Oukitel K8 Review, Run All Day On One Charge

Introducing the Oukitel K8

Perhaps the only thing we’ll collectively miss about the pre-smartphone era will always be how long we could stretch a full charge. Those batteries took ages to drain! It’s not that they were stronger than those we’re currently using, the feature phones we used just didn’t ask that much from them. Tell you what, you don’t have to miss those days any longer; introducing the Oukitel K8 Run All Day On One Charge device.

Great looks Oukitel k8

Considering how some of us use our smartphones from the moment we wake up till we close our eyes late at night, it’s sort of a bold statement – saying it’s still possible to get through the day on a single full charge. How many times do you reach for the smartphone charger in a single day? You’d be lying if you said never; unless you’re already using the Oukitel K8 Run All Day On One Charge smartphone.

Introducing the Sleek Oukitel k8

What makes the Oukitel K8 capable of running for that long on a single charge? Ask no more, we’re spilling the beans. Along with the special architecture, there are tons of refinements that make it worth buying. Let’s go through those that we enjoyed and confirmed during our week-long use-for-review session.

Oukitel K8 Run All Day On One Charge First Impressions.

As interesting as it is to take you through the unboxing ‘ceremony’, more exhilarating is the feelings that are aroused when you first lay hands on the Oukitel K8. It’s a rush! The glass touchscreen at the front coupled with the celluloid paint finish evenly spread over the back gave us that nostalgic feeling like our hands had held the device before. In our dreams maybe. At just the perfect size to not have you spread your fingers out wide to hold it, neither do you have to clinch a fist.

comfortable grip worth advertising oukitel k8

The comfort alone is a selling point that the makers forgot to advertise. What’s more, the ergonomic back finish makes sure the device keeps looking clean, you couldn’t leave your sweaty palm prints on it if you were literally drenched.

Visible features of the Oukitel K8.

At first glance, the shiny front takes the most attention, until you flip it over and see what appears to be two cameras. Wait, what? You read that right, it has two cameras. One can’t help but imagine how their photos will come out. When was the last time you were that much interested in taking photos with a smartphone?

back view oukitel k8

On the sides are the volume adjustment controls and the much smaller power button separate to these. There won’t be any confusing which is which with these controls. Tilting the Oukitel K8 towards you reveals the earphone jack, standard to all the best headphones that work with smartphones.

oukitel k8 camera and earphone jack

A 180-degree flip then shows you where the charger plugin. You won’t really have to read the manual for any of this. To note is that there is no home button; they included that with the digital display. Cool stuff.

And then we switched the Oukitel K8 On!

switch on your oukitel k8

As soon as the booting process ends, which we should mention was relatively short compared to the rest of the devices that we were concurrently testing, the magic begins.

The Oukitel K8’s Screen.

That glass finish we’d admired while the phone was off lit up, showing high-definition graphics that had us drooling with anticipation of the possibilities. The AUO Liquid Crystal Display is furnished with Asahi Glass only made in Japan to provide an exceptional experience each time your thumbs press against the display.

high definition screen of the oukitel k8

Measuring 6 inches diagonally, the Full-HD screen beams images at an impressive resolution of 2160 x 1080. Monstrous numbers for a device of this size. Right on the home screen, before starting up videos or scrolling images, one can’t help but feel the warmth of the display, along with the smooth transition from one app screen to the next.

18:9 ratio screen on the oukitel k8

Like you’d expect us to, we went right into the heavy stuff. Started streaming 4K video content right off the internet, and jaws fell to the floor! The crisp clear display at a portrait ratio of 18:9 (perfect rectangle) does not disappoint at all. Images have never looked this defined and realistic on a mobile device. Let alone one in this price range.

resolution depth oukitel k8


The Oukitel K8’s Camera Experience.

Very little need be said about the camera experience we had with the Oukitel K8; from selfie-action to scene captures, it was satisfactory. The front camera has a 5 Megapixel capture capacity, which when coupled with the camera app’s beautifying filters, brings out how excited you are each time you stretch and strike a pose.

At the back of the device are two, unmistakable glass ‘eyes’ vertically aligned along with a flash lamp. One of the lenses provides 13 megapixels of Sony’s IMX135 architecture. We all know that Sony is amongst the pack that leads the rest when it comes to camera lenses. To compliment that lens is a 2 megapixel one for compound focus when capturing images. Think of it this way – who sees better, someone with a single eye, or another watching from a set of two? You’ll not miss an angle when capturing moments with these two on the Oukitel K8.

Oukitel K8’s Memory, Storage Capacity, and Performance Review

large memory and great performance oukitel k8

The most interesting metric when considering the performance of the Oukitel K8 is that it has 4Gb of RAM. That’s more than the phones expected to do loads of work actually require. So imagine what loads the Oukitel K8 can take when multitasking. We tested this out and had twenty apps simultaneously using the MediaTek MT6750T Octa-Core Processor (again more than you’d actually need), and the transition between apps in the background was seamless.

As far as storage is concerned, the 64Gb that come stock with the Oukitel K8 would be perfect for storing really important content. If not, there is always the option of expanding to a whopping 256Gb with a memory card. Given that most users of the Oukitel K8 will be taking high-quality videos with the camera, this amount of storage space allows you to enjoy portable movie-record sessions with your friends that make life so much more fun.

Playing Games on the Oukitel K8

With the Oukitel K8, you won’t have to check if your device and game are compatible before installing off the play store. The Android 8 Oreo and hardware that comes stock with the device guarantee long enjoyable hours even with games that have PC-level graphics and gameplay mechanics.

playing games on the oukitel k8

If you’re planning to use the Oukitel K8 as a multimedia device, then you’re in line to be satisfied every other day after the purchase. While playing sound on mobile devices enough to enjoy is something every maker still has a long way to work on, the sound quality (without headphones) of the Oukitel K8 is somewhat satisfactory. That said, you should boost the enjoyment of either your gaming or music listening sessions with good sets of sound devices.

The Huge Battery in Oukitel K8

All the above tests, on day one, were conducted before we even plugged the phone in for a charge. One would have thought the claim that you can go for a full day without the need for a charge are things that the marketing guys came up with, but really it stands true.

huge battery life oukitel k8

At 5000mAh, a battery capacity that dwarfs most other major brands on the market, the Oukitel K8 guarantees the longest usage times between full-recharge cycles. Not only does it mean more talk time, but if you’re just a regular user, you can stretch over 300 hours with the phone on standby.

big battery oukitel k8

That’s close to two weeks! By this time other devices will require hours on the cable just to come back to life.


  • The battery has a seriously long life. You could fly around the world listening to music before the battery goes out. (hypothetically of course).

long lasting battery

  • The Oukitel K8 is a beautifully build smartphone.

smooth beautiful oukitel k8

  • Security wise, the phone has facial recognition and touchscreen. James Bond type of security.

tight security oukitel k8

  • Great camera performance guaranteed to bring out your best angles in every picture.

great picture quality oukitel k8

  • The processor is a beast! Hi-Def graphics demanding games run smoothly.
  • It’s one of the cheapest phones with these kinds of performance numbers. A rare find.


Honestly, we’re still to come across these.

Our Verdict on the Oukitel K8

How does one hate the high-definition graphics media playing capabilities than last for more than a day without the need for a charger? That from a device that looks as good as it performs. We wonder.

Unbox the Oukitel K8 Today

The Oukitel K8 makes a great main gadget due to the long battery life, but even if you’re in love with your current phone, how about having a backup guaranteed to be on whenever you’re in trouble and need to make that all important phone call.


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