Lenovo Watch 9 Review, Eye-catching design and smart features

Lenovo Watch 9 Review, Eye-catching design and smart features

The Lenovo brand is certainly not as popular as it once was. Daily, it has to put up with the loads of excellent consumer electronics that its rivals overload the market with. But Lenovo is apparently unwilling to give up and play dead and is instead determined to put on a fight to the finish. To do this, it is currently banking on the bezel-less Lenovo Z5 that’s touted to pack nearly-miraculous features, its range of consumer electronics and smartwatches like the Lenovo Watch 9. The Lenovo Z5 is yet to be unveiled, but the Watch 9 has been lately adorning wrists and drawing tables, tick-tocking and causing quite a buzz. So, if you are thinking of getting a smartwatch, or just have a thing for Lenovo products, is the Lenovo Watch 9 something you can put on and wear with both joy and confidence? Let’s go find out, folks.

Lenovo Watch 9: Design

THE Lenovo Watch 9 is packaged in a simple and totally unremarkable white box. In fact, save for the Lenovo logo on the top right of the package and the name of the device stamped on the middle, it would be rather easy to mistake it for a box of cookies, matches, jewelry or the like. Turn the box over and you find the Lenovo logo and a slew of information that happen to be in Chinese and are totally incomprehensible to anyone unfamiliar with the language. Once the unprepossessing package is opened, the watch is spied nestled tightly within, like a peanut in a shell and with a booklet -user manual actually- laid atop it. The booklet also has a pair of QR codes.

Lenovo Watch 9: Design

These guide you to the appropriate apps needed to pair a smartphone with the watch. Needless to say, without such a pairing, the Lenovo Watch 9 is little better than an expensive paperweight.

Lenovo Watch 9: Design

The Lenovo Watch 9 comes in two variants: a black and white one. For our review, we got gifted the black model, and that is of course what we will be reviewing. In looks, the Lenovo Watch 9 is pretty basic and there’s not much bells and whistles in sight. The straps are manufactured from a non-slip silicone material that on first glance could be mistaken for rubber. A pin buckle design is used that can easily be adjusted for user comfort. The screen and back end of the device both have protective screens. Peel this off and the device will be staring at you in all its naked glory.

Lenovo Watch 9: Design

The screen is pretty conventional and is made of a sapphire that is touted to have a hardness rating of 9H. That is by the way nearly as hard as a diamond. You can, therefore, feel free to indulge in a reasonable amount of rough play, without worrying about your expensive purchase shattering to pieces. The bottom of the device also has words sculpted on it that lets you know that it’s both water resistant and a smartwatch to boot.

Lenovo Watch 9 Review, Eye-catching design and smart features

The Lenovo Watch 9 has a chassis crafted from durable stainless steel, sports a dial of 40mm and thickness at the sides of 11.2mm. A Bluetooth indicator is also located on the 12 o’clock hand, where its blinking cannot be missed. The watch can be described as really stylish and solid and except for the 12, 9, 6 and 3 o’clock, hands are slathered in black. The only featured button at the side of the device is akin to those you might find on old-fashioned winding watches and works as the function button.

Lenovo Watch 9 Review, Eye-catching design and smart features

DISPLAY: The Lenovo Watch 9 comes equipped with a circular screen of 1.5 inches. For most people, this is neither too large nor too small. The viewing angles are pretty good, and it’s largely glare-free. The LED back-lighting also ensures that you miss nothing even in the blackest of nights. Every needed thing is available at first glance and if not, you merely have to press the function button to call up what you wish to see. Doing this can, however, be addictive and frequently we indulged in this when we knew covetous eyes would be staring at us.

Lenovo Watch 9 Review, Eye-catching design and smart features


To utilize the Lenovo Watch 9 to its fullest extent you are required to scan the aforementioned QR codes, download and then install the designated app for it. This is easily done and once you fill in the required information blanks on such areas as gender, age, height, weight and more, you are good to go. The app can also be easily tinkered with and has four different categories, which can, of course, be tweaked to your taste and needs.

Lenovo Watch 9 Review, Eye-catching design and smart features

Like most smartwatches, the Lenovo Watch 9 does more than tell the time. Its other functions include:

-Providing Sports-related Info: The Watch 9 lets you know the amount of calories expended and other sports-related information. When synced via Bluetooth with a smartphone you get a really accurate view of what your body has been up to throughout the day and the progress if any you have made towards your weight-loss goals.

-Sleep Monitoring: This as the name suggests helps users find out how well or otherwise they have been sleeping. It can also help pinpoint sleep abnormalities.

-Alarm Clock: Unlike most other alarms this can be set to vibrate when the time has been reached. Thus, it can be used in churches, airports, museums and other busy places without inconveniencing anyone.

Lenovo Watch 9 Review, Eye-catching design and smart features


Operating mode: Press button

Display: 1.5-inch LED

-Bluetooth 5.0

-Functions- Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, Message reminder, Sleep monitor, Bluetooth, Alarm, Low Battery reminder, Remote camera, Stopwatch

-Standby time: 240 days


What We Think

It’s still early days, but it looks like Lenovo might have a winner on its hand. The Lenovo Watch 9 has at an MRSP of $39.99 and for that money, you get a solid, stylish and well-performing smartwatch that packs lots of the features we have long held to be indispensable in a good smartwatch and is excellent for everyday use. While the durability of the Lenovo Watch 9 is quite good, we find the fact that it’s not better waterproofed slightly disturbing. Overall, for the money this device is hard to beat and with it telling time, living large, and having fun just got a little more awesome!

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