Alldo Android Watch Phone Review: 450 mAh battery and 2G network


With the time, the fashion is always changing as well as technology. Everyone wants to be updated with fashion and technology. A trendy fashion with the latest technology always makes you stand separate from others. So while talking about fashion, a watch is a perfect gadget to give you a right fashion. A stylish watch is always admirable. But look at the technology, how it is growing so fast. Nowadays people are more attracted towards smartwatch rather than conventional watches. Why not? The smartwatches come with the latest technology as well as new rich features. What is about a watch, which can come with all smartphone features? Even if you can make a phone call, you can click pictures or make a video call with that smartwatch.

Alldo Android Watch PhoneSo here, I have discussed the review of Alldo Android watch phone. In this watch, you can insert a SIM and can make video call also. Read the article till the end to know this product in details.

Design and Looks

Build Quality of Alldo Android Watch Phone

Alldo Android Watch PhoneAlldo smartwatch comes with a square shaped dial. The design of this Android watch phone is fabulous. Alldo engineers and designers efforts are fantastic as it comes with an excellent design. This watch phone has got the metallic-finished look. It comes with the stainless steel body. The thickness of the steel is 65 mm. This watch phone comes in two colors such as white and black. I have orders two colors for the review. But personally, I like the black color one.

Alldo Android Watch PhoneThe black one comes with a black metal body with a black rubber band. Whereas the white color one comes with a white metal body with a white rubber band. Alldo Android Watch PhoneThe watch phone has got a stunning look. When you look at the body of the watch, it is bit thick. And this thickness is due to SIM slot and memory card slot.

Due to its big square shaped dial, this smartwatch will suit those who have wide wrists. This watch is very comfortable to wear. You may feel little bit heavy, but with time you can get acquainted with it. The rubber straps are very soft and give good comfort while wearing this watch phone.

Dial and Bezel design of Alldo Android Watch Phone

Alldo Android Watch PhoneThe top-notch finish of its bezel makes it very trendy. Due to its stunning bezel, the watch is very eye-catching. In both white and black color watches, there is a steel color border at the perimeter of the bezel. The manufacturer has tried very hard to give the best look with comfort, and I found it excellent. But the manufacturer doesn’t provide any feature to change the strap. But I think no one will think to change the strap as it suits perfectly the watch phone

Physical Overview of Alldo Android Watch Phone

Alldo Android Watch PhoneNow coming to the physical overview of its body you can see a big square shaped bezel on the front. On the right side, you can have an eye-catching adjusting knob as conventional watches. On that knob, a camera is perfectly fitted. Just below the knob, you can have power on/off button which also works as the home button. On the left side of the watch, you can get the micro USB charging port. A cover well protects this port. This cover is very well designed and replicate as a button of the watch. On the backside body of the watch, you will get a polished metal finish, which never irritates wrists.

As it is a watch phone, you can see mic on the left side of the watch just above the charging port. Also, you will have the speaker on the same left side just below the charging port.

Display Quality of Alldo Android Watch Phone

Alldo Android Watch PhoneAlthough this is a budget category smartwatch, it comes with a premium quality display screen. It comes with the 1.5-inch display. The display is based on IPS LCD technology. This comes with 240 X 240p resolution. If you look at the dimension of the display, then it is 45 X 42 X 13 mm. As it has a small screen, this resembles you like an HD display. After reviewing many smartwatches this time I found the display quality is incredible. You can’t see any burred effect on the display screen. I found this display is capable of giving you the excellent result on daylight also. The color productivity of this screen is very nice. The display screen is readable in both outdoor and indoor condition. The ambient light doesn’t appear on this smartwatch.

Hardware Specification

Alldo Android Watch PhoneThis Alldo Android watch phone is powered by MediaTek MTK6260A processor. This is a pretty brilliant processor on a smartwatch. Thanks to Alldo for providing such a good processor on this price range. The processor performs very well. I didn’t see any lagging issue on this smartwatch. Although it is not multi-tasking, you can access two apps at the same time. This smartwatch works on Android OS.

Sensors in Alldo Android Watch Phone

Alldo Android Watch PhoneAlldo Android watch phone comes with second-generation green light heart sensor. It doesn’t come with traditional HRM sensor. This green light sensor is more accurate and precise than HRM sensor. Also, this smartwatch comes with a gyro sensor so that you can get data of pedometer. Again, it comes with NFC chip to exchange V-cards and other data. This feature enables you to exchange contact details with a smartphone. Moreover, as this is a watch phone, you will get storage to save your data.

Battery Life of Alldo Android Watch Phone

Alldo Android Watch PhoneThis smartwatch comes with 450 mAh battery. This is a lithium-ion battery. This battery gives you seven days standby time whereas it can enable the smartwatch in full operating mode for two days. While reviewing this smartwatch, I have used it for calling constantly, and I found it can give you up to 5 hrs talk time.

Alldo Android Watch Phone Camera Quality

Moreover, the Alldo Android watch phone comes with 0.3 MP camera. This camera enables you to take some pictures. But frankly, the picture quality is not good. But if we look at the price, then it is manageable. If you use internet calling, then you can use this camera for video calling using some apps.

Network and SIM specification of Alldo Android Watch Phone

Alldo Android Watch PhoneAs this is an Android watch phone, it comes with SIM slot. This slot can support 2G network. Thanks a lot to Alldo for giving calling feature in this smartwatch. Many brands don’t provide the calling feature. Also, you should not expect 3G or 4G network from a smartwatch as the processors aren’t able to ensure that feature.

Wireless Connectivity and Storage of Alldo Android Watch Phone

For wireless connectivity, the smartwatch comes with Bluetooth V3.0. This is a bit upsetting for me as many smartwatches with the lower price come with Bluetooth V4.0. But if we see other rich features, then it is manageable. This smartwatch enables you to store many contents on the smartwatch. It comes with 128 MB RAM and 64 MB internal storage. But you will get a dedicated slot for micro SD card. This slot enables you to expand the memory up to 32 GB.

Software Specification

User Interface of Alldo Android Watch Phone

Alldo Android Watch PhoneWell, this watch phone doesn’t come with basic UI as other smartwatches. It comes with customized UI. This UI is giving a very nice platform to have access to its features. Personally, I like the design of this UI. The UI is very user-friendly and provides the simplest way to operate the device. You can have an interface like a smartwatch, so you will not face any difficulty to operate the smartwatch. The UI is so well designed that you can access the main menu very easily. Here you can access the menu with large icons.

Alldo Android Watch PhoneThis UI enables you to keep the dial as per your wish. The smartwatch comes with many pre-loaded themes. If you still need more themes, you can download from third party websites. As usual other smartwatches, here you can get many themes for analog as well as digital dials. Here I found the graphics for the notifications are very well designed. You can get text messages notification, social media notification, and software update notification with this smartwatch.

Entertainment in Alldo Android Watch Phone

Alldo Android Watch PhoneThe good thing is that, as this watch phone comes with a speaker, it enables you for the entertainment regarding songs and videos. You can listen to songs and watch videos on this smartwatch. But it supports very limited audio and video formats such as MP3 and MP4.

Social Media and Other Sensors of Alldo Android Watch Phone

With app sync feature, you can sync data of your social networks accounts. You can easily get the notification on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram. Also, you can check that notification with this watch phone also.

By this watch phone, you can track your sleep time. Not only this but also you can track the calories burned on doing exercise and number of steps you walk or run. Also, you can check heartbeats with this smartwatch.

Call Quality of Alldo Android Watch Phone

Alldo Android Watch PhoneThe calling feature on this smartwatch is fantastic. You can quickly make a call and receive calls on this smartwatch. Also, the given mic and speaker are decent in quality. I can’t say the experience of calling is good, but it is not bad. And we should not expect the calling feature like a smartphone from a smartwatch. The network strength of this smartwatch is brilliant. I have noticed it has good network strength even in the rain.

Support Apps in Smartphone for Alldo Android Watch Phone

Alldo Android Watch PhoneThis smartwatch supports SmartWatch Sync app. OnSoft Communication develops this app. I was expecting a support app from Alldo. But this support app performs decently. Sometimes the app couldn’t connect to the smartwatch. Alldo Android Watch PhoneThe interface of this app is very basic. The app is little clumsy also. You can’t get so many features on this support apps. But I think some users may not need this support app as this is an Android watch phone.

Pros and Cons of Alldo Android Watch Phone


  • On a budget price, this watch phone has got a premium look. This watch can match your latest fashion.
  • As this smartwatch comes with the second-generation green light sensor, it can accurately measure heart rate and blood pressure.
  • With this smartwatch, you can track your number of steps while walking and also track your sleep time.
  • You can download some third-party apps for the weather forecast on this watch phone.
  • You can directly make calls or send text messages without connecting the smartwatch with a smartphone. This smartphone has its own SIM slot.
  • Now you can go outside with a calculator on your wrist, as this watch phone comes with the pre-loaded calculator.
  • Charging is very fast on this smartwatch. If you charge it via 5V and 2A charger, then it will take you approximately 35 to 40 mins.
  • The camera, as well as power on/off button, are designed fabulously. Also, the charging port cover has got a very stunning look like an attractive smartwatch button.
  • It comes with a capacitive touchscreen. I didn’t find any issue with this touchscreen.
  • This smartwatch has got good brightness so that you can get a good view on daytime as well as without sunlight.
  • You will get a powerful lithium-ion battery with this watch phone. Even in a constant operating mode, it can give you two days power back up.
  • This watch phone supports to personalize the dial theme as per your choice. It supports downloading themes from third-party websites.

Alldo Android Watch PhoneCons

  • I think some users may not find the silica gel strap attractive. If it would be a leather strap, then it would be better.
  • The main body of the watch phone is bit heavy and big. Those who have small wrists, they will find it difficult to wear as it won’t suit them.
  • The watch phone doesn’t provide its support app. You have to download third party app, which sometimes works vulnerable.
  • The given Bluetooth version is old. You will face a little delay in transferring the data.
  • The camera is 0.3 MP only. If it would be at least 2 MP, then it would be better.
  • When I connect the smartwatch via Bluetooth all time, it shows just 20hrs power back up.


Alldo Android Watch PhoneThis is a trendy smartwatch with the latest technology. You can make a call directly on this smartwatch. You will get a magnificent display at this price range. Moreover, you will get this watch phone with a very superior design. This watch phone also comes with the vibrant feature. With your necessary requirements, it can help you in health-related issues. You will get a good battery backup power. Moreover, the charging time of this smartwatch is below 40 mins. At below $100, no other brands provide such rich features or performs up to mark. The best part is that you can customize the dial theme as per your wish and it enables you to download from third party websites. This smartwatch comes with the camera to take snaps. But the camera could be better as it takes very low-quality snaps.

I hope the review has helped you to know this product very well. This is one of the best watch phones on this price bracket. You can opt for it if you like it.


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