eMeet M2 Review: An Elite AI Powered Wireless Conference Speaker


There are many gadgets all around us! Most of them allow different options for you! To make or receive calls, listen to the music, connect with internet, share files, use a virtual assistant and many more. But which one do you prefer? I hope it will be the one that will give you ample benefits. Such as connecting with any other device in few seconds and can be enjoyable and straightforward to use and experience. In this post, I will share with you one of a user’s review about eMeet OfficeCore M2 Wireless Conference Speaker. It is something special, and we can say has unique things than others! What are they?

eMeetOfficeCore M2 Review

Artificial Intelligence!!!

Yes, AI or Artificial intelligence has already gained much attention from its users once applied the same in different areas. You can understand AI technology integrated with any device is like giving life to the same. A device with AI capability can act much like a mini robot. So an AI backed device is smart enough to detect, calculate and perform specific activities on itself.

We should be thankful for this emerging technology. It is because with the help of this you can use some communication devices today backed with AI algorithms. It can help you to make your conversations smooth enough without any disturbances.

eMeetOfficeCore M2 Reviews

eMeet OfficeCore M2 can make it possible for you to converse with others in a meeting wirelessly. What will be the best, other than sitting at home by keeping your smartphone free to be used for any other activity! Not just this you can also use eMeet M2 all the day either you are in home, office or traveling as a personal assistant of you always.

Relation of eMeet OfficeCore M2 with eMeet M1:

OfficeCore M2 is the second generation, or you can say the advanced version of M1. It is expected that the M2 will be having all the similar specifications and features like that of M1. In addition to some Artificial Intelligence functionalities.


OfficeCore M1 has also got much recognition and good critic’s reviews about its performance both for official and home usages. It is still one among the top 10 wireless conference speakerphones available in the market till now!

Now to understand everything about what eMeet OfficeCore M2 will be going to offer we need to revise the features and specifications of M1. So before moving ahead let us get into a list of problems of today’s scenario. Issues that one needs to face in a conference hall or homes without using M1 or any other fully featured wireless conference speaker.

Problems in Conference:

Low Speaker Quality

A speaker plays an essential role in an online meeting or conference calls. If you cannot hear what other guy is saying, then it is a waste of time!

Poor Mic Quality

While attending any conference or meeting ever do you ever disturbed with the low-quality output of Mics? Even from the mics placed near to the mouth of every participant of the conference.

Cluttered Cables

Many offices today as well uses some old devices to conduct meetings or conferences. Such types of equipment are generally having long wires untangled together if not correctly set up!

No Proper Equipment’s

Most of the times while attending a conference you might have faced the issue of lack of proper equipment’s. Even to make it easier and comfortable while being a part of an official meeting you need specific devices based on current technology.


Some office professionals have multiple tasks to be done! Let us take the example of a manager who is having many things to look for and manage. Sometimes office hours are not sufficient to take care of everything.

You might have seen some busy official guys who are always busy with their smartphones while walking on streets, markets, in buses, metros and so on. What about attending a LIVE conference on the go? Do you think that a smartphone is sufficient enough in such condition!

No Proper Collaboration

A common fact among office people. Misunderstandings among offices associates might result in less productivity. Also due to awkward conversations among colleagues will result in less team co-ordination.

Taking Care of the Family

It is a common problem mostly with working women or single fathers. Since primarily official guys need to sit extra hours to handle any emergency or for completing any urgent work! At that time most of the time, their mind goes towards their family and children. Like what they are doing, whether they need any help, whether they have taken their required meals or so!

Conference Learning

Learning is the basic need of everyone! A person is learning all the time right from the birth to death! Today technology has made it easier for one to learn about any stuff online. Especially online learning conferences or tutorial classes can ease the job of both a teacher and a student. Anyone can join a learning session from home! But for many people, it is still not the convenient way, maybe because of the lack of a suitable solution for its process to make the same easier!

Solutions to the Problems: Possible Features of eMeet OfficeCore M2

There are some exciting features of wireless conference speakers proposed by eMeet OfficeCore. Below I am offering the solutions to all the above conferencing problems one by one. Also stating how every feature of eMeet M1 possibly in OfficeCore M2 will be helpful in different situations of their use:

Solution to the Low Speaker Quality: 360-degree All-Round Design

eMeet OfficeCore AI-powered speakers can solve their problem. By integrating a good range of speaker with loud and clear output for a listener! It does not matter if you are in a large conference room or any noise environment. M1 features a VoiceIA™ Algorithm built in the device that takes care of Echo Cancellation. Also, you will not find any Noise Suppression and adds Vocal Booster to the sound output.

How has OfficeCore solved the problem of Poor Mics Output? : 8m Range

eMeet OfficeCore offers exceptional audio quality output. All because of the 360° Omni-directional mics present in the same. The designers of eMeet take care of everything and finally planned a six plus one mic setup inside M1.

Hence making it entirely flexible for pick up the sound or voice of all the meeting persons and speakers irrespective of their position. It is scalable and flexible equipment to be used in a conference hall for both larger and smaller meetings since it has the maximum range of 8m.

Resolution to the problem of Cluttered Cables: Plug and Play Connectivity

Today we are living with gadgets those are most all wireless. Due to the advent of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, things become much more comfortable to use. Regardless of any limitations or compromises in the performance of the product. OfficeCore can be connected within seconds with any of your handy gadgets. It supports Bluetooth® or USB connectivity.

A Solution to No Proper Equipment’s: USB compatible, Convenient LED

eMeet OfficeCore M2 takes the responsibility to provide all the necessary aid for you. Think about the time while you are conversing with any of your staff or team member as a part of either Video Conference or Tele-Conference. It has many suitable features. For instance, convenient LED and USB compatibility that adds to the use of all the modern equipment’s that we can use during our conferences.

How to Deal with the Problem of Inconvenience? : Small and Portable

You can use eMeet M1 wireless conference speaker at any time, anywhere. All because of its lightweight and compact design. It weighs about 9.2 ounces. It comes with a protective travel case that can be easily carried from one place to another. No just this you can connect the device with many handy gadgets such as Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, TV and many more.

How to collaborate in a conference or meeting in a better way possible? : Array Noise Reduction

eMeet OfficeCore M2 can solve this issue. By offering a right gadget that will make sure you are always connected with your colleague. You can use the device as and when required at most when you are at official meetings and workplaces. The wireless conference speaker has the Array Noise Reduction functionality. By using which everyone can talk with or listen to each other online without any noise or disturbance.

How to be with the Family Always? : Full Duplex Call

An eMeet OfficeCore M2 AI Powered Conference Speaker has a solution for this matter! It can help you to be in touch with your family members whenever you want to talk with them using many features like Family Call, Child Care. It features Full Duplex call where both the parties at either end can better talk to each other like a face to face conversation.

Solving the Issues while Conference Learning: Automatic Voice Positioning, Echo Cancellation, Compatibility with Leading UC Platforms

M1 Wireless Conference Speaker can make online learning in the most natural way possible. It has all the features that can make a learning conference successful for a tutor and helpful for students.

Echo Cancellation and Automatic Voice Positioning can make it possible for anyone to hear or to be heard the clear voice. These features remove the echo or any unwanted noise happening in the voice. Even official guys can better talk to each other.

Anyone can clear the doubts while discussing any new project or learning any new technology. It does not matter if you are using Skype or Avaya or Cisco for your personal or business needs. eMeet OfficeCore conference wireless speakers are ready to be used with almost all the UC platforms.

Built-In Power Bank

One better feature in the eMeet M1, i.e., it is equipped with a big battery of 5200mAh. Hence, it a powerful device to be used for long meetings. By the way manufacturers of M1 is stating that the device lasts for about 24 hours of continuous conversation. One month of constant standby and 32 hours of constant Music Play.

The story is not over! It can also work as significant support to you while you are on an extended business trip. You can not only attend the calls or conferences but also use eMeet M1 as a power bank! Yes, you can charge your smartphones twice or thrice in a single charge of the M1.

Virtual Assistance

If you are a habit of interacting with your virtual assistance on your smartphones or any personal gadget, then you can continue the same on M1 as well. There is a smart button provided on the M1 conference speaker. You need to touch it once, and you can interact with any of your digital assistant from Cortana, Siri, or Google Now.

Easy to Use Functions

eMeet OfficeCore offers complete round shaped wireless conference speakers. It has some user-friendly or in other words easy to use control buttons located on its top. You can deal with calls, control the volume or mute the microphone with the help of dedicated buttons for each. The device is offering an expedient cable management system.

Entertain with the Music

eMeet OfficeCore will take good care of your relaxation while working in an office. After or before a meeting, or even at homes to enhance both of your productivity and mood. The device has a sound enhancement profile that can help you to listen to the music on an AI-powered wireless conference speaker anytime.

Hangout with Friends

Currently, you can connect the M1 and dial-in with Tencent, Google Hangout, StartMeeting, Fuze, Circuit, Adobe connect, Viber, OnStream Meetings, WeChat, Line, FaceTime, Join Me, Zoom, ClickMeeting, WhatsApp, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype, and Zoom.

Till now you might have got the idea about a fact! It is you can use the eMeet OfficeCore wireless speaker not only for official purposes but also to hang out with your friends at any time. Therefore, the device has many features making it fit to use for all types and age of users irrespective of their profession.

Artificial Intelligence:

Let us take a look at the main Artificial Intelligence Functionalities that eMeet OfficeCore M2 possess additionally than M1:

  1. M2 smart speaker is having AI tech to catch the sound from a long distance and convert it into an explicit voice chat.
  2. The device can well enough detect the voices from different directions and also indicate the same using its bright LED lamps.
  3. M2 is powered by VoiceIA™. It is an AI technology to reduce environmental noise automatically. All this is possible due to using some deep learning algorithms.
  4. Due to the help of Deep Neural Network, i.e., DNN you can precisely manage your calls even under noisy backgrounds. Let us consider a situation where the noise is coming out from air conditioners, projectors in a conference hall.
  5. eMeet OfficeCore M2 can automatically calculate the distance between it and the presenter. Further, it can automatically set its volume as so without any need of human intervention.
  6. The AI-powered speakerphone is powered with MEMS digital Microphone array. It is the best to be used for 1 to 12 people in a conference hall within a range of distance of about 26-33ft maximum.
  7. You can also connect more than one unit of M2 wireless meeting speakers with each other. Hence you can expand the reach of pick-up and play sound in a much larger area.


Let us have a Look at the essential technical details of eMeet OfficeCore M2 AI-powered wireless conference speaker;

  • Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth® 4.2
  • Bluetooth Range: 20 meters.
  • Connection Type: Aux cable, USB cable, Bluetooth.
  • Connectivity: Smartphone/ Tablet/ PC
  • Bluetooth Core: Version 4.0, Class 1, A2DP, HSP 1.2, HFP 1.6.
  • Battery Capacity: Probably the same as that of M1, i.e., 5200 mAh/ 3.6V
  • Product Weight: 290g
  • Microphone Array: Al algorithm based 4 Microphone Arrays
  • Pick Up Range of Mic: 8-10 meters.
  • Product Dimensions: 35 x 125 x 125 mm
  • Speakerphone Usability: Music and Voice
  • Loudspeaker: 84dB/3W*1
  • Output: 3.5mm audio hack to connect headphone or external speakers
  • Voice Localization: AI positioning

While purchasing any speakerphone, we always do look for a product that will deliver a crystal clear sound. If we talk about personal or professional conferencing device, then you may find different options. However, I think if you are also looking for a highly featured wireless conference speaker then it’s better to wait for M2 to be available for Purchase.

You will soon buy the eMeet OfficeCore M2 at a price point of around $200. I am expecting that it will be available in all the four colors like that of an eMeet M1 AI-powered wireless conference speaker.

M2 has all the functionalities that can make it perfect conference assistant to buy it to solve all or any of your conference problems stated above in this post. I am sure the new version of eMeet OfficeCore conference speakers will add up to the style of your conference table or bedrooms!


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