Xiaomi Mi 8 out of stock: The next sale is on June 12th, 10:00 am

Xiaomi Mi 8 out of stock

Xiaomi recently has introduced their new flagship device Xiaomi Mi 8, on 31st of May 2018. The company held their 8th-anniversary conference and launched their flagship device. Soon after the device got launched, Xiaomi announced that the first sale would take place on 5th of June 2018. Xiaomi Mi 8 out of stock, is the message that popped up just a few seconds after their sale went live.

Just like every year, Xiaomi devices being under the most wanted category sells quickly. Just within a minutes time, Xiaomi Mi 8 out of stock message appears.

All the variants, including the 64GB + 6GB variant, the 128GB + 6GB variant and the 256GB + 6Gb variant showed, ‘Xiaomi Mi 8 out of stock’.

After Xiaomi Mi 8 out of stock, when is the next sale expected?

Xiaomi Mi 8 out of stock

According to the reports, the next sale will go live on next Tuesday, 10th of May at 10:00 am.

Although, it is still not clear, how many devices Xiaomi is putting forward in the sale. And there is no news about how many more devices they’ll be going to feature on the 10th June sale.

According to one of their employees, it roughly took less than 37 seconds to show the Xiaomi Mi 8 out of stock message on the websites. That means people are much more eager to buy the Xiaomi Mi 8 devices.

Xiaomi Mi 8 out of stock

Furthermore, as per the statement made by Lei Jun, they claimed that there would be some hundreds to some thousands of devices in the first batch and they’ve considered producing more units desperately.

Recently the Xiaomi Mi 8 has been rated at 105 by the DxOMark that emphasize the great camera quality on the device.

Apart from this, the initial response of the device is great, and people love it.

Let us know in the comments below, whether you liked their new notched display design or not?

Also, stay tuned for similar insiders.

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