Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet (Black) Review


Nowadays, everyone loves to buy a multi-functional device. It isn’t surprising since people are getting busier and they just want to ensure that their device can keep up with their lifestyle. One of the most favorite multi-functional devices, especially for fitness enthusiasts, is a smartwatch.

A smartwatch is an upgrade version of the conventional watch where you can track your fitness progress while getting the accurate time and date. Every month, sometimes earlier than that, a new design of smartwatches is being offered to the public. They all look appealing and include amazing features. But the one smartwatch that piques our interest is Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet.

Zeblaze describes their Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet as “open a new way to fitness”.  For a smartwatch enthusiast, this is a bit intriguing. Some might even wonder if Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet really is the revolutionary game changer of all smartwatches. There is only one way to answer that and that is to have firsthand experience with it.

What’s in the box?

In our opinion, unboxing is the most exciting part of the whole experience. This is because this is the part we will finally find out if it exactly looks like as it was advertised in the store or not. Thankfully, Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet didn’t disappoint us. It looks exactly the same as it was described on the store.

When we opened the box we found 1 black smart bracelet, cable, and a multi-language user manual. Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet comes in 3 different colors, but we chose black because it looks classy and versatile to use in any occasion.

*Note: The languages covered are English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil) and Russian.*

Review of Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet

The table below will show you the basic specification of Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet.

WEIGHT 0.0340 kg
LENGTH 125 – 210 mm
MATERIALS Alloy & Silicone
LCD DISPLAY 1.29 Inch, IPS Color Display
BATTERY Polymer lithium battery, 180mAh

OS Compatibility

People have a different preference for smartphone devices. Some enjoy using Android devices while some uses iOS devices. This is the reason we checked first Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet compatibility before making the purchase. This is to ensure that it will work well with our smartphone devices.

Well, good news! Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet are both compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 (or above) smartphone devices. You can sync it by connecting the two devices via Bluetooth 4.0. Once paired, you can immediately monitor your fitness status and statistics.

Materials Used and Design

In terms of durability, Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet will never disappoint you. The body of Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet is rectangular–shaped and constructed with alloy. It also has an aluminum frame that comes in different style and color for an added appeal. To ensure that it will last long, Zeblaze built it with Corning Gorilla Glass. This element protects the smart bracelet from scratches and stuns.

The LCD screen has 1.29 inch IPS Color display and touchscreen operated. This gives the Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet an advantage because it’s very responsive. With just a gentle touch, you can switch to different features of this smart bracelet.

Lastly, you will find a high precision sensor at the bottom part of the main body. This is to ensure that all measurements are accurate.

For Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet strap, it was constructed with silicone material and painted with high-quality Japanese paint. The length of this strap can range from 125 mm to 210 mm and can easily detach from the smart bracelet’s body. So, you can change it to suit your mood or needs.

Unfortunately, there is no extra strap included on the box when you purchased it. But you can easily buy it because they are available in every online and physical store.

Weather Sealing

To complete the durability feature of Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet, Zeblaze applied IP67 waterproof and dustproof technology. With this technology, Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet can withstand being underwater with a deep ranging from 15 cm to 1 m for no more than 30 minutes.

This technology ensures that no matter how much you sweat or even if you accidentally drop it on a pool of water, Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet will still work properly.

Battery Life and Performance

Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet is powered by 180mAh polymer lithium battery. For first time charging, you have to charge it for 5 straight hours. But to succeeding charging, you only have to wait 4 hours.

Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet battery can last up to 7 days for normal use. But it can be lessened depending on how often you use its feature.

Fitness Features

Now for the exciting part the fitness features. This is important because this is where we based our answer to the question we have earlier.

  • Heart Rate Monitor

When we do our daily exercise routine, we have the tendency sometimes to overwork our capabilities. That’s why this heart rate monitor is a big help to ensure our heart’s performance is within our normal rate.

Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet heart rate monitor works by measuring our heart rate while we do our exercise routine. After 10 seconds, we can see the result on our smartphone devices.


  • Pedometer

The pedometer works fine just like any other smartwatches. The only thing that we have noticed while using it is if you sway your hands while walking it counts it as well. So, for a more accurate measurement, you have to keep your hands steady on your side while walking.

  • Sedentary reminder

Everyone, even for fitness enthusiasts, has a lazy day. A day where we want to stay lying on our bed or sitting in a comfortable chair doing nothing. If this day hits you but you have a goal to reach, you can set the sedentary reminder on Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet.

  • Sleep management

Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet isn’t all about tracking our daily activities. It is also helpful in monitoring our sleep at night. So if you are curious about the quality of your sleep, you can use the sleep monitoring of this smart bracelet. The report of the sleep monitoring includes the number of hours you are deeply asleep, how many times you wake up in between and the overall sleep duration.

After gathering all the information, it will determine if you achieve to reach your sleep target which is 8 hours.

Other Functions

Aside from the fitness features, Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet has added other features to make it even more useful. These other functions are stated as follows:

  • Find your phone

Due to our hectic schedule, we usually forgot where we left our phone on. But with the help of this feature, a notification will be sent to your smart bracelet reminding you that you don’t have your phone.

  • Mobile Application

Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet can receive all the notification from your social media, calls and messaging. But before you can receive it all, you have to download an application. You can see the instruction on how you can download it on this smart bracelet’s manual. After you download it, you can immediately customize the notifications.

  • Remote Camera

After successfully syncing this smart bracelet to your smartphone, aside from notification and other functionalities on your smartphone, you can also control the camera.

  • Vibrate alert

The notification alert type for Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet is vibration mode. So you can immediately know when someone is messaging you or tagging you in your social media account.


This is the moment of truth! Does Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet really open a new way to fitness? After our thorough testing and observation, we can answer this as a yes. We answered yes for the following reasons:

  • Comparing Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet to other Zeblaze smart bracelets, we have noticed that it come a long way improvement-wise. Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet was equipped with more advanced technology that makes it both versatile and durable.

  • It is more fashionable than ever! It comes in different styles and colors both for its face and straps. We know that this shouldn’t be a big factor since we’re more into its purpose rather than it looks. But let’s face it this is still a watch that we use for different situations or occasions like work or social gathering. So, we still have to match it with our clothing.

  • Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet can be used by both men and women. So, you can share it with your sibling or friend.

  • Lastly, with all Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet functionalities, it maintains to have a reasonable price without compromising quality.

Overall, Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet is a recommended device to track your fitness progress.



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