Roccat Khan AIMO Headset for Gamers Review


The Roccat Khan is one of the best gaming accessories manufacturer. Definitely, its name will ring bells for every gaming lover. After the success of last years Roccat Khan Pro, It has added a new device to its successor list after unveiling the Roccat Khan Aimo. With the latest AIMO Rocket Khan has added an imposing array of audio option with RGB lighting to an already robust package. Rocket khan Aimo gaming headset has synchronised lighting system like no other devices available in the market with synchronized lighting. Combined with a gaming mouse and keyboard you will have a colour coordinated disco at LAN party.

Much like its predecessor’s Rocket khan Aimo comes featured with Hi-Res music that promises much in every aspect of CD quality music. With 24-bt 96 KHz audio source you will get immersive sound quality over the headphones. The Aimo’s sound is quite exquisite, and it is quite comfortable to wear for long playing time as well. The only glitch we ever find in this headset is regarding the software compatibility that comes inbuilt with the headset.But that can be optimised in time with new updates for the software. You will get an outstanding physical appearance, a cumbersome, microphone with the features and versatility of premium headphones.

Amio 1


Rocket khan Aimo has taken its looks from its predecessors. Starting from the left ear cap. It has a mic arm on the left ear cup, at the end of mic arm you will a get a noise-cancelling microphone on end. The microphone allows you to lead above the rest while playing games like Call of Duty or Fortnite online or on LAN with your buddies. The left ear cup also holds the fixed and braided cable. Braided cable add more life to wire than regular rubber cable. The cable is around four meters in length with a full-size USB jack at the end. Some people may not like that because it can be only used with Laptop, PC.

The volume rocker is placed behind the right ear cup. Sometimes I found it easier to use my keyboard shortcuts to decrease or increase the volume rather than wasting my time to find the volume rocker. Along the volume rocker, there is a switch button to simulate 7.1/2.0 sound. While playing games many times, I stumble upon trying to reach for the volume rocker and accidentally pressing switch key. This can be a bad experience for many game lovers. I would have prefered to have switch placed in some other place than near to volume rocker to avoid any mishaps.

Amio 2

You will get memory foam over the ear cups. They are comfortable for regular use but if you wear it for long time memory foam they tend to become warm. I have noticed this thing while playing CS go whole night. The headband is nicely padded and is very light weighted. The Amino features a straightforward black plastic chassis with memory foam padding and steel headband that just fit into your noggin. So even after long hours of playing you won’t feel the weight of headphones. Behind both the ear pads you can find thin light straps of LED lights. Which will light up in various colours and synchronized way.

Gaming Performance

For gaming, Amio has included its Swarm software. You will have a tons of options available to choose from, which is good news for gamers. With both 7.1 surround sound and stereo sound, swarm software will let you choose from a variety of equalisation profiles. Whether you play action game, First Player Shooter, MOB, RPG there will be a sound profile that syncs perfectly with the game.

I have tested the headset with a variety of games like Warcraft, Fortnite, Cs go, COD etc. Experimenting with the different sound profile, I realised some works better than other. The khan Aimo provides an excellent balance of voice work, sound effects and music. After using Khan Aimo for some time, you will automatically find the best sound profile suiting your need.

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It is recommended to use Swarm app that comes alongside  Rocket khan Aimo to keep colours in sync and get more features. You will also get some additional software if you want to use it for other than gaming purpose.From package description, Khan Amio supports a variety of features that you can access through its software. The Amio light is also one of the features of Khan Amio. But as you can’t see Amio lightings lets not consider it as a technical feature.

The most useful feature we get is a microphone, which is crystal clear and easy to activate. You have to merely flip the microphone down to activate it and flip it back at the upward position to deactivate it. One of the best features of Amio is that you can change your sound to make it robotic, female or a monster that comes handy while playing games online. You can use this feature and disguise your voice over mic by using swarm software.


Music Performance

The Khan Amio comes with 96KHz DAC sound card built straight into the headset that requires swarm software to twitch any changes. With Hi-res music, the sound coming from Amio is quite loud and clear with impressive bass. Vocals in rock and indie tracks are warm and crisp. With power sound processing, the Amio headset can deliver 24-bit Hi-Res audio at 96KHz. The headset is also remarkable for people who love music.


The Amio excelled when listening back to regular music and movie content. Hard rock music with all highs and lows. It is specially designed to go with gaming only. Gaming with Amio takes gaming to another level. You will get immersed in the sound quality produced by Amio while gaming. At a price you will be paying for Amio, you have to pay double for any other brand headphone with same features. In a small budget, Amio has competed with big brands like Sennheiser and Beats. For $120 you will get a decent higher end sets of computer headphones. It will serve you all purpose. Finding a better headphone near this price will be hard.


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