Alfawise Mini Bladeless Desk Fan Review

Alfawise Mini Bladeless Desk Fan

Day by day technology is growing very fast, and new inventions are taking place. In summertime to beat the heat, the primary instrument in everyone’s house available is a fan. Fans are also available in many styles such as ceiling fan, table fan, and stand fan, etc.

The fundamental principle of a fan is, there are blades which rotate to create artificial wind. Have you ever heard of bladeless fans? Yeah, I am saying about the bladeless fans. It may surprise many ones, how the wind is possible without blades. But it is the truth

Bladeless fan is one of the greatest inventions of today’s technology. The construction of the fan is fascinating as it has no blades as a conventional fan. It resembles a circular tube. This type of fan provides exceptionally smooth and constant with through a shallow tube. As like conventional fans, these fans also come with airspeed regulator, and it creates very less noise than conventional one. As a bladeless fan, it is very safe for your kids too. This type fan is well capable of making cool of entire room.

Alfawise is a leading Chinese brand in latest gadgets. This brand never stays behind competing with other brands for inventions. In case of bladeless fans, this brand has unveiled its new model as Alfawise CY 1018B Mini Bladeless Desk fan.

Here in this article I have reviewed this new gadget and have given its performance details on practical experience. Read this article till the end to get complete details of this new bladeless fan.

Benefits of a Bladeless Fan

In summer at offices or homes generally, peoples are using Air Conditioner. But using it so much time may dry your skin and weak your skin.

Now consider of conventional fans. These fans come with blades, and these blades always need to be cleaned in regular interval of time. As the blades hold dense lines of dust that doesn’t make the flow of air. So you have to clean the blades. Moreover, these dust are very unhygienic as per health concern.

So if you have a bladeless fan, then you need not worry to clean the blades in regular interval of time. As per safety concern, there is no fear of cut. Also, it doesn’t dry your skin as Air Conditioner. Also, this type of fan can cool your entire home.

Now let us know our original product Alfawise CY 1018B Mini Bladeless Desk fan.

Design and looks of Alfawise Mini Bladeless Desk Fan

This fan is available in silver color only. Its hoop and base are of the same color that is silver. Here I have tested the fan with UK plug version.

Now looking at its dimension, the diameter of the base of this bladeless fan is 6.5 inches and height of the base is 1.5 inches where it meets the hoop. The diameter of the hoop is 12 inches, and the width of this hoop is approximately 4.5 inches. If you look at the hoop, then its axis is perpendicular to the base of the fan. The front of the base holds a power button and a digital display. This display shows fan’s setting with regulating speeds. You can also see the timer function here. The display screen of the fan has the diameter of 3 inches.

Looking above the display screen, you can have navigation buttons. There are five on touch navigation buttons. These buttons are used to set the timer and fan speed. Not only that you can have a humidity has purifier functioned button. At the back of the fan, you can have a physical speed regulator as a conventional fan. Just in front of the regulator, you can see the brand name Alfawise.

To control the fan from a distance, it comes with a remote controller. A battery is also given on the package for the remote controller. The remote controller comes in black color, and it is about 2.9 inches long. The width of the remote is 1.2 inches. The two longitudinal sides of the remote are having a curved surface, which gives a good hold on hands. The remote controller actually makes the functioning of this bladeless fan very easy. This remote comes with power on/off button. Not only this but also you can set the timer to turn on and turn off the fan automatically. You can also set the fan speed with it.

This mini bladeless desk fan comes with pivot rotating feature as other conventional desk fan or stands fan. You can make rotate the fan hoop from its base by the remote controller. But if you want, you can even manually pivot this fan.

This Mini bladeless fan is quite portable. From its dimension, you can guess its size. Moreover, it is very lightweight. This fan weighs just 2.3 KG. You can take it easy with you wherever you want.

Working Principle of Alfawise Mini Bladeless Desk Fan

If you look at the hoop of this bladeless fan, then it resembles a magnifying glass. The hoop is used as the fan’s head. On this hoop, you can’t find anything to view, but you can feel air goes out of the hoop.

Now let us discuss of its fundamental principle. Here a brushless motor is used in this fan. You can find this motor on the base itself.  This motor sucks air from outside environment and propels it on the periphery of the hoop to flow. This air pushes away from the hoop and flows to the user. Not only this but also this fan collect the surrounding air to the hoop and drives it for better airflow.

There is no moving part inside the hoop. You can keep your hand inside the hoop. There is no fear of any cut as in conventional desk fans. When you remove the hoop, you can see the motor inside the base of the fan. This motor pushes air upside where the hoop is used as a guide to flow air smoothly and efficiently than conventional fans having blades.

Here the base of the fan uses the principle of a conventional fan. The motor inside the base is used as a conventional fan. Here this motor pushes the air upside to the hoop. The hoop helps the air to flow efficiently without any buffeting sound. The design of the fan is also very good as there are no exposed fan blades. So that you can clean the fan very easily.

Performance of Alfawise Mini Bladeless Desk Fan

Alfawise Mini Bladeless Desk FanAlfawise Mini Desk Bladeless fan is so well designed that it creates very less noise. As the air pushes from the base, so you will never get any noise on the hoop. And this hoop helps to flow the air efficiently without making any noise. Alfawise has done a pretty good job on it.

The air flow from the hoop is really very surprising. Having this fan with you will provide you with a luxury experience. I always use this Alfawise Mini Bladeless Desk fan at night. So, I prefer to use the fan at its low setting. I found the buffeting sound of the fan is very low. This sound is decidedly less than my old conventional desk fan having fan blades. The sound is so low that, it never disturbs me in my sleep. Moreover, I like its timer feature a lot. This feature enables me to off the fan or on the fan automatically when I am sleeping.

However, you might have seen many bladeless fans. But I like this one because Alfawise has done a tremendous job on its design. The hoop of the fan is narrow. So this fan can throw air to any specific place to give real cool comfort.

This Alfawise Mini Bladeless Desk fan also comes with Humidifying function. This function enables the fan to flow purified air. Moreover, you can add adequate oil on its base to have aromatherapy function.

I like its folding feature. This fan can be folded horizontally as well as vertically up to 170 degrees. So that I can quickly adjust the direction of airflow as per my comfort.

Also, this fan has very wide fan speed control. This bladeless fan comes with 8-level speed control technology. So that you can have a wide range of speed selection as per your comfort.


In my point of view, Alfawise has done very good work by unveiling this bladeless fan. This is one of the cheapest bladeless fans in the market. You can have very rich features with this fan. You can have a very wide range of speed control as well as air purifier mode. These features are not available in conventional fans. If you have any kids at your home then it is a very good option for you as it doesn’t have any blades, you need not worry for any cut. Moreover, this Alfawise Mini Bladeless Desk fan is very compact in size and is also very light in weight.

I hope you have got sufficient idea from this review. If you like this Alfawise Mini Bladeless Desk fan, then you can go for it.


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