Thermaltake X1 RGB keyboard: designed for gaming!


With the vigorous development of e-sports, game peripherals are also evolving towards professionalism and coolness. With the addition of RGB and mechanical axes, the e-sports keyboard in the market is not only eye-catching but also is easily programmable and has macro commands.

Such intimate and easy-to-use features have been sought after by the majority of players. TT (Thermaltake), as a professional peripheral manufacturer in Taiwan Province of China, has been famous since its establishment.

With the wave of e-sports boom, TT also introduced a premium version of the X1 RGB silver-axis mechanical gaming keyboard. The TT X1 RGB not only looks cool but also uses RGB lighting effects and incorporates TT’s understanding of the gaming keyboard. How exactly does it feel and how does it perform? Let’s go down and test it:


The TT X1 RGB keyboard is packed in color boxes. The features such as the cherry silver shaft, support for 168,000 color RGB lighting effects, and independent button dynamic backlight are printed on the front.

On the back is the introduction of X1 RGB function keys and the work of the silver axis.


The X1 RGB accessories include conventional accessories:

  • keyboard
  • magnetic tray
  • eight red replacement keys
  • a key puller
  • manual
  • warranty card

Among them, the key-pulling device facilitates the player to change the keycaps of different materials and colors in order to experience different feelings of use.

Whether it is a black keycap or a red replacement keycap, both are made with ABS material (a strong plastic), it ensures a good light transmission. The black keycap is a matte touch, and the red keycap is a glossy handle. Players can change it according to their own usage habits. Of course, black and red is the coolest match.

The keycap workmanship and spray color are still good. No burrs on the edges, behind the three ribs, can guarantee a longer life.


The keyboard measurements are 464.98 x 170.52 x 40.39 mm, net weight 1598g, built-in 4M bit memory, line length 1.8 meters. Adopting 104 key layouts, the shape of the keyboard is straightforward and the dirt-resistant black is also easy for players to clean and manage. In addition to the conventional buttons, now it has multiple shortcut keys. Players can set up FN keys to use them. On the desktop is not only stable, with a variety of RGB products can make night fighting more sense.

After TT replaced the trademark, the new LOGO is obviously more fashionable. The translucent TT LOGO in the upper left corner of the keyboard also brings RGB effects. With the full-key RGB, the overall lighting can be more uniform.

Keyboard functionality

The upper right of the keyboard integrates multimedia keys and game modes, volume adjustment dial keys; it is very convenient for games, entertainment, and office work. The keycaps are arranged in a uniform manner, and the keyboard and keycap materials are also anti-fingerprinted. Using them for a long time can keep the keyboard neat and easy to handle.

The outlet part of the back of the keyboard has been reinforced and treated. The wire is a thick braided wire, which is resistant to pull and tear. The connector’s dual USB cables are the HUB cable and keyboard cable, and an audio cable, which makes it easy for players to access the headset and USB devices on the keyboard, eliminating the need to bend the chassis interface.

Ergonomic and comfortable

In order to make it easier for users to play or work for a long time, X1 RGB has also designed a wrist rest, and the wrist rest uses a magnetic suction type. The advantage is that it is effortless to dismantle and disassemble.

The surface of the wrist rest is rough, and it has a certain degree of water repellency. If you use the keyboard for a long time, sweat will not cause the wrist rest to fade. The wrist rest adopts the surface ergonomic design. No matter the code word or the game, it is practical and durable.

The bottom of the keyboard is quite sleek and is surrounded by a thick rubber mat that is not loose on a smooth tabletop. At the same time, the keyboard has two legs; suitable for users of different heights and each tripod also has a layer of non-slip rubber covering, which can also guarantee the overall stability during use.

From the side, you can see that whether the foot pad is propped up or laid flat, the transition between the wrist rest and the keyboard is natural. The wide operation area can allow the player to fully display the hand and reduce the fatigue caused by the use.

How does design affect your gaming?  

In the shaft part, X1 RGB uses the original cherry silver axis, and the silver axis acts as a rare axis body, which can provide the player with faster trigger stroke and response speed. The official parameter describes that the silver axis ratio is 40% shorter than the MX red axis trigger time. Basically no paragraph sense, with 50 million click lifetime. These parameters also mean that the silver axis is more suitable as a gaming keyboard. In addition, the X1 RGB large-key position uses a satellite axis design, which also makes the overall feel more harmonious and unified. The size of the key position is not only not meat but also certain to reduce the degree of finger fatigue.

Replacement keys

The eight replacement keys are more eye-catching after the replacement. The eight buttons also cover the keys commonly used in the game, both during the day and night, allowing the player to quickly locate the key and reduce misoperation.

In order to make this keyboard more powerful, TT has also developed a new set of drivers. Drive built-in multi-language is obviously a keyboard product for global players. After the driver is started, the firmware of the keyboard is self-checked. If there is a new firmware, the driver will be prompted to update so that the player can enjoy the latest functions and applications.

Driver’s interface

The driver’s interface uses a cool black main color, simple and elegant and intuitive, the interface is mainly divided into three functional areas:

  • The key function settings
  • The macro command function
  • The backlight setting.

Plus, the user can store these three kinds of functions in different profiles, and it supports six groups of configuration files. Players can use a key to call out, greatly simplifying the download driver trouble.

The recording function of the macro command is also the basic function of the game keyboard. Players can record and store multiple macro commands here. In the game, they can simplify the operation and grasp the opportunities. There is not much to say here.

Custom settings

As a professional gaming keyboard, X1 RGB also comes with a variety of backlight effects and supports custom settings. The keyboard lights, and driver synchronization display after successful setting, allowing players to preview the lighting effects in real time.

There are more than a dozen effects such as full-brightness, breathing, waves, rotating waves, spectral cycling, and single lighting. The player can freely set the desired effect by using the options in the drop-down box. In addition, the keyboard color temperature control also provides two methods of numerical value modification and color wheel click. It is not only easy to operate, but also more user-friendly.

The keyboard supports single button customization. Whether it is office or game, the player can customize a key on the keyboard to make it easier to use.

X1 RGB keyboard uses a floating button design, easy to clean, colorful and soft; regardless of day and night will not affect the player’s operation.

With the multiple game modes of the driver, the player can quickly enter the familiar key position program, and there is no difficulty in getting started. In addition, the keyboard itself comes with five different types of game backlight modes, and FPS, MOBA, MMO, and RTS the user can select one by using the Fn+ScLk combination button, which is cool and practical.


The lighting in the entire area supports PC-based drivers and mobile phone color adjustments. Players who are pursuing individuality can spend a bit of their own time making a unique keyboard lighting effect.


X1 RGB uses an anodized aluminum liner, which is different from other painted steel panels. While maintaining a light body, the overall body is also stronger and resistant. The inverted silver shaft complemented by Cherry’s transparent shaft cover gives the entire keyboard better light transmission.


X1 RGB is not only a flagship keyboard but also shows the meticulous workmanship and attitude of TT in the details. This year’s Taipei Computex 2018 exhibition, this keyboard also shines at the TT booth. The beautiful lights, practical driving, stacking materials, and elegant details are the advantages of X1 RGB.

The comfortable feel and full-key punch-free features make it easy to use without pressure and you can easily use it in the gaming and work stage.

In the balance of price and color value, plus the characteristics of the replaceable keycap, players can create a unique keyboard with a little care and make it better.


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