Voyo Vbook V3 Review: Intel Skylake Core i7 Processor


Looking for a smart laptop which has got all the advanced features and which is also easy to carry. Then you must go to a tablet. Tablet is a type of portable laptop. It will perform all the laptop functions with some extra benefits like a touch screen and compact size. And if you are looking for the best quality product and your budget is also good then you must go for Voyo Vbook V3. This product is equipped with the latest technology and advanced features.

VOYO VBOOK V3In comparison to its previous version, there are considerable changes in this tablet. Changes like it have got advanced features, more storage, better battery backup, advanced operating system and many more. You must be thinking about its overall features and its performance. So let me give you a little bit of idea about the product as per my usages and experience. It may help you to list out what you are looking for. So let’s start with its looks, or we can call appearance.

Looks and Design of VOYO VBOOK V3

VOYO VBOOK V3You are going to love the look the manufacturer has given to the Voyo Vbook V3 tablet. The product is beautifully design with attractive colors and slim in shape. It comes in four different shiny colors that are rose gold, blue, dark blue and golden. You can choose the color as per your choice. The dimension of the tablet is 330 x 220 x 16 mm, and with the weight of 1750 grams, it’s easy to carry it wherever you want. Although the size and the weight of the tablet are portable, still you will get a quite big screen of 13.3 inches.

VOYO VBOOK V3This tablet is also called as yoga tablet as this is quite flexible. You can fold it in any direction as it comes with 360-degree turn over flexibility. On the left and right side of the laptop, you will be getting its connecting ports. And on the keypad just below all the typing keys on the right side, you will need a touch lock. You can lock and unlock the tablet with your fingerprint. Like other regular tablets, it has power key and volume buttons on the left side. If you want you can also lock the keyboard as it has a key to lock the keyboard. The disappointing thing is the design is same as the previous version of Voyo. I was expecting some changes in design and look of the tablet.

Input Parameters of VOYO VBOOK V3

VOYO VBOOK V3Well!! Here is something compelling about Voyo V3 you guys will love this. For input function, this product will provide you four ways. To interact, to operate or you can say to input it not only has a keyboard but along with keyboard it also has a trackpad, touchscreen, and even stylus.

Keyboard of VOYO VBOOK V3

VOYO VBOOK V3The keys on the keyboard are easy to deal with. They are easy to press not too hard as other laptops. In the previous version of Voyo V3, the keys of the keyboard were quite stiff and hard to press. But this time they have kept that issue in mind and designed it accordingly.

Trackpad of VOYO VBOOK V3

VOYO VBOOK V3If we talk about the trackpad, then for me I will say it’s just ok, as the trackpad is bit small in size. It should be bit spacious. It may not be an issue for those people with small hands but for people like me who have a bit big hand may feel uncomfortable while typing. Other than this the functioning of the trackpad is entirely proper. If you operate the trackpad with a single finger, then you can operate it quicker in comparison to operating it with two fingers.

Touchscreen and Stylus Performance of VOYO VBOOK V3

Now coming to the third input method that is a touch screen so let me tell you that the touch screen is quite good. Its touch sensitivity is excellent. If you browse frequently, then it is a good option for you.

VOYO VBOOK V3Never the less it also comes with another option for interaction that is a pen, or you can call it a stylus. This pen is chargeable; you can charge it with the help of USB. And once you charge it sufficiently, you can use it for around 5 hours. Now it’s easy to note down your job with a stylus. However, the pen is great for people how to have cursive writing.

Display Quality of VOYO VBOOK V3

VOYO VBOOK V3The display of the tablet has impressed me. VOYO VBOOK V3I have already mentioned above that it has a 13.3-inch screen. Well, it also has IPS HD screen. You will love to see the picture in full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel. VOYO VBOOK V3Wait this is not the end it is also equipped with Intel HD Graphics 520. Now with this tablet, you will love to watch movies and playing games in high definition display with best graphics. VOYO VBOOK V3It will give a high-quality picture with crystal clear details and also with perfect color contrast and ideal brightness. It is best for indoor use. But you may face little difficulty while using it in bright sunlight but it is good to use on a cloudy day. So as per my view, I will give full marks for display as it has excellent resolution and amazing graphics quality.

Audio Quality of VOYO VBOOK V3

VOYO VBOOK V3What would I say about the sound, it has got a built-in stereo speaker. The speaker is placed on the downside which is not a good position at all. If you put the tablet on your lap, then you will face difficulty to hear the audio. Although even if you are placing the Voyo Vbook V3 on a hard surface then also the volume is not that loud and clear. I am not at all satisfied with the audio quality. It is ok for playing the game but while watching movies or any video you may get a bit irritated because of audio as the clarity is not up to mark and even in maximum volume its sound is not loud. So according to me, the audio quality is quite disappointing.

Battery Performance of VOYO VBOOK V3

In comparison to the previous version of VOYO VBOOK V3, it has improved its battery capacity. This time VOYO has wisely designed the battery part of the tablet. This time it has a robust battery capacity of 12000 mAh. I cannot expect more than this battery life. In this price range, there are many other products available in the market but with less battery back life. Ordinarily maximum other product gives you about 10000 mAh. But VOYO is offering 12000 mAh which is quite good.

VOYO VBOOK V3If you once fully charge the tablet, then you can use it for about 9 hours. I tried to test the battery capacity, so I charged it entirely then I did some of my office work in word documents then watched some videos on youtube and also watched movies. It gave nearly 8 to 9 hours of battery back up. But if you are spending more time browsing, then it lowers down the battery capacity. Browsing increases the battery drainage. Continuous browsing can decrease the batter back up from 9 hours to 7 to 8 hours.

To charge it entirely it takes about 2.5 to 3 hours. I am satisfied with the battery capacity. With so many features you cannot expect more than this.

Storage of VOYO VBOOK V3

VOYO VBOOK V3For the fast performance of the product, ample amount of storage is must required. Without proper storage, no device can perform fast. And in this VOYO VBOOK V3, it has got 16 GB RAM with 512 GB SSD. So with 16 GB RAM, the device will give you real high performance with real quick functioning. The RAM and SSD are quite significant for both storage and also for the fast performance of the device.

VOYO VBOOK V3Thanks to Voyo for providing SSD storage. This storage enable me high data transfer rate. The Skylake core also acts as a catalyst in data transfer speed. Now I can transfer a 4K movie within 2 minutes. Due to DDR4 RAM the operation on this tablet is really very smooth. I am a game lover. 16 GB RAM enables me to play very high-end games.

Connectivity of VOYO VBOOK V3

In VOYO VBOOK V3 you will get multiple connecting ports. It comes with two USB 3.0 port, one 3.5 mm Headset jack, one Micro HD port, one DC port and one TF card port with a maximum limit up to 128G. These USB port are good enough to power the hard drive and also to charge the phone and for similar things. But I am a bit disappointed as it does not has HDMI port. I was expecting for one full-size HDMI port, but everything you wish cannot come under one package.

VOYO VBOOK V3Other than these connecting port if we come to its wireless connectivity, then it supports Bluetooth 4.0, and it has got Intel 5G dual channel WIFI. It Bluetooth range of work performance is quite good. But if we talk about WIFI then as compare to the previous version in which the WIFI connectivity was very poor this time the brand VOYO has worked on the WIFI performance. This time the WIFI performance will be better in comparison to the previous version in terms of speed and fast connectivity.

Hardware Performance of VOYO VBOOK V3

VOYO VBOOK V3The previous version of Voyo Vbook V3 had unveiled with Intel Apollo Lake processor. But now its successor has come with Intel Skylake Core i7 processor. This processor is fare better than the previous one. Here you will get nearly 100% better speed than the previous version processor. This processor is quite better than Core M processor of Xiaomi Air 12 tablet. Let us get to know this new processor’s performance and its architecture.

To give you the perfect review, I have started testing with general usage. This processor is very fast to open or close Window 10 with lesser time than previous processor version. Also the apps are very fast responsive and open rapidly due to this processor. You will not face any lagging issue on doing general operation.

Gaming Experience of VOYO VBOOK V3

VOYO VBOOK V3I tried my tablet on playing some games. At first I have played DOTA2 with low graphics specification. The game play was very smooth. Then I have tried the same game with medium graphics specification. The previous processor version was failed to give smooth operation, but Skylake Core could run the game very smoothly. VOYO VBOOK V3Then I have played Skyrim with low and medium graphics specification. In both cases the processor was able to run the game very smoothly. But on high performance specification, I could see some lagging issues. Also there is some heating problem while playing the game. But it was not affecting the operation periphery of the tablet.

Package Content of VOYO VBOOK V3

The package of VOYO VBOOK V3 includes one VOYO VBOOK V3, one stylus or you can call it a pen, one USB cable, one charger and one adaptor.

Pros and Cons of VOYO VBOOK V3


  • It has got the powerful processor and improved CPU functions.
  • It has a great display with full HD that is the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel with high-quality graphics, i.e., Intel HD Graphics 520.
  • For input part, it has four types of interactions, i.e., keyboard, trackpad, touchscreen, and stylus or we can say pen.
  • For the fast performance of the device, it is equipped with a good memory of 16GB and 512GB SSD.
  • With 13.3 inches big screen you can get better picture quality.
  • And last but not the least it has got fantastic battery capacity of 12000 mAh.
  • It has got fingerprint lock.


  • The audio quality is not that good.
  • There should be one HDMI port for better connectivity.
  • The trackpad is bit small.
  • The display is not right in bright sunlight.
  • It is bit expensive as compare to the other tablet.


VOYO VBOOK V3The VOYO VBOOK V3 is quite expensive as compared to other tablet but it is loaded with advanced features. Its price has been increased in comparison to the last version. But the increased price is worth as it is more powerful than before in terms of processor, battery, storage, etc.

As per previous version and other products in the market, I think it is not a bad choice to go for. It is worth purchasing as it will give you a pleasant and improved performance of CPU and portable size and other many advanced features.


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