Makibes BR1 Smartwatch Review: designed for sports


Since the release of smartphones, many people thought, including me: that’s it, computers can get smaller. And for sure smartphones were a big step for technology, allowing us to be updated with emails, social media and more everywhere and anytime. But then technology surprised us with smartwatches.

The early models of this type of gadgets performed only basic tasks such as digital-time telling, calculations, and game-playing. Now, smartwatches are closer to smartphones, regarding functionality. It includes mobile applications, Bluetooth connectivity, and its own operating system.

This time, the brand Makibes launched the Makibes BR1 smartwatch. This one is just perfect for those who love both technology and sports. The most outstanding features of this smartwatch are that it is water resistant, has a built-in GPS, a heart rate monitor.


Regarding design, there is not too much to say The Makibes BR1 is a stylish smartwatch. The size is 44 x 34 x 12.8 mm, it weighs 80 g and it comes in black. It has a square-shaped IPS color touch screen of 1,3 inches and 240×240 pixel resolution. On the right side, it has a single green button that can be used to navigate through the menu. The wrist is made of silicon, this material resists water and dust. As you can see, with this dimensions and manufacturing materials, the smartwatch won’t interfere with your sports activities.

Some specifications

The Makibes BR1 smartwatch is compatible with Android 5.0 and IOS 9.0, however, it also supports newer versions of both.  It has a built-in Lithium battery with a capacity of 200 – 300 mAh, the standby time is range between 5 – 7 days. The smartwatch comes with a magnetic charger that holds the watch from the back of it. About the screen, the 1,3-inch screen will allow you to clearly see it no matter if you are under bright sunshine or in a dark room.


Built-in GPS

The BR1 smartwatch is very sophisticated, it can receive GPS satellite signal. The location given by this smartwatch is very accurate because the deviation is less than 3 meters. Besides, the watch not only can show you your optimal speed and average speed during exercising, it also can show you the maximum pace rate and average pace. Of course, all the recorded data will be reflected in Zeroner Health Pro app to create exclusive pace rate and speed analysis.

IP67 Waterproof Level

As this smartwatch is suitable for those who love sports, the BR1 has a waterproof and sweat-proof design. This feature enables you to do any sports including swimming without taking it off. You can enjoy your free and active life without worries.

The only caution you must have is: do not press button underwater, do not flushing hot water, do not use when take shower.

Multiple Running Modes

The BR1 smartwatch can be set up depending on your exercising routine. There are 7 different running modes available in this smartwatch featured by Humanized and technological. The modes are freestyle, distance mode, duration mode, energy mode, fat burning, endurance, and CPET. You can choose from one of the modes mentioned before and make the most of each workout.

Heart rate monitoring

This is a very useful feature for users. First, the BR1 will show you if you have reached your maximum or minimum heart rate, this way you can ensure your safety when you exercise. It will also display in different colors the sports data during workouts and each color represents a different heart rate zones. You can check your real-time heart rate to see in what zone you are, whether fat burn, cardio or peak zone to optimize your intensity and dial in your effort. This feature will enhance your performance during exercise by letting you know sports data.

 Heart Rate Warning

As mentioned above, the BR1 will alert if you reach the maximum and minimum heart rate when you exercise. With this feature, an enhanced performance and your safety are guaranteed.


Sometimes it is also important to know when your body is reaching its limit. The BR1 smartwatch can effectively indicate the fatigue and recovery state of your body, this way you can prevent sports injuries. And again, this smartwatch is designed for your health.

Multi-sports management

At this point, you may think that the BR1 smartwatch is designed only for running, but no, you are wrong. This smartwatch has 17 kinds of sports you can choose (Running, Walking, Cycling, Mountain Climbing, Swimming, Basketball, Badminton, Soldier Ball, Football, Volleyball, Sit-ups, Jump Rope, Yoga, Dance, Aerobics, Skating, Tennis.). The BR1 is able to recognize between sports types automatically. For instance, between running and ball games. Besides, it can record heart rate, exercise duration and distance automatically and in real time.

See progress on screen

Talking about the screen, you can customize your own watch faces, this way it will be according to your style. Now, about your performance, it will indicate achievements in real-time during exercise situations. If you achieve your duration and distance target, the BR1 would remind you with a slight vibration.

 Incoming call remind & Messages notification

In addition to all the features mentioned above, this smartwatch is able to remind calls and show you messages notifications. While Bluetooth connecting, if there is an incoming call, it would show the caller ID. Almost notification of APPs could be synchronized to the watch.

Connect to Strava

Strava is a website where you can track and share your sports activities, it is like a social media for athletes. The BR1 smartwatch application (Zeroner Health Pro) can be synchronized with your Strava account. This way the data from Zeroner will be available in Strava too. This feature is only available for Android users.

What else?

This smartwatch also counts with more features such as Sleep monitoring, stopwatch, timer, customized dial, reminder to move, alarm, no disturb, and more.

If you decide to purchase the Makibes BR1 smartwatch, it is available on AliExpress for only US $59,99. Inside the box, you will find the smartwatch, a user manual, and a charging cable. You just have to wear it and go!

Buy Makibes BR1 smartwatch HERE!


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