Syma X25 Pro Review: A HD video recorder Drone

    Syma X25 Pro

    Before saying about the product, let me take you some years before. Think a situation of 25 years ago where we could get a picture of land from space through satellites only. Then take a tour 10-15 years ago, where we could get a picture of earth from an area by a powerful camera from a helicopter or any private jet. Technology is growing day by day. Then the age came for an automatic camera, where you can keep the camera at a place giving timer. Now it’s the 21st century. The scientists and engineers are trying their best with the latest technology to provide maximum comfort with the remote control. So here I have discussed a powerful drone.

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    Syma X25 Pro
    Before saying about the particular product, let me give you a little information on a drone. Drones are used for video recording or taking snaps sitting in one place. You can control this device with a remote controller and trace its path with a smartphone. You can even take snaps of a location, where we find very difficult to reach. So this device leads our life in capturing the memories to a new extent.

    Now let us come to the particular product. Here, I have reviewed Syma X25 Pro Drone. Read the article till the end to know this drone in details.

    Design and Looks of Syma X25 Pro

    Syma X25 ProAfter a long days gap, Syma has unveiled its new Syma X25 Pro drone. It is a quadcopter. This drone is far better than its predecessor Syma X8 Pro. Although Syma has got its first GPS enabled Drone as Syma X8 Pro, it was limited with very few features. This time Syma has come with vibrant features with Syma X25 Pro.

    Syma X25 ProSyma X25 Pro might have similarity in size with other brand’s drones, and the analogy is limited to the size only. But this drone is not foldable one. You should not expect a foldable drone on this price bracket. If you look at the dimension of the drone, then it is 375 mm X 375 mm X 110 mm. This is not very big. The drone comes with the mixture of white and red color. It comes with ABS material which is very lightweight. The material of the drone is polished and is very shiny. Especially the art of white and red color mixing is beautiful and eye-catching.

    Syma X25 ProThe materials of the drone are so lightweight that, it can fly on the sky at high speed and maintain stability without any problem in healthy condition. However, you may face little bit problem while the wind is strong. The reason is obvious, and you should not operate the drone under strong wind condition. The drone shines due to glossy finished of the ABS material. This drone uses six-axis gyro sensor which helps it to maintain stability at indoor as well as outdoor flying condition.

    Syma X25 ProIf you look at the build quality of the drone, then it is vibrant and suitable for rough and tough use. When you look at the top view of the drone, then it has four high-speed fans at four corners of it. There are heat exhaustion grills on the top of four arms of the drone. Each fan has two blades, and these blades are so good to cut the air very fast to fly the drone. The brand name Syma is well highlighted on the top in deep red color. This logo is very eye-catching and gives a fantastic look to drone.

    Syma X25 ProOn the bottom of the drone, you can see two stands at two arms. These stands are very strong and help to place the drone on a surface. Also at the center of the drone, you can have the camera. This camera supports 720P resolution of picture quality. You can have four handles on the side of four arms of the drone. The overall weight of this drone is 170 grams. This lightweight makes it fly without any dropping fear.

    Due to its compact size with light weight, the drone is portable. You can take it with you while you travel and capture some best moments.

    Features and Specification of Syma X25 Pro

    GPS Technology of Syma X25 Pro

    Syma X25 ProThis new drone from Syma is assembled with GPS technology. This technology makes this drone as the most stable one while flying. For safety and loyalty, this drone comes with return mode button. This feature enables the drone to return to its original position from which it is taken off. Due to GPS technology, this drone can hold an exact location on air. For this reason, you need not worry about the stability of the drone while flying.

    Camera Specification Syma X25 Pro

    Syma X25 ProNow moving to camera features, this drone can do live stream on your smartphone via Syma app. So that you can view the scene in real time. This camera comes with 1 MP aperture which can record 720p video quality. Not only this but also you can plot the drone when it automatically returns to the original position by this Syma app trough GPS technology. With the latest gyro stabilization technology, this drone has one 2.4 G button to take off and land the drone safely.

    Flight Mode Features of Syma X25 Pro

    Syma X25 ProThe new product of Syma intelligent flying mode. On this mode, you will have two features such as surround flight and waypoint control. Syma X25 ProWhen you activate the surround flight mode the drone will fly surrounding you or the smartphone you are operating. Syma X25 ProWhen you enable the waypoint control, then it will act as auto flight mode. Syma X25 ProYou have to draw the path on your smartphone using Syma app, and the drone will follow that path. When you activate the headless mode, then the drone will follow the command whatever you feed on the remote controller.

    Battery life of Syma X25 Pro

    Syma X25 ProThis drone has a battery of 7.4 V – 1000 mAh. This battery is capable of making fly the drone for 12 minutes. To make this battery fully charged from the zero power, it takes approximately 100 minutes. On the flying mode, when the battery is about to end the drone will return to its original position from where it takes off.

    Performance and Control of Syma X25 Pro

    Syma X25 ProTo control or fly the drone you need to install Syma app. The top speed of this drone is 35km/hr, and it can fly up to the range of 100 meters from the take-off point. If you have used any older version Syma drone, then you won’t face any difficulty to set up Syma X25 Pro. Syma X25 ProThe Syma app available is available on the respective app stores of Android and iOS. You can connect the drone via Wi-Fi, or you can directly link it to the remote controller. After linking, you can fly it smoothly.

    Syma X25 ProYou can feel the drone is little loud compared to other drones. As this is the budget category drone, you should not expect smooth sound from it. Syma X25 ProThe advanced pilot system of Syma doesn’t make the drone crash when it faces any obstacles. On activating surround flight mode, you can see the drone fly around you.

    Syma X25 ProI like the waypoint control. It let me lead the drone on my preferred path without any hectic control. You need to draw the path on the app, and the drone will follow the path due to GPS technology.

    Syma X25 ProThis drone is not utterly crash proof.  You don’t find any sensor on the cross arms of the drone, so you need to be careful while piloting it. The drone can perform nicely at wind speed 35Km/hr. You can make the drone fly at the seashore. Thanks a lot to its 6-axis gyro sensor. This sensor helps it to be stabled while flying under winds.

    Syma X25 ProThe transmission range of Syma X25 Pro is up to 100 meters. Some people may doubt the connectivity. After reviewing many times, I found there is no issue on its connectivity. The drone performs smoothly via wireless connection with the smartphone.

    Pros and Cons of Syma X25 Pro


    • This drone is available with a 720P camera. You can make the lens up and down remotely. Also, you can view the real-time FPV video on your smartphone.
    • The camera recorded videos are directly stored in microSD card to avoid Wi-Fi lag.
    • The drone has a stable flight due to accurate GPS technology.
    • The app has followed me feature and waypoint control feature. These features make flying the drone enjoyable and hassle-free.
    • On this budget under $100, it has excellent flight time about 12 minutes.

    Syma X25 ProCons

    • The App is available in Google Play store and Apple store, but it is not available in English as of now. You can have the app in Chines language only.
    • You still can have some noise on this 720P camera recorded videos.


    You may find many drones in the market. But Syma X25 Pro is exceptional under $100. I like its technology as well as build quality. Syma has tried its best to put all premium quality features on Syma X25 Pro. If you look at any other drones in the market under $100, it resembles like a toy. But Syma X25 Pro has very different design and looks.

    Syma X25 ProNotably, it has come with exceptional flight control through apps like a premium drone. The follow me feature and waypoint control have impressed me a lot. On this budget, it has perfect flight time up to 12 minutes. The drone is bit noisy, but it won’t hamper any video recording experience.

    After reading this review, if you like this Syma X25 Pro drone, then you may go for it. It won’t upset you.



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