YI Mini Dash Camera Review: A compact Car Camera

YI Mini Dash Camera

First, let me tell you what dash camera is. Dash camera is also called as dashboard camera. Car DVR is a type of on board camera which keeps on recording the view through a vehicle’s windscreen. You can fix dash camera inside widescreen. You may be thinking what the purpose of dash camera is. Well!! This is one of the essential parts of your car. One of the significant uses of this camera is to provide evidence in case of any road accident. It can also be used for car parking, insurance fraud.

If you go to market, you will get many options for dash camera. Today I am going to review one of the dash cameras available in the market that is YI Mini dash camera. This is one of the cheapest dash cameras you will get in the market. I will share my views with you from which you will get some rough idea about the product, and you can decide whether you want to go for the product or not. Before moving forward let me tell you that you will not get better than this product in this price range.

Design of YI Mini Dash Camera

This YI Mini dash camera is tiny in size. The size of the device is around 54 x 38 x 85.5 mm and its weight is almost 70 grams. And this size has been given to the invention so that you can quickly fix it in your car. Good quality plastic has been used to make this product which will also work correctly in summer temperature. You may get confused with another element if it is dark inside your car. You can easily attach the YI mini dash camera behind the windshield of your car. But you cannot remove it quickly whenever you want. If you remove it, anchor plate will stay connected to the windshield.

LCD of YI Mini Dash Camera

YI Mini Dash CameraYou will be getting 2 inch LCD screen facing you while you are seating in the car. It will show you all the recording done by the camera. The camera has a resolution of 960 x 240 pixel, and the panel has the aspect ratio of 16:9. The screen of this camera is not a touchscreen. To navigate you will get keypad on the lower side of the screen.

Side wise views of YI Mini Dash Camera

YI Mini Dash CameraAs you can see in the picture, the front side of the camera has navigation buttons. Starting from the left side, the first button is to start recording. The second button is to pause the recording. The third button is to go to the gallery, and the last button is to access the menu and also to turn off the dash camera.

YI Mini Dash CameraNow let’s see the right side of the camera. As you can see in the image on the right side, it has got Micro USB power connector. To connect the camera with the socket of your car, it comes with a cable. It has also got micro SD card slot. You can use SD card of up to 64GB of class 10 or above which can record 3 to 4 days of recording, but it depends on the uses of the car by the driver. And it has also got a speaker through which you can listen to the recorded clips of the camera. Although the sound quality is not the best,  it’s just manageable.

And on the right side of the camera, there is a reset button and a microphone with noise reduction. This YI mini dash camera has been designed in such a way that it can quickly go with your car windscreen.

Picture Quality of YI Mini Dash Camera

YI car dash camera comes with the f/2.2 aperture which can give you decent picture quality while driving your car. This dash camera will provide you with full HD recording at 30 fps with a bitrate around 14 Mbps. According to the price, the camera quality is excellent. The setup of YI mini dash camera is quite easy in comparison to the other dash camera. In contrast to other expensive cameras, it gives a better quality picture in the daytime. But if we talk about night vision, then it is manageable as it will show the road signs but the license plate will not clearly visible. This dash camera has a dual-core processor. This processor enables the camera to decode the H.264 file and gives output as MOV format.

YI Mini Dash CameraThe YI dash camera will record 2 to 3 mins long video than the capacity of the SD card. It automatically erases the oldest video recorded and will continue the process. In case of an emergency, we can have filed by pressing the REC buttons, and this clip will remain on the card for all the times.

Wi-Fi Connectivity of Mini Dash Camera

YI Mini Dash CameraYI mini dash camera has one more amazing features which I love; it is assembled with Wi-Fi through which you can connect the camera with your smartphone app. By this app, you can view, edit and share the recorded videos. But the quality of Wi-Fi connectivity is not that good. Sometimes you can face problem while connecting and it is also a bit slow for transferring videos. For emergency, it has got inbuilt 3 axes adjustable G sensor which activates the emergency recording in case of any sudden collision. For better coverage, it comes with 140-degree wide angle.

Some more features of YI Mini Dash Camera

The dash camera can be used to detect insurance fraud and can also protect you from robbery attempts. Through a cable, you can connect the camera with cigarette lighter of your car. As you start your car, it will start recording. You can adjust the camera to record inside part of the car or outside of the car.

Pros of YI Mini Dash Camera

  • It has got full HD recording.
  • This dash camera has got microphone which reduces the exterior noise.
  • It has got WiFi through which you can connect with your phone.

Cons of YI Mini Dash Camera

  • The camera does not have the touchscreen.
  • It has no battery.
  • Audio quality is not that good.


Overall its entirely satisfactory product in this price range. You can also use the product for your other purpose like while going to trip you can capture the views. It’s a perfect product for a daily user of a car. But the manufacturer has mainly focused on the size and price of the product. No doubt according to the price the product is impressive. In comparison to the other product available in the market, this product is far better.


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