Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard Review

Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard Review

Skateboarding is one sport that came in by surprise. It all started, between the late 1940’s and early 1950s, when someone attached roller skates at the bottom of a wooden board. Everyone or almost, love the idea and since then they continue to improve it. Six decades later, skateboards improvement is still on-going. In my opinion, it will be far from being over especially now that modern technologies have been added to its’ improvement. One good proof of this is the new Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard.

Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard Review

The company Xiaomi is popularly known for offering reliable and high-quality Android software and smartphones. So we can expect that their ACTON Electric Skateboard was built with the highest quality materials and impressive technology.

But of course, Xiaomi’s reputation isn’t enough to guarantees that their ACTON Electric Skateboard is 100% successful. We still need more proof. And the only way we can get that is to try it out.

Fortunately, we got an opportunity to try it. The table below will show the initial specifications of Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard.

PRODUCT DIMENSION 27.56 x 7.87 x 5.31 inches
ENGINE 1 hub motor
POWER 500 Watt
Up to 12km

Review of Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard

Features and specifications are the most important details to look at on a product. This is one good way for us to identify the product’s uniqueness from its competitor. And that is exactly what we focused on in this review.

We will start with our first impression of Xiaomi ACTON 4-wheel Electric Skateboard.

1. Body and Design

In reviewing a product, the first impression will start on the product’s physical attributes. And for Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard, all we can say is, it is very modern-looking and lightweight.

The upper part of its body is made with an aeronautical-grade aluminum alloy frame (which is proven to be durable); while for its lower part is made from 7 layers of Canadian maple wood. With this body strength of Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard, it can support a person’s body weight of up to 100 kg.

For its wheels, it was built with high-rebound polyurethane, a hardness of 78A and incorporated with a powerful 500W LG motor. The high-rebound polyurethane is responsible for maximizing the speed and traction; while the hardness is to make the wheels durable even when using in rough surfaces.

2. Operation

Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard is operated by wireless remote control. Using this remote control would not be a problem because it has a simple design. You can start it by sliding the button forward and then slide it down if you want it to stop.

Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard Review - controller

This remote control consists of different settings such as speed (3), acceleration and brake.

If you want to monitor your daily activities, you can download a mobile application that Xiaomi created for ACTON Electric Skateboard. In this application, you can monitor the battery capacity, charging time, and the overall time and distance traveled.

Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard Review - App

This is indeed very handy. Unfortunately, as of the moment, this application is only compatible with Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones.

3. Battery

Next in our list is its power source.

Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard is powered by a Samsung 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery (10). This battery has a capacity of 80Wh and a rated voltage of 36V.

Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard Review - Battery

If the battery charge runs out, you can easily detach the batteries from its compartment (which is located at the bottom part of its body) and charge it for 60 minutes. You can still use the skateboard even without the battery attached.

*Note: The battery can run up to 12 km mileage per charge.*

The common problem with rechargeable batteries is they have tendencies to overheat. Thankfully, you would not have that problem with Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard because it has an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS).

This Battery Management System helps to protect the accumulator from overheating, overvoltage and overcurrent.

4. Age and Usage Suitability

We all know that the skateboard is for everyone! No matter what your age is, you can play it. But for Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard, it indicates that it is suitable for teenagers and adults.

But in our opinion, children (ages below 13) can still play it because there are tons of safety features in this skateboard. A good example of this is the remote control where it contains 3 speeds setting. If the user is a child, they can maintain to drive at its slowest speed.

Also, there is a built-in electromagnetic brake on this skateboard that can assure to reduce speed gently.

If there is an age restriction, there are none when it comes to on where you can use it. You can freely use it on any activities you prefer like climbing hill and skateboarding on rough and wide roads, grassland or slopes.

5. Additional Features

For ACTON Electric Skateboard, aside from its basic features, Xiaomi added 3 features to improve the user experience. And those features are stated as follows:

  • Water Protection

Water is the kryptonite of all electronic devices. Once it touches the device, it will surely break.

This is a big problem because skateboarding is an outdoor activity. And once you are outside, you could not avoid encountering puddles or splashes. But this will not be a problem for ACTON Electric Skateboard as Xiaomi designed it with splash-proof.

But even it has a splash-proof design, Xiaomi still does not recommend to use it during heavy rain.

  • Integrated LED lighting

One great thing about skateboarding is you can do it any time you want – day or night. But of course, there are some risks when you ride it at night. Accidents could occur due to the place is too dark.

This is one of the reasons we see why Xiaomi decided to integrate LED lighting at the bottom part of the board. This will provide you light when traveling on dark streets and, at the same time, serve as an alert to incoming vehicles.

Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard Review - LEDs

You can enable and disable the LED lights by using the mobile application. Also, the light can last up to 90 minutes.

  • Larger wheels

The diameter of the skateboard wheels is very important because it determines the skateboard’s speed. The smaller the wheels are, the slower its speed; the bigger, the faster its speed.

Normally, a skateboard has a wheel diameter of around 50-53mm. These wheels are slower but stable in doing tricks and skating at smaller streets and parks.

But for Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard, its wheels have a whopping diameter of 83mm. So speed-wise, it is fast and, at the same time, capable for skateboarding on rougher surfaces.


Every product has warranties provided by the manufacturer. This is to guarantee us that the product we have purchased is of good quality and condition. And in terms of repairs or returns, the warranty will state the conditions that they covered and what is not.

For Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard, the warranty will depend on the store where you purchased it. The usual length of the warranty is for 1-2 years. But there are some stores who only offer 6 months.

It is highly recommended to read the description carefully before purchasing the electric skateboard.


A skateboard is not only a tool for a recreational activity; but also a means of transportation. So, it is just right to choose a skateboard that is durable, lightweight and safe to use.

Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard may be the newest kid on the block; but in terms of safety and performance, it is a great choice. We recommended this to everyone who is just starting to learn skateboarding. It is safer, in our opinion, because they can maintain the speed at the slowest with the use of the remote control.

Plus, this electric skateboard has a smooth brake (even you slide it to stop by accident).

Aside for the beginners, this skateboard is recommended as well for everyone who has a professional skill level. You can enjoy using this electric skateboard on the downhill, ramps, dirt boards, and other rougher surfaces.

But be aware that Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard is strictly for recreational activities only and not for professional performance.

Lastly, Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard is low maintenance. This is certainly a good point because of two points: less work and saves lots of money. You can start the maintenance by following the proper care and handling of this electric skateboard such as:

  • Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard can only support these temperatures: not below than -20 ºC or above 50 ºC. So for a fun, comfortable and risk-free ride, maintain it within those temperatures.
  • Always clean the skateboard after use, especially the bearings and wheels.
  • Make sure all screws are tight and secured.

Skateboarding is undeniably fun to do either by ourselves or with friends. But no matter how busy you are enjoying the experience do not forget to wear protective gears – helmets knee and elbow pads all the time!


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