Teclast M89 Tablet Review: MTK8176 Processor

Teclast M89

Sometimes all you need is something more than a phone but less than a laptop. You can say it as a laptop of mini size but more significant than a phone size. You cannot use your phone all the time for your entertainment or some office use, and you also cannot use your laptop all the time everywhere. As a laptop is quite significant in size, it is not easy to carry everywhere. Sometimes all you need is something for entertainment for you and your family that can be used for watching movies, playing games, taking pictures, and listens to music or to browse the internet. Yes, you are right I am talking about a tablet. Yes for your entertainment and also for your kid’s entertainment all you need is a portable and affordable tablet.

You can easily customize a tablet as per your need. It is more than a smartphone but less than a laptop. We can say it is a mini laptop. Like your smartphone you can download different apps as per your requirement, click pictures, you can use your social networking sites, watch movies and many more.

Teclast M89Again confused which one to buy? Well if you want a portable but not so costly tablet, then you can think to go for the Teclast M89 tablet. To help you out, today I am going to review this product. Hope this will be beneficial for you.

Looks and Design of TECLAST M89

This is an android tablet of Teclast M89. This product has been released on 5th May 2018. The device has been made with aluminum alloy and in regular flat shape. Teclast M89 tablet is slim and portable. I cannot say it’s very attractive or stylish. The look is usual and ordinary. The device is of the champagne color.

Teclast M89To maintain the portable size of the device, the manufacturer has made it in length of 19.90cm, breadth of 12.6cm and thickness of 0.74cm. Teclast M89The dimension of the device is very handy, just a bit bigger than a smartphone but small enough than a laptop. You can hold it in your one hand also. And the weight of the tablet including its battery is only 400 grams. You can quickly take this tablet with you anywhere. For me, there are some issues which I think could be better. First one is it does not come with body protection. Teclast M89The second one is, it does not have enough thick borders. As it is a touch screen so while holding it, the border does not have enough space for fingers. Due to which you accidentally touch input on the screen.

Teclast M89Rather than these, there is a camera in the middle of the top front, and on the top side, there is a speaker and some connecting ports. And at the back side of the device, there is a primary camera on the top left side and brand logo mentioned on the top middle of the backside and the model name on the bottom middle of the back side. Rather than this, the back side is completely bare. Coming to its right side, you will get a power button and volume keys.

Display Quality of TECLAST M89

Let’s come to its one of the important feature that is displayed. The Teclast M89 tablet has nailed it if we talk about display quality. The screen area is 71.64% of the total front area of the device. The tablet has got the screen size of 7.9 inches with IPS display technology. As the screen is quite significant in size, it is perfect for watching movies, playing games, for viewing your documents, etc. it has got multi-touch and scratch resistant screen witch corning gorilla glass.

Teclast M89Now coming to the quality of the picture of Teclast M89, it has got the amazingly high-quality picture. Unbelievably high definition picture quality with the resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixel. With this resolution, you can get each and every detail of displayed contents. Even if you zoom the picture still the details can be visible quite clearly. Apart from these features to enhance the picture quality it has got colors depth of 24 bit with 16 million colors. It will show you real color of the picture.

Teclast M89With bright colors, you will love to see the picture on the tablet. For testing the color quality, I clicked an image from my DSLR so when I saw those pictures the color contrast was precise as I had taken the picture. Not only picture but when I watched a movie which I had already seen in the theater, the color was precisely same of high quality.

Not only for watching videos or playing games but the display quality is best to read also. So I am fully satisfied with the display quality of the product. Even the quality is better than many other expensive tablets available in the market.

Audio Quality of TECLAST M89 TABLET

The device has got its speaker on the top side. It comes with a built-in stereo speaker and also a loudspeaker. To know the audio quality I tested it. I watched some video and even played some games for these purposes the audio quality is quite good. But when I tried to listen to music, the sound was not so clear.

Teclast M89The sound coming from the speaker was like someone has covered the speaker. And the volume of the speaker was also not that high. The sound was flat. So I used a headphone to listen to music. After connecting headphone, I was able to hear the song. But according to me, the audio quality was bit better than some other tablet available in the market. So the sound quality will not disappoint you that much. Apart from these for music format, it supports AAC, APE, MP3, OGG, and WMA.

Camera Performance of TECLAST M89

Teclast M89To get a good quality camera in a tablet is very rare. You can hardly get a tablet which comes with a good quality camera. Let’s check the camera quality of Teclast M89 tablet. The Teclast M89 tablet is equipped with 8-megapixel primary camera, i.e., back camera and 5-megapixel secondary camera, i.e., front camera. Anyone barely uses a camera of a tablet as the tablet is not light as a smartphone. So it is not easy to hold the tablet for a long time to take pictures. And the second thing is a tablet is not meant for one hand use like we use the smartphones. You have to use your both hand to operate the tablet.

Teclast M89Apart from these, I would say the camera quality is decent. If you click picture from back camera of the tablet which is of 8 megapixels, it will capture an image of resolution 3264 x 2448 pixel which is not a bad quality. The image quality is useful if you are taking the pictures in daylight but if you are taking pictures in dim light, the image is not that clear. The autofocus works good in sunlight or bright light, but if you try to take a picture in dim light, then autofocus does not work correctly. If you are zooming the picture, then the image is getting blurred. Apart from this, the picture quality is excellent. Even if you record videos from the back camera the video resolution will be of 1920 x 1080 pixel.

Teclast M89The video recorded from the back camera is quite decent. The video format it supports is 3GPP, AVI, H.263, H.264 / MPEG-4 PART 10 / AVC video, MP4, WebM, WMV. And picture format it supports are BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG.

Some other additional features of the primary camera of Teclast M89 tablet which will help you to click good pictures. It is equipped with autofocus, digital zoom, continuous shooting, geotagging, panorama, HDR, face detection, touch focus, ISO setting, white balance setting, exposure compensation, scene mode, self-timer.

Teclast M89Now coming to the front camera, the front camera is of 5 megapixels. You cannot use the front camera for photography, but you can use it to take selfies. The front camera quality is not that good but not also that bad. I will say it as average quality. If you click picture from the front camera, the image resolution will be of 2560 x 1920 pixel, and if you record video, the video resolution will be of 1280 x 720 pixel. I will not say good quality but average quality.

Storage Specification of TECLAST M89

Teclast M89Teclast M89 tablet comes with 3GB RAM and 32 GB ROM and with external memory of up to 128 GB. You will be getting quite enough space to store your pictures, movies, apps, etc. This memory helps the device to perform the function quickly. Even if you download the different application for your use because of its enough memory, the device will not perform slowly. And if you want more than this storage, then you can insert memory card of up to 128 GB. So for me, the storage capacity of the device is good enough.

Connectivity of TECLAST M89

Teclast M89It has got its connecting port on the top side of the device. And for connectivity, it has got one micro HDMI port, one 3.5 mm headphone jack and one Type C USB connecting port. As there is a demerit in this tablet is that you cannot insert sim card. So I think there should be at least one full-size HDMI port. Never the less the available connecting ports are also enough.

And for wireless connectivity, you will be getting Bluetooth of version 4.0 and WIFI version 802.11 b/g/n. If it would be 802.11 a/b/g/n, then it would give faster wireless connectivity.

Battery Performance of TECLAST M89

Teclast M89To use it for a long run the manufacturer has equipped the device with 4840 mAh battery power. The battery type used in this product is, and the battery is not removable. If the one you charge it 100% then it will easily last for 60 hours in standby mode, if you play music, it will last for 8 hours. If you use it to watch videos, then the battery will run for approx 5 hours, if you use it for browsing it will run for 6 hours and for overall use the battery will run for 7 hours.

Teclast M89The charger use power of 5 volts to charge the tablet and it takes 2.4 hours for full charge. According to me, battery life is one of the essential features. You cannot charge your device always if you are outside somewhere. So if the battery power is right, you don’t have to worry about charging it again and again. So I am satisfied with the battery backup.

Hardware Performance of TECLAST M89

Teclast M89As per the product specification this tablet comes with MediaTek MTK 8176 processor. It is a Hexa Core processor. The six cores of the processors are clocked at 2.1 GHz frequency. Frankly, it is an outdated processor. This processor is not so powerful. If it would be any Qualcomm Snapdragon processor then the performance would be better.

Teclast M89To give in-depth review for its hardware I have done several tests. First I have done some general usage. I feel little delay in rebooting the tab. Also apps open in usual time. But if you compare it to any Snapdragon processor then you will find little delay in opening the apps. Also while doing multitasking operations I found little lagging issues.

Teclast M89To test the durability of the processor I have played some games. I have tried Subway Surfer. The game was running very smoothly. Then I have played Asphalt 8. The game was not smooth as Subway Surfer on this tablet. There were a lot of lagging issues and the device got heat a lot. It may make little uncomfortable to operate the tablet. On using some photo editing apps, I found the device was lagging a lot.

Package Content of TECLAST M89

Teclast M89If you order Teclast M89 tablet then along with the tablet, you will be getting one power adaptor, one screen protector, one USB Cable, warranty document and one user manual. And of course, the battery is inbuilt.

Pros and Cons of TECLAST M89


  • The Teclast M89 tablet is affordable as it is not so expensive.
  • This device has got fantastic display quality which will give you a crystal clear picture with bright color contrast. It is perfect for watching movies and also for playing video games.
  • The device performs fast because of its good storage capacity of 3 GB RAM and 32GB ROM.
  • It is quite portable in size and also lights weighted. Easy to carry anywhere you want.
  • The back camera has good quality.
  • The battery life is quite good. You don’t need to charge it again and again.

Teclast M89Cons

  • The audio quality of the tablet is not up to the mark.
  • There should be at least one HDMI port for connectivity.
  • It does not support SIM card.
  • Front camera quality is not that good.


Teclast M89Overall it is an excellent product in its price range. Frankly, its display quality is very impressive than the price you will pay for this. So if you are looking for a product which you can use for your entertainment or work purpose, it can be a wise choice. Your children can also use it for playing games. It can be a good choice in this price range.

I hope you must have found the review is useful for you to know this tablet better. Think well before you make any purchase.



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