BOTLA G006 Bone Conduction Review: No more Headset Detriments


Right from the time when I was at the age of 14 or so, I adapted the habit of listening to the rock music using headphones. It does not mean that I am not interested in listening to the home speakers. But the quality and clarity of sound that you can experience from the headphones are unique. Additionally, the best thing of the same is you can listen to your favorite track without disturbing any other person! This post is based on my review of using BOTLA Bone Conduction Headset. So keep reading if you want to know the reason behind why I switched to the bone conduction headphones from using standard headphones!

G006 BOTLA bone conduction headset

What makes G006 BOTLA Bone Conduction Headset Useful for All?

I can remember last year on one beautiful Sunday when I used to hang out while listening to the music for a long time in the home. My father saw me and asked to stop using the headphones. He said they are not suitable for my health.

Let me confirm you my father is not a doctor or any medical professional. He is a businessman with having much interest in getting knowledge about different illness, their precautions, and how to treat them! At that time I found this interest of my father is sometimes useful for me.


It is because most of the time I do not need to visit the doctor’s clinic in case of fiver or so. But at the same time, I have specific rules and regulations to follow daily to live a healthy and happier life.

Today I found that helped me a lot. I will also follow the same and will gain much necessary medical information. It will surely be going to help me to treat my children and family by myself in case of any standard medical emergency!

Well on the same day,

My Father sat with me an afternoon, and we had a lengthy discussion regarding the harmful effects of using the standard headphones. At that time it sounds like a lecture to me since I am not serious about the cons of using headphones.

But whenever I remember his words today, I thought I was wrong. Whenever I saw some cases of my friends, who got effected while using the headphones. Following are some of them including mine!

BOTLA G006 Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset

What are the Problems of Listening to Earphones?

Following are the different Cases regarding the Negative Effects of Using In/On Headphones. I experienced all of them till now in my life;


One of my college friends has recently faced some problem in his brain. When he met with the doctor regarding the issue, then the doctor warned him not to use headphones anymore! He was having the habit of listening to the music daily via earphones.

As a result, the electromagnetic waves produced by the earphones were harmed by my friend. The leading case of the problem was the inner ear. There was a small infection happened. This part is directly linked to the brain so he needs to pay much that he can ever expect for a while enjoying the music.


Few days before I was talking with another friend of mine while asking him about his health and family. He shared with me about his current condition. He was facing hearing numbness most of the time.

Got nervous while sharing all such things with me. However, It takes me some time to get him calm down and finally made him ready to go and met with a right doctor to get out of the issue. I am sure his case was also related to the harmful effects of listening to the earphones.


Few months before I was gone to meet my cousins. The elder one is of the age of 18 years, and the younger one is of 14 years. They use to share many things with them. Either their clothes, books, games, bicycles, and even at sometimes food when one of them do not like to eat and request another guy to taste the same! Both are smart as well!

They are having a good bond between each other, and I think it has both advantages and disadvantages. Now you might think if two brothers are living together happily then what would be the disadvantages in this situation?

The problem is few times before they were sharing same Bluetooth headphones with each other! And as a result of which both need to face the challenge of ear infections. After that, I came to know the fact that not only personally but headphones are also harmful even while sharing the same with others.

Even if you have the habit of sharing your earphones with others then make sure to sanitize them before giving the same to others for use. Always remember the fact that the bacteria can have the capability to travel from your ear to others and vice versa via headphones! So it is best if you share for someone’s benefit and not harm!

Bone Conduction


One day I am surfing about something on the internet. By mistake, I had clicked and redirected to the advertisements video on YouTube. I was about to close that window, but I saw another video with a title that is consisting of top 5 public accidents on city roads.

I watched it until the end and found out of 5, 4 of them are happened because of the victim’s mistake! They are either talking on their phones or having headphones or earphones on their ears while driving or crossing the main roads. So you can imagine how dangerous that I could be if we are not aware of using the headphones in a right manner.

BOTLA G006 Bone Conduction Headset


This case is based on me! Yes, I was facing the two problems at the time while I was using the standard headphones. One among them is the problem of pain in my ears once I am done with listening to the music and after taking off my headphones. I experienced a strain in my outer ear bones. I do not know if it happens with all but it is familiar to me!

The next problem is that of ear infection. Yes, I too had faced the problem of having a small infection in my right ear about a year ago. My doctor said it is because of using headphones for long hours so that the air cannot pass through the ear canals.

At that time I also found my ears are having more wax than any other members of my family. I am expecting the headphones are responsible for the same as well! However, today my ears are beautiful but without changing my habit!

BOTLA bone conduction Bluetooth headsets

You might wonder how it is possible!

I only switched my habit of listening from regular earphones/headphones to bone conduction headphones! Yes, I am thankful to one of my Friend named Jin! He was the guy from which I come to know the very first time about BOTLA bone conduction headset.

But they are entirely new for me! So before using the beginning I wanted to know what they are actually. How they are functioning, what are the advantages of using them, whether they have any disadvantages as well or so!

What is BOTLA Bone Conduction Headset?

Jin has already used the BOTLA’s bone conduction headphones before and shard with me many basics of the product. Soon I will be going to share my own experience with the BOTLA G006 bone conduction headset.

Before that let us start with the basic of the technology behind its working for the newbies. Below I am going to share the same with you so that it can help anyone who wants to know about – What are Bone Conduction Headphones?

BOTLA Bone conduction headset are you can say using the modern technology in the field of headphones. You can found many headset models of BOTLA and others. Using these headphones, you do not need to close your ears while listening to the music. Ultimately your ears are entirely free of any harm or side effects of using headphones!

BOTLA G006 Wireless headset

Based on Natural Phenomenon,

Bone conduction headphones are based on the natural technique of hearing the sound. Do you ever think why your voice is sounding different to you if you talk to someone directly in comparison to listening to the same via recording?

It is because of the scientific fact that when we hear ourselves while laughing, coughing, or talking. It is because of the combination of bone conduction (through air bones) and air conduction (through the eardrums).

Bone conduction technology works in the way such that you can hear the music not directly through your eardrums. But actually through the bones of the skull. These headphones consist of transducers. These are responsible for sending vibrations to your cochleas via your cheekbones.

BOTLA bone conduction Bluetooth headset

A Faceoff between BOTLA Bone Conduction Headset and Normal Headphones;

  • If you are suffering from unilateral or conductive hearing loss, then you can use bone conduction headphones to hear the music. However, you must have one functioning cochlea.
  • To run bone conduction headphones, it needs more power as compared to regular headphones.
  • Are you not ready compromising with the bass effect and other details in the quality of sound? If not then you may not be impressed with the performance of bone conduction headphones. But remember one thing if you have right ears then you can listen to the music for more coming years. Otherwise, do not compromise with the m=normal headphones while enjoying only at present and be able to regret in future.

  • Headphones can give you a chance to listen to the music with clear sound directly reaching to your ears. While using any headphones, the loud music is always not recommended, and the same applies to the bone conduction headphones as well. If you listen to the music on conduction headphones in high volume, then do not be overconfident that it will not be going to harm you!
  • If you are using the ear hearing aid, then you need to think twice to manage using both the hearing aid with bone conduction headphones. I am saying so because the headbands of both the devices may conflict with each other while using them together. It can be a bit annoying for you to use them together.

My Overview of BOTLA G006 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones;

After research, I finally decided to buy one of BOTLA bone conduction headset. My friends those were having the experience of using bone conduction headphones at least once in their life also helped me to decide. Currently, I am using the BOTLA G006 Wireless Bluetooth Headset. It comes in my budget and with essential features and specification that I always need in my pair of headphones.

What’s in the Box?

It was packed in a beautiful looking box with the graphics of an ear at its top indicating that it is a bone conduction headphone. Under the box, I got a hard storage case that I am impressed with so that I can use it to securely store my headsets without the problem of wear and tear.

BOTLA G006 Bone Conduction Review

Also, the hard case is durable enough so that I can carry it while traveling. The headphones can be fixed tightly in the hard case using the flexible strap provided by the company. Hence, it can guarantee you that in case of any jerk or fall the headset will be safe there in the case.

The box packaging is also having manuals regarding the headset, one charging cable, one pouch, and a pair of soft sound absorbing sponges. I am happy with the accessories provided with the G006 headset. Especially the sponges that I can put on my ears. So that if in the case while listening to the BOTLA bone conduction headset I do not want any outside sound or noise to disturb me then I can use them to close my ears. Technically saying, to soundproof my ears!

Essential Features and Specifications of BOTLA G006 Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset;

Here are some details regarding the product, i.e., BOTLA Bone Conduction Headset. I want to share everything in brief for the people those who are also desiring to buy the product:

  1. I found a widespread problem for me on using any headphone pairs. About which one of the two should be put on the left ear and which one on the right ear. It is a problem in case I did not find any sign of indications on the product regarding the same. But thanks to the BOTLA the same situation is not there with this headset! I can see “L” and “R” are imprinted on both the headphone units.
  2. BOTLA G006 supports Bluetooth 4.1. Therefore, making it entirely hands-free for use. Even I love using wireless or Bluetooth headphones. After all, I am sick of using wired ones those I think are not having a longer life and every time disturbs me! A Bluetooth headphone is of significant help in case you do not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack in your smartphone or any other gadget. Also, in fact, the headphone jack is no more working!
  3. The BOTLA Bone Conduction Headset units are adjustable so that I can use them on my head in different positions as the way I like it to be without any inconvenience. It adds to my style and honestly I got bored of using the traditional style headbands type of headphones on my head. Finally, I got a headset that cannot disturb my hairstyles anymore while using it on the go!
  4. The headphones are entirely made of lightweight material. While having them in my hands, it does not feels too much bulk. Neither It is on my head or around the ears.
  5. As per the manufacturers,

    The G006 BOTLA bone conduction headset is made for daily usage. I am also using the same while doing different activities like exercise while having meals or so. After all, the manufacturers have made the headset capable enough to absorb some amount of sweat or water. Also, it can fit on my head nicely that makes it slip-resistant.

  6. The body of the BOTLA G006 is entirely metallic lustier. It adds to both advantage and disadvantage for its user. The surface of the headset looks very shiny, but on the other hand, you find fingerprints on the same. So after specific intervals, you need to clean the surface by wiping it off using a soft dry cloth if you hate prints of your hands to be imprinted somewhere!
  7. On the side of the headset, you will have the options to control the volume. As well as there is a micro USB interface that works as a charging port covered with a waterproof rubber plug.
  8. I can use BOTLA Bone Conduction Headset very comfortably. On its left, there is a significant power button with an indicator. It also supports touch recognition. Every time whenever I use to boot the product, it starts with a voice prompt that I found interesting!
  9. BOTLA G006 comes with 300mAh lithium polymer battery. It takes approx. 1.5 hours to completely charge and gives a stunning continues playback of about 8 hours to me. So the time I make bath and have my breakfast it gets loaded and all set to use for my rest of the day!
  10. You can long press the power button to connect the headset with any gadget supporting the Bluetooth technology efficiently. I have already paired the G006 headphones with Laptop, Phone, Tablet, and a Smartwatch. It works fine with all!

My Experience with using BOTLA Bone Conduction Headset;

If you ask me what I have to say about the BOTLA G006 bone Conduction Headphones as a user’s review, then I have to say I am satisfied with the product. I can refuse in assuming I can use it for way more years to come as my headset.

When I first put on the BOTLA bone conduction headset on my head and used it, I have to say that it completely blows my mind. I can remember how good it feels while listening to good quality music on it for the very first time. It helps your ears to be open while listening to the music all the time so that you can also listen to your surroundings.

Also, I felt a small kind of vibration while using it for first 2-3 times. I am used to it, and now I can use it to listen to the music anytime without disturbing others. This time I can without any doubt listen to my favorite tracks for long hours while also looking to what others have to say!

And finally,

I am free of putting some uncomfortable earbuds on my ears and can either do any work or activity while using the same! At least it is not having tangling wires or unfit earbuds that may come out of the ears especially while doing the workouts.

I hope BOTLA bone conduction headset is built for the benefit of its user while listening to the music on them. Now I think the older guys will not have any problem in listening to the music using headphones since all age groups can use the product.

At least it worked for me, after having it no one asked me to stop using the headphone even whenever I am listening to my great playlists of songs on G006. After all, my ears are open all the time I can prove it to others!

I am dreaming about a situation!

I want you to imagine as well a visual where more than youths or children our grandparents are hanging around with headphones in streets and parks! Without any doubt, we can say those headphones must be bone conduction headsets!

Using these headphones, a person who was born with microtia and people who have a hearing impairment can also enjoy the music! The headphone technology has pushed its limits making it more efficient, safer, affordable and stylish to use!


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