Chuwi Hi9 Tablet Review: 64 GB eMMC storage and 4GB RAM

Chuwi Hi9

The demand for tablets is going down day by day. As they come with a huge screen, which is not handy. Nowadays there is growing demand for the smartphones. Moreover, these smartphones are coming with bigger screens day by day, and the bezels are getting smaller day by day. So when a user is getting a smartphone with a more prominent bezel-less display with attractive looks, why to go or tablet.

Recently many manufacturers are giving more importance to the looks as well as on display of tablets. Chuwi is one of the leading Chinese brands in the smartphone industry has taken care of looks and design on tablets. This brand has done tremendous works on tablets to overcome smartphones. Here Chuwi has unveiled Hi9 with a comparatively small screen with other tablets. It is designed to give you better gaming and multimedia performance that no smartphone or Chromebook can beat.

Chuwi Hi9Here I have done the review on Chuwi Hi9. Have a glance at this article till the end to have complete information on this tab.

Design and Looks of Chuwi Hi9

Chuwi Hi9Before saying about a device, the most necessary things is to describe the design and looks. Looks is the first thing which can enhance your personality. Here I have given complete information on design as well as the physical overview.

If we concern of budget, then the design of Chuwi Hi9 is not top-notch. From some angles, the look of the smartphone seems like an average budget tablet. The construction of this tablet is full of plastic. Especially the back cover of this tablet is of hard plastic. If you give heavy pressure on it, it may get crack.

Physical Overview of Chuwi Hi9

Chuwi Hi9Let’s start the physical overview from the front side. Here you are not getting any no bezel-less screen. You won’t have any physical button for the operation. You will get on screen tap button for the home screen and other activities. The border of the screen is thick. The tablet comes with 2.5D curved glass display. Due to which you can have a cured finished at the edges of each side. This thing enhances the design a lot.

Chuwi Hi9On the top of the screen, you can get the front camera near the secondary speaker. There is no proximity sensor as like smartphones on the front. You can have the volume rocker key on the right side of this tablet. Chuwi Hi9Just above the volume key, you can see the power on/off key. While on the top edge you can find micro USB charging port and just aside of it you can get 3.5 mm audio jack.  Also, you can have microSD card slot on the top edge. On the bottom side, there is nothing.

Chuwi Hi9Now if we look at the backside, there is a rear camera on the left top. And at the mid of the backside, you can see the brand name Chuwi. Whereas the model name Hi9 is at the lower middle of the back. The main speaker is situated at the bottom right corner of the back. I didn’t like the placement of the main speaker as most of the time it gets covered by the palm. When you want to play music keeping the screen upward, the sound gets interrupted by hard surfaces.

Portability of Chuwi Hi9

Now if we glance our view on this tablet’s dimension, then it is of 216.5 X 129.5 X 7.9 mm. Looking at its dimension, I can say this tablet is very handy as compared to other bulky tablets. Now if we look at its weight, then it weighs just 350 gms. This makes the tablet quite portable. Due to its compact size and lightweight, you can take this tablet while traveling and it is perfect for business as well as official use.

Specifications of Chuwi Hi9

Before giving you the information about my experience or review, let us have a glance on this tablet’s spec.

Chuwi Hi9The most important thing everyone looks for is the hardware of any tablet. Well, the Chuwi Hi9 comes with MediaTek MTK 8173 processor. This is a quad-core processor, where the four cores are clocked at 1.9 GHz frequency. The device is embedded with 4 GB LPDDR3 RAM. The tablet comes with PowerVR GX6250 GPU. It runs on Android 7.0 out of the box.

Chuwi Hi9Coming to its screen, then it is featured with 8.4 inches display screen. It is an OGS screen. Now coming to its storage, it comes with 64 GB eMMC storage where you can expand this storage further 128 GB maximum.

The camera may upset some users as it comes with 5.0 MP rear camera and 2.0 MP front camera. The battery capacity is quite impressible as it has got 4500 mAh battery.

Now let us know the device better with my personal experience and review

Display Quality of Chuwi Hi9

Chuwi Hi9As discussed above the tablet has 8.4 inches OGS screen, and it has the resolution of 2560 X 1600 pixels. From my point of view, I like the display quality as it comes with the excellent quality of LCD display. Due to high resolution, you can get better viewing effect. You don’t have to give stress on reading comics or watching videos on this screen. I found it is a pleasure to read my favorite comics on this tablet screen. Also, the screen has the aspect ratio of 16:9 which is quite good enough to read comics.

Chuwi Hi9Maximum brightness can be raised to 400 nits. This brightness is not bad. I could have good views even under direct sunlight. And on a cloudy day, you can have a very clear picture quality viewing effect on daytime. The color productivity is very nice. You will get very good contrast on this display screen.

Touchscreen of Chuwi Hi9

Personally, I don’t like its touchscreen. The touch sensitivity is not that good. Before this one, I have reviewed many tablets. Comparing this tablet with others the touch sensitivity is very bad here. Here you have to put enough pressure to get a response on the touchscreen. Without the pressure, you will get resistance from this touchscreen. Mainly due to this touch screen, it may hamper your overall experience.

Chuwi Hi9This tablet has unveiled at very less price. So in order to give good features on less cost Chuwi has sacrificed the quality on its touchscreen by providing a small touch module. This small touch module leads to having poor performance on the touchscreen.

Hardware Performance of Chuwi Hi9

Chuwi Hi9If I discuss on its CPU, then the tablet is powered by MediaTek MTK8173 processor. Although it is a quad-core processor, it is outdated now. The processor is not that powerful enough comparing with other tablets. If it would be Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor, then it would be better. Chuwi Hi9If we go in deep for its technical details later, it has two high-performance Cortex A72 cores and two battery efficient Cortex A53 cores. Now let me give you the feature of this processor. This processor supports 1080P picture quality, but Chuwi claims to have 2560 X 1600 pixels picture quality. In this case, Chuwi is having issues on its display as well as CPU performance.

Now let us check the processor performance on practical use. The tablet reboots very fast which is quite appreciable. Along with it, the apps don’t take much time to open. While installing new apps from Play store, it doesn’t take much time to install several apps.

Gaming Review of Chuwi Hi9

Chuwi Hi9To check this processor’s real strength I have played some games on this tablet.  I have played Temple Run 2 and didn’t face any issues on playing it. Then I have played Asphalt 8 with low graphics features. It doesn’t lag but there was little heating issues. While I resumed the game with medium graphics effect, the game didn’t run smoothly. I saw many lagging issues while playing the game. And there was little high temperature. But this temperature won’t bother you for further use

Camera Performance of Chuwi Hi9

This feature is upsetting me a lot. The camera performance is really very poor. Here the tablet has 5.0 MP camera on the back and 2.0 MP camera on the front. Let us review each camera one by one.

Chuwi Hi9The rear camera has LED flash. But this flash is of no use. In the daytime, you can get good lighting effect on rear camera. But the picture quality is inferior. The color productivity is not that good. I can’t see any saturation on any pictures. Also when you zoom the images, you will get blurred effect easily. At low light or artificial light condition, the camera couldn’t provide excellent clarity. You will get very dark pictures in low light conditions.

Now let us discuss on its front camera. The front camera is really very pathetic. Here you are not getting any LED flash for this camera. The camera is of 2.0 MP. You will get below decent picture quality on daytime. At night this camera doesn’t give excellent picture quality.

Storage specification of Chuwi Hi9

Chuwi Hi9When we talk about the storage, then you will get very good storage on this tablet. You can have 64 GB eMMC storage. As the tablet is coming with the Android operating system, so it won’t kill much storage. However, you can get approximately 53 GB free memory here. On this memory, you can store movies, documents, and videos. Moreover, you can expand the storage further 128 GB by inserting microSD card into it. Due to the storage, you can use this tablet for official use as well as for entertainment purpose.

This tablet is featured with 4 GB LPDDR3 RAM for smooth operation. But at this price range, DDR3 RAM is not acceptable. If the manufacturer would provide DDR4 RAM, then it would be better.

Audio Quality of Chuwi Hi9

Chuwi Hi9The audio quality is decent but not at all satisfactory. From the beginning, I have said to you about the main speaker placement. As palm covers it many times, the audio output doesn’t come in loud. Also, the clarity of the sound is not excellent. Moreover, due to the speakers’ placement on the back, the speaker never gives good result while keeping the tablet with the screen upward. The speaker doesn’t have a bass effect. While playing any music, you are not getting the bass effect. While watching action movies, the audio quality will disappoint you as it doesn’t have a bass effect.

But with this price range, we should not expect all with excellent features.

Connectivity Performance of Chuwi Hi9

Chuwi Hi9On this tablet, you can’t see any cellular SIM slots or SIM tray. For the wireless connectivity, this tablet has got 802.11 a/ac/b/g/n wireless technology. This is the latest and the fastest wireless chipset. I didn’t find any connectivity issues while connecting this tablet with my Wi-Fi server. To have a quicker file or data transfer, it has Bluetooth 4.0. Sadly it doesn’t have GPS for navigation.

This tablet doesn’t come with the type-C USB port. It still comes with the micro USB port. I am happy for 3.5 mm audio jack. Many manufacturers are skipping that port, but Chuwi has not. You will also get DC power port to charge the tablet.

Battery Performance of Chuwi Hi9

This part is the most essential part while doing a review. I am very happy for its battery capacity as it comes with 4500 mAh battery. Furthermore, the tablet is coming with Android 7.0 which is a battery optimized operating system. But the processor is not that good enough for power optimization.

Chuwi Hi9With 4500 mAh battery, I was expecting 7 hrs power back up. But it didn’t meet that target. It just lags 15 mins behind. I am satisfied with this battery life.

To give you the actual experience I have done some tests. Based on which you can get to know its battery performance.

At first, I have played videos from my storage. And on continuous video play, it gave me power back up for 6 hrs and 55 mins. Then I have browsed a lot and access YouTube videos. That time it gave comparatively less power than the previous one. It showed me 6 hrs and 25 mins power back up.

At last, I have played some games. The battery has drained very fast. It gave me power back up only for 4 hrs and 30 mins.

This tablet doesn’t provide fast charging feature. However, it takes 2 hrs and 45 mins to get fully charged.


Well, this is a low budget tablet. The manufacturer is claiming of providing rich features, but I can say it comes with decent features only.

Chuwi Hi9The best part of this tablet is Wi-Fi connectivity as it comes with the fastest Wi-Fi technology. Also, it is giving the latest Bluetooth version. The power back up of this tablet is very nice. But frankly, I am thoroughly disappointed on its camera as well as its audio performance.

It has got decent display quality. You will get good storage capacity on this tablet. RAM version could be of DDR4. But looking at the price, you have to sacrifice some features.

I hope this review is helpful to you to get to know Chuwi Hi9 tablet in details. If you have a very tight budget, then you can opt for this tablet, but you have to sacrifice some features and qualities.

Take a wise decision for your requirements with your budget before buying this one.



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