Alldocube KNote 5 Review: Intel Gemini Lake Processor

Alldocube KNote 5

Portability is a big thing nowadays. Everybody wish a product or gadget in a compact size and lightweight. Portability of a device is very much necessary for traveling purpose. Technologies are growing very fast as well as the devices are getting more portable.

Some years ago people were only dependent on desktops. But it was a big issue on portability. Later the introduction of the laptop had made it easy for portability. But still, some people found it difficult to carry. Also, you have to connect many external devices to it for the secure use. To make more portability engineers have invented a device name as a tablet. Tablets are very much portable and are the mixture of the specification of a laptop and a smartphone. Here you need not connect any external devices as you will have a touchscreen for easy access.

Alldocube KNote 5Alldocube is one of the leading Chinese brands in manufacturing tablets. This brand is famous for providing rich features tablet with a fair price. Its previous edition Alldocube cube mix plus has made remarkable performance in usage as well as in the market. This time the brand has come with its new tablet Alldocube KNote 5 with latest updates and features.

Here I have given my experience and unbiased review on Alldo cube KNote 5 tablet. Read the article in details till the end to know about it.

Design and Looks of Alldocube KNote 5

A product review without describing its looks and design is incomplete. Most of the customers mainly emphasize design. All want to have a tablet with a good look. So here I have discussed the looks as well as the physical overview of this tablet.

Keyboard of Alldocube KNote 5

Alldocube KNote 5This tablet comes with physical keyboard and touchpad. So in appearance, it will give you feelings as a mini laptop. But while you look at its features, you will get the feeling of a mixture of both a laptop and a smartphone. The keyboard is a detachable one. You can detach the keyboard from the tablet and use the tablet with an on-screen keyboard. With foldable stand, you can affix the tablet with the keyboard and use it as a laptop.

Build Quality of Alldocube KNote 5

Alldocube KNote 5The design and looks of this tablet are quite appreciable. Here you will get the display as a touchscreen. On the top of the screen, you can see a camera. If you look at the build quality, then the quality is top-notch. Have a look on the body of the tablet. When you touch the back of the screen, then you will get the feeling of a matte finished plastic. The plastic is from a very top quality polymer. It will give you good comfort when you touch it. On the back, you can see the brand name Alldocube and the model name Knote 5 below the horizontal side.

Now coming to the keyboard, it is not very small or not very big. The build quality is very nice, and the placements of keys are very good. Personally, while I was typing, I felt no stress on my hands. As I am a reviewer and writer, I can quickly write 2-3 hrs without any interruption. Those who have the practice of typing on great keyboards, they may face little difficult on placing their fingers.

The touchpad is quite responsive. The right click, as well as the left click of this tablet, is very smooth in operation. You can go to setting and set the response speed of the mouse pointer as per your requirement.

Physical Overview of Alldocube KNote 5

While talking of its portability, then the tablet is very compact. Looking at its dimension, it is of 289 X 180 X 9.6 mm. The Alldocube KNote 5 is not that heavy as other tablets. It is just 750 grams, which you can easily carry to any places. Alldocube KNote 5On the top side of the tablet, you can get several connecting ports with the charging port. On the bottom side of it, you can have its speaker for the audio experience. Alldocube KNote 5You can have the volume rocker button as well as the power on/off button on the left side of the tab. I prefer those switches on the right of the tablet.

Nowadays it is a trend of a bezel-less display screen. But here you find the tablet has a very big bezel. Here the bezel is 8mm thick, which I don’t like. It gives me the experience of the invention time of tablets. But with this large bezel, you can have excellent protection for your display screen. This bezel somehow detracts looks of the tablet, but the overall appearance of the tablet is very nice.

Input Specification of Alldocube KNote 5

As this tablet can take multiple input signals, so I have discussed little more on this section. With the build style and advanced features, this tablet enables you to provide three types of input options. It allows you to give input through the keyboard, the mouse touchpad and as well as the touchscreen.

Keyboard Performance of Alldocube KNote 5

Alldocube KNote 5After using my Xiaomi Air 12 tablet keyboard, I found this keyboard is not that good as Xiaomi one. You can have little tap sound while pressing the keys. I also didn’t find it as smooth as the Xioami tablet. I felt little difficulties to press the keys as I have to push little strong. Sometimes the keys were not pressed perfectly, so I was forced to face mistyping errors.

Trackpad Performance of Alldocube KNote 5

Alldocube KNote 5Coming to its mouse touchpad, the performance of it is satisfactory, but not up to the level. If I discuss its size, then it could be little more significant than its size, so that it can be handy. But I like its internal or software feature. But sadly this device doesn’t give palm rejection software on its mouse touchpad. I didn’t find any issue with single finger speed and its accuracy. They are perfect. Two finger scrolling works fine, but sometimes it doesn’t respond correctly. But that can be adjustable as it is not a big issue.

Touchscreen Quality of Alldocube KNote 5

Alldocube KNote 5The performance of the touch screen is not that great, but it is decent. I got surprised as it has a level of sensitivity more than my expectation. You will never get any irresponsible effect on this touchscreen. But if you look at its fast responsiveness, then it falls behind the Apple’s tablets. And it doesn’t matter if you look at the price difference. I am quite happy with this touchscreen on this price bracket.

Display Quality of Alldocube KNote 5

You will have a very big display on this tab. The display screen is of 11.6 inches. It comes with 1080p resolution and gives excellent picture quality. You can feel good color productivity with very nice contrast. But I found the screen is bit bluish. But this effect may not bother you until and unless you are not doing any color grading.

Alldocube KNote 5I found the maximum brightness can go up to 250 nits. This brightness is quite good for a tablet. But I found this brightness is not that good directly under sunlight. You have to stress your eyes a lot under the sunlight. However, you can comfortably use it on a cloudy day. As it is a full HD display, you can’t see any dot marks or blurred effects on this screen. But I can say this display performs better regarding color production as well as in contrast.

Audio Quality of Alldocube KNote 5

The speaker placement on this tablet is not that good. The speaker is placed on the downside of the tablet. When you use it on your lap, the sound will be blocked, and it will be very difficult to have a bright sound effect. But in regular use also, I am not satisfied with its sound quality. On hard surface even, you cannot get loud sound at its full volume. Comparing with my Xioami Air 12, it doesn’t give me appreciable sound quality. However, for those who like slow music, it will provide them with a pleasant experience.

Alldocube KNote 5Coming to its practical use, I found a little bass effect on music and movies. While experiencing massive action on movies, the sound effect is not that cool. However, you can enjoy TV shows, slow music and drama movies on it. Moreover, looking at its price the audio quality is exceptional.

Battery performance of Alldocube KNote 5

Alldocube KNote 5This tablet doesn’t come with big battery life. I have just got 4000 mAh battery which is not appreciable. Nowadays smartphones are coming with more than 4000 mAh battery. My Xiaomi Air 12 has come with 10,000 mAh battery which can give battery life up to 7 hrs on a full charge.

The new Gemini lake processor is good enough to use very less battery.

Alldocube KNote 5Here I was expecting battery life for 3 hrs. But with regular use, I get battery life up to 2 hrs and 45 mins. In my experience, the Atom processor would give more battery life with the same capacity. But the Gemini processor is faster than Atom processor. I got 2 hrs and 45 mins of battery life on browsing, documents and sending e-mails. I have also played some YouTube videos which don’t drain the battery a lot.

To give you the basic idea on its battery life, I have performed several tests on it. On the basis of these tests, you can distinguish your requirement of this tablet. So I have used this tablet for video playback continuously, and it has lasted for 3 hrs only. While I use it on web browsing, the performance was little lower as it shows 2 hrs and 35 mins of battery life. When I play some games, then it can perform for 2 hrs and 20 mins.

I am not that much happy with the battery performance. Alldocube could give little more significant battery capacity with this tablet. Also, the CPU drains the battery a lot. Let’s see if Alldocube will provide any software update to increase the battery performance.

This battery takes 90 mins to 105 mins to get fully charged. It doesn’t support any fast charging technology.

Software and Hardware performance of Alldocube KNote 5

Alldocube KNote 5If we look at the hardware performance, then this tablet comes with Intel Gemini Lake Processor. This is a powerful processor and 30% faster than Apollo Lake processor. You can get the performance as Core M processor with this one. We are already aware of previous Intel Chips and their architectures. Let us find out the new Gemini Lake processor’s architecture and its performance.

Alldocube KNote 5Before discussing of benchmark performance, let us know of its general use performance. Now I am comparing this device with my Xiaomi Air 12 tablet which has Core M processor. I found opening windows and apps are quite fast with this processor. I can’t see any difference between Core M processor and Gemini Lake processor. You even can’t notice any speed difference between these two processors. If I am giving you an example of comparison between Snapdragon 820 vs. Snapdragon 821 processors, that resembles the same comparison between Core M Vs. Gemini Lake processor.

Storage Specification of Alldocube KNote 5

Alldocube KNote 5Coming to its storage, the tablet comes with 128 GB SSD memory storage. On data transfer, I got very good speed. The reading speed is also awesome. I didn’t find any lagging issues while playing 2K videos. But there is a little lag while playing 4K videos with it. This tablet is suitable for official use, but you cannot use it for entertainment purpose as you will get less storage. There is a facility to extend this storage up to max 128 GB trough TF card. To give smoothness in operating this tablet, it comes with 4 GB LPDDR4 RAM.

Gaming Experience in Alldocube KNote 5

Alldocube KNote 5To give you more clarity on the performance of the processor I have played some games on it. I have played DOTA2 with 1080p and 30fps setting. This is the lowest graphics setting of this game. I got a satisfactory result on playing this game. Later I have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with the tablet on 720P and 30 fps setting. I haven’t seen any lagging issues. Finally, I have tried Asphalt 8 with the same 720P and 30fps setting. Here I found little lagging problems. While playing those games, the tablet got warmed very quickly. But the heat was not enough to make discomfort in operating the tab.

Camera Quality of Alldocube KNote 5

Alldocube KNote 5Now discussing on its camera, the Alldocube KNote 5 tablet is embedded with 13.0 MP front camera and 8.0 MP rear camera. This is obvious on a keyboard-based tablet that you will get a better camera on the front than the rear one. Coming to its rear camera, the overall performance is decent. At daytime, the rear camera gives a good result. But the color productivity is not that good. Also, you can’t find saturation on the pics. At low light or artificial light condition, it is not impressible. The pictures are getting dark, and you can see a little-blurred effect. Coming to its front camera, the performance is also same as rear one. It gives excellent performance in daylight only. But while making a video call, you can have good performance on it.

This tablet has unveiled with genuine Microsoft Windows 10.1. This tablet is embedded with Intel HD Graphics 600 chipset which is appreciable.

Connectivity Performance of Alldocube KNote 5

Alldocube KNote 5The Alldocube Knote 5 comes with a type-C USB port. This port can power external hard drives and is capable of charging smartphones. It comes with a 12 V and 2.4 A charging DC port.

Alldocube KNote 5Coming to its Wi-Fi connectivity, it performs well. The tab comes with 802.11 b/g/n. Although it has less speed, it never fails in connecting. Sadly, this tablet doesn’t come with any cellular SIM slot. To have faster data transfer, it has Bluetooth 4.0. There is no GPS sensor on this Tab.


Alldocube KNote 5Alldocube KNote 5 comes with a very competitive price. With this price, you are getting powerful Gemini Lake processor which is quite appreciable. But with this price bracket, we can expect a bigger battery.

The good thing is that the tablet comes with SSD memory storage, but the storage is not enough to store videos or any documents. Still, you can use it for official purpose.

The camera performance is decent. You can play some high-end games with it also. I am happy with its display quality, but I am a bit upset with its audio quality.

I think you have got the basic idea on this new Alldocube KNote 5 tablet. If the features of this tablet suit your requirement, then go for it and grab it as soon as possible. Or else you can see markets for another one.





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