Onda X20 Review: The tablet you were looking for

Onda X20

We are reviewing the metal body tablet “Onda X20 ” with 10 inch WUXGA resolution, provided by banggood. Since my honored ASUS transformer, I was afraid to run a 720p video. I went to the round for a new 10 “Tablet. After a bit of searching in the Chinese alleys, I ended up with Onda X20 and Cube Talk 9X. I’m reviewing today Onda because, it shows clearly more evident.

The reason why Onda finally prevailed in my mind was none other than the exciting processor. Which even has native H.265 decoding, something that was important to everyone since the main reason of use the tablet is rows, movies, and anime. I was quite positive about the presence of USB 3.0For this time. I tried to run the benchmark as the name implies, [  benchmarks and other anxious pointstuff], check the storage allocation, points to worry about a bit later.


Onda X20

Outwardly, the Onda X20 does not have anything special. Its designer did not make the slightest effort to add a stroke that could separate it from the heap. The device is made entirely of plastic, with the only interruptions in its inexperienced white. The front of the camera and cuts on the side for the USB connectors and memory card. According to the official data, the back of the device is metallic. Which even after almost three months I own it, I have difficulty believing. However, it is icy to the touch, so plastic is not that much bad as well.

The quality of construction is not the best, with my device at least having some cracks. Without even some door that could cause them, while at the point where the USB port is settle. The plastic has moved away from the screen, leaving a small gap. If you think the device is only 3 months old, it’s always in a pouch and has never left my bedside. The first samples are not very promising.

The margins are large enough, which is not the best in mobile phones, but in the case of tablets, it is almost essential since they give you more space to hold the device without accidental press on the screen.


Combined with the large 10.1 inch 2560*1600 Resolution IPS Capacitive Screen the Onda X20 is not the most portable choice for Tablet. Generally, however, if you’re looking for a hand-held tablet while you’re walking, 10 “is not the wisest option. As we said, the screen has a 4: 3 aspect ratio of 2k resolution (2560*1600 px). Which makes it ideal for reading and surfing rather than watching movies. Fortunately, due to the big diagonal, the bars that appear in the 16: 9 and 16:10 video is not much annoying.

Onda X20

The performance of the screen is pretty good, with the colors, not the best you’ve ever seen. But it’s certainly very good for the cost of the device. The big resolution does not seem to be a big concern for the device processor. Especially after some firmware updates that corrected several problems. The only problem is the low brightness, which in combination with the absence of automatic adjustment. It can be a problem if used under sunlight.

Hardware –

At the heart of the Onda X20, you’ll find the MT6797 Helio X20 Deca Core CPU processor. That has 4 Cortex A7 cores and 4 more powerful Cortex  A15s with big. Little architecture that enables the 2 quadruple to work independently to save energy, or cooperate to provide maximum power, if required. System on the chip is completed by the PowerVR G6230, with 64 cores, which takes on the graphics, 4GB RAM and 64GB of built-in memory.

The first Benchmarks that ran with the Allwinner A80T had impressive results. So impressively it was complicated to be true. Moreover, of course, it was not. The first appearance of the processor, with a score of 60,000 points in Antutu, caused a general loss, which helped enough Onda’s advertising, but it quickly appeared that the real score was somewhere in half. Beyond Benchmarks, which is a list of numbers and nothing more, what counts is daily use, and that’s where Onda is not doing well.

Onda X20


In the meantime, you will want to run a benchmark that will serve as a measure of your ability. We ran the most apparent AnTuTu benchmark. The result is … 57, 079. Cherry Trail Atom is about 60,000, but it does not reach a little.

Onda X20

Just about Android’s behavior, it is unlikely to get frustrated with this score. In the world of Android tablet, it will be 20000-30000 at the low end and 40000-60000 at the middle range, so it is considerably higher. Although there are only 32 GB of storage, since it is a dual OS, we will distribute less storage with Android and Win 10.

Onda X20

Anxious part

Storage is also quite severe, but the part which I was a bit concerned is the float of the screen. In the previous review, compared with TECLAST X 80 Power, I complained that “screen brightness and coloring is good,”. But this time it is a negative factor in this time. This Chinese tablet is also a common problem, and I have recently gotten used to it, but after all, I am concerned. It seems like there seems to be a gap between the touch surface and the screen (it is actually there). So it is a pity that the beautiful screen of the screen will look a little deeper.

Recently CHUWI HiBook Pro, Onda X20, and others began adopting OGS displa. These eliminate “gaps” and make it a beautiful display. When you see the change in these times, there are places where you look a little outdated. It is a tablet with 10 inch WUXGA resolution Onda X20 becomes practically direct rival at around 10,000 yen in price.

Onda X20

Among me, the texture of X20 is higher. The body is thin, Silver’s metal body is quite daring. The X20 has a good coloring liquid crystal winning X80 Power. But the enclosure of gold (close to pink gold or champagne gold) and white case is cool compared to X80 Power. It is slightly subtle whether men use it I will. Chinese seems to like this color very much, although it can be seen in a color of smartphones and others. I think that it is difficult to color to use easily if I cannot acquire sense like Apple.

However, if it is consider as one terminal, there is sufficient texture in just about 10,000 yen. The operation is also reasonably fair and reasonable for those who “want to use the dual OS tablet with the budget of 10,000 yen”. Since the texture of the metal body tablet as “It cannot return to the tablet of the plastic housing anymore” is a mistake. If you are interested, please try it.

In a few words

The Onda X20 is a Tablet 10 “which on paper should have nearly twice the performance of what it ultimately manages. This does not mean that it does not deserve his money. Since whatever job you want (other than Browsing, which in my case was at least problematic). Onda will be able to cope, other times in grace and comfort, with other assaults. Yet you will do your job.

Right now the Onda X20 costs 180 € (I had 160). And for the money you are asking for, it’s worth it if you can live with GPS.

Onda X20 price and purchase method

This Onda X20 is with Bangdood at a low price of 200.17 dollars.  Prices at the time of article creation will change depending on coupons, sale, etc. However, this price is low enough considering the performance.

Expedited Shipping, which is a high-speed delivery, is cheap at just $ 3.99 (about 450 yen). So be sure to add this option.
It will take 15-20 business days for regular free shipping. So it will take 2 weeks in advance and 1 month if it is late. If you want quickly, let’s set this Expedited Shipping = Express delivery option. It is scheduled to arrive in 4-7 business days, delivery will also be a famous international shipping company such as DHL and UPS, so there is security.


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