Elephone A4 Pro 4G Phablet Review – An Affordable Selfie Device

Elephone A4 Pro 4G Phablet Review - MEDIUM ORCHID

You may have tried for a long time not to take a selfie, but eventually, everybody does. As such, it helps to have in your pocket the best selfie machine on the market. Look into your pocket now, can your smartphone take the best selfies compared to those you see on social media from your friends and followers? If no, you need an upgrade, and we have just the device to replace that mediocre selfies device; the Elephone A4 Pro 4G Phablet.

Elephone A4 Pro 4G Phablet Review - MEDIUM ORCHID

We’re not stuffing this device down your throat, so relax and enjoy how we took turns to experience its offerings through this review. Right off the bat, let’s clear out the fact that the Elephone A4 Pro 4G Phablet is a relatively cheap smart-device compared to others with the same specifications as it possesses.

Unpacking the Elephone A4 Pro Phablet

Inside the box are probably the most basic in the sense of starter kits we’ve noticed. Just the things you need;

Unpacking the Elephone A4 Pro Phablet

  • The phone,
  • A protective case for the rear end of the phone,
  • A Power adapter and USB cable,
  • Sim needle and manual.

One can’t help noticing the attention to detail that the maker of the Elephone A4 Pro invested into this phablet. It just looks and feels right from the very moment you place your hands around its build. The best first impression.

Unpacking the Elephone A4 Pro Phablet

For the impatient reader, here are the most important things to note about the Elephone A4 Pro 4G Phablet.

The Elephone A4 Pro Concept Explained

Come to think of it, there are so many mobile devices you could buy for less than $200 and enjoy features and functions that measure up to the very best devices on the market; if you can do the deep hunt needed – so what makes the Elephone A4 Pro 4G Phablet special? Here’s the deal; value.

Most low tier devices stick to the old principal of you paying for just a little over what they actually give (you know, just to strike a profit). The Elephone A4 Pro 4G Phablet seems not to care how much value over the asking price it provides. You’ll understand shortly!

The Elephone A4 Pro Concept Explained

To properly convey our time spent with the Elephone A4 Pro, we’re going to look closely at the features and specifications one at a time.


Let’s start with how good the Elephone A4 Pro pictures taken through its cameras come out. The front camera comes with 8 Megapixels while the rear side camera boasts double at 16 Megapixels.

front camera a4 pro elephone

The interesting bits are the Autofocus functions that the rear camera comes with. No more blurry pictures that basically just waste storage space and never get posted on social media.

Even though the front camera performs at half the picture clarity and density of the rear twin one, it does have touch focus technology that makes sure each selfie is ‘post-worthy’.

selfie elephone a4 proOther functions you can take advantage of include the panoramic picture, facial detection, and beautification functions/filters.

The screen and display.

The comfortable to hold 5,85-inch screen comes packed with so many goodies you won’t help but smile when you first lay your eyes on it working.

The Elephone A4 Pro Concept Explained

The 1512*720 resolution plays crystal clear video. This makes the Elephone A4 Pro one of the best devices we’ve reviewed yet; both as a functional phone and a multimedia device for use on the go.

Stock with the Android 8.1 Oreo mobile device operating system, this boosts it performs well and beyond other devices in the same market.


There are millions of mobile apps on the Google Play Store that work at the optimal level on the Elephone A4 Pro. This implies that if you’ve used any android device in the past, exporting the apps that you know you cannot pass a day without using as easy as simply logging in with your Google account.

To mention a few, because exhausting the list of things possible would require a much larger writing space, let’s look at the file formats it accepts and some apps that support them.

For document processing, all file types supported by the MS Office mobile app also run by default. This makes it so much easier to update your work files on the go, making you even more productive than with any other smartphone of the same price range.

Scared someone will send you a music file that the phone says is invalid? Not anymore! The Elephone A4 Pro supports up to 8 music file formats; MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR-NB and -WB, Midi, Flac, and VORBIS. We tested these file types on the Elephone A4 Pro and each played smoothly with the bitrates stated on its properties. Impressive stuff.

The same range of compatibility with sound files goes for image compatibility. The Elephone A4 Pro supports pretty much any image type you can throw at it; from PNG to BMP.

You can expect the same with video files too. More interesting nowadays is the fact that most video formats that are playing on mobile devices are derived directly from the internet. This makes it futile to download videos, and easier to stream – something that the Elephone A4 Pro deserves a medal at.

When it comes to region compatibility, the Elephone A4 Pro comes loaded with all the international languages ever to be hardcoded into a smartphone.

Network and Connectivity.

The Elephone A4 Pro supports the fasted network bank to date, the LTE. This doesn’t mean you’ll get sluggish connectivity when you walk into those dark spots that reception seems to always skip. 2G, 3G, and all other wireless technologies make sure you’re always connected to the outer world. That is to say; Bluetooth and Wifi.


  • The Elephone A4 Pro is perhaps the greatest value that a person looking for a beautiful phone can get currently. The pricing is very reasonable compared to the specs and performance figures.
  • The battery life is long. You won’t have to worry about surprise cuts.

Elephone A4 Pro

  • It looks stunning! The smooth all-glass finish that covers the entire mobile device would qualify it for the pageant – if ever there was one for smartphones. It’s hot!

  • It comes with enhances security. The fingerprint sensor on the side makes sure only you can access the things you deem sensitive. We loved that.

A4 Pro LTE

  • The file type support it allows across images, videos, and music makes it the only device one needs for a wide variety of functions. From work to play.


  • The gloss finish makes it vulnerable to damage. Nowadays who wants to go around buying phone parts when some of them cost almost the same as a brand new device.

glass finish a4 pro

  • At just under 190 gram in weight, the Elephone A4 Pro isn’t precisely lightweight.

Final Verdict

Those cons aside, the Elephone A4 convinced even some of our team members to buy one for themselves. And that says a lot for people that are always testing and reviews smart gadgets. It’s also a great gift idea, for any occasion or just because you appreciate someone to them a pretty. A device for both multimedia immersion and some work on the go.

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