Cowarobot Rover R1 Review: now your luggage is smart


Cowarobot Rover R1: Self-driving suitcase

So far, I’ve written about smart projectors, smartphones, speakers, rechargeable batteries and more; but this one really caught my attention. The Cowarobot Rover R1 is, in my opinion, the best invention of this era for travelers, since the four-wheel suitcases.

If you have traveled, you should know how long are the distances you must walk to reach your flight, and that you have to do it really fast; so having a suitcase that follows you instead of you pulling a suitcase on is definitely awesome! Yes, I’m not kidding; this suitcase can follow you anywhere avoiding obstacles in its path while it is connected to your smartphone.


At first glance, you see nothing more than another black boring cabin suitcase, but inside, it is quite sophisticated. It has a multistage single handle which pulls up and retracts easily, but I don’t think you are going to need it. The exterior has a strong aluminum frame, it is light and makes the suitcase stable and hard to deform.

The body of the Cowarobot Rover R1 is made of polycarbonate, a very resistant material that is also waterproof, light, impact resistant and environmentally friendly. On one side, it has a changing-color LED that indicates the status of the suitcase, it also makes the suitcase look so modern.

Inside Cowarobot Rover R1 is coated with fabric and has two mesh compartment where you can easily place your clothes and other items in order. Besides, the hardware smart system occupies only 6% of the interior space; this is nothing compared to how powerful it can be.

Dimensions are 550 mm high, 380 mm long and 210 mm wide, it weighs 5,45 kg and the capacity is about 32 L. But the most important is that this suitcase meets international boarding standard; so you can board the plane with any problem.

How does it work?

It is so easy to use. You just connect your suitcase using an application to your smartphone and bracelet and it will start following you. It has an integrated smart mobile technology that includes 3D environment perceptive technology, radio-frequency location technology, multi-terrain adaptive dynamical system, laser radar following technology and an innovative somatosensory bracelet.

The laser radar following technology refers to the “eyes” of the Cowarobot Rover R1. This way the suitcase can follow you and adjust the strategy to avoid obstacles in real time. Radio-frequency location technology allows precise positioning of your suitcase, it ensures that the Cowarobot Rover R1 won’t miss its target.

In brief, this suitcase will follow you using the bracelet as a guide. This bracelet also allows you to unlock your suitcase; through this security system, you are the only one that can open the suitcase.

Let’s suppose that someone else tries to pick up your suitcase. If you are at an alarming distance, the bracelet will vibrate intensely vibrate and if you ever lose your suitcase, you can always open your application and locate it wherever you are.

You may wonder if there is a problem on the plane with all this wireless technology. The answer is NO. You can easily activate Airplane Mode using the app on your smartphone.

Another plus for the Cowarobot Rover R1 is that it has two USB ports to keep your smartphone or laptop fully charged on the go.

Cowarobot Rover R1 will follow you long distances

This suitcase has a small engine in its lower part with two wheels that move it at the same speed you move (a maximum of 7 km / h) and thanks to your connectivity with your mobile.

Cowarobot Rover R1 has a built-in removable battery with a capacity of 6400 mAh.  It only takes 4 hours and 20 minutes or charging time to run for 20 Km continuously when it is fully charged or can last for five hours on, the standby time is between one or two days. Don’t worry if the suitcase runs out of power, the bracelet indicator light will warn you with a red flashing light.

Besides, Cowarobot Rover R1 has a multi-terrain adaptive system; so it can follow you no matter the terrain. It can follow you on airport conveyors, carpet, cement road, marble pavement, blind tracks and more.

Cowarobot Rover R1 is a must for travelers

This suitcase will definitely make your travel more pleasant and convenient. If you purchase this suitcase (It only costs US $ 1,999!!!) you will get all the toys you need to use it:

  • ROVER Robotic Suitcase
  • Battery
  • ROVER Special Bracelet
  • Power Adapter
  • Travel Adaptor
  • Bracelet Charger
  • Instruction manual and warranty card

You should have some cautions while using your suitcase. You should stay close and in front of the suitcase until the autonomous following mode is activated; then you can start walking, you have to pull up the handle completely to expose the laser radar and you have to lift it when walking through stairs.

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