizu POP Bluetooth headset works on the sensitivity of 101 dB at 1 kHz and with the impedance of 16Ω.

Meizu POP Bluetooth headset: Charging

Meizu POP Bluetooth headset 6

The Meizu POP can be charged with USB wire, or it can also be charged with wireless charging. Meizu has used type C ports for charging that charges device at the fastest pace. So you don’t have to hold up long for getting the devise charge for next round of use.
It has got two types of the battery from which one comes inbuilt inside the earphones that provide 3 hours of usage. The second big battery is concealed inside the holding box and can be used to recharge device without looking for a power source.
The Meizu POP Bluetooth headset is ideal for fitness freaks and for the people who are too much into outdoor activity. With the ergonomic in-ear design, you can go for any vigorous exercise and even then POP will stay attached to your ears.

Meizu POP Bluetooth headset 7

Highlights of Meizu POP

  •  Ergonomic in-ear design offers stable high-frequency and optimized low-frequency  sound
  • Double-click and long-press for playback and volume control touch control,
  • Bluetooth 4.2 with support for Meizu Voice Assistant is (Flyme or later)
  • Water-resistant (IPX-5)
  • Frequency range: 20Hz – 20KHz; Sensitivity: 101dB @ 1kHz; Power: 5mW; Impedance: 16Ω; Microphone sensitivity: -38dB @ 1kHz
  • Weight: 5.8g; Case Weight: About 48g (without headphones)
  • 85mAh battery on the headset with 3 hours of playback; 700mAh in the case with 12 hours of battery life


If you are looking for a wireless earphones Meizu POP Bluetooth headset provides all the feature you can get. With a low price compared to all device available in the market, you will get a device with nice design and lasting battery life with fast charging.



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