Oittm AirPods Charging Dock Review

Oittm AirPods Charging Dock

After the arrival of Apple iPhone 7, the generation of the 3.5m jack is over for Apple users. If you are have already bought Apple iPhone 7 and have Airpods with you, this review is for you. Oittm AirPods Charging Dock comes as an elegant charging solution for AirPods. This a third party accessory that designed to go with Apple AirPods.

Ottim has revealed a very sleek and expensive looking charging dock for Apple AirPods. Ottim looks very nice sitting on your desk. It blends really well with the design of Apple AirPods as a result charging case give the feel of any other Apple product only. It manages itself well in regarding keeping it as a unique and different approach. In this review, we will look at the specs, design, and features of the Oittm AirPods Charging Dock.

Oittm AirPods Charger 1


The design of Oittm AirPods Charging Dock features a shiny white plastic surface with a mix of grey tone to make it look feast to eyes. It has a subtle yet elegant design. Oittm AirPods Charging Dock is made of high-quality ABS plastic and has aluminium body internally. It has given a polished, elegant and durable framework by Oittm. The inner part of the charging station is made up of 100% environmental silicon to avoid scratching of the AirPods and steadily holding the charging case.

Oittm AirPods Charger 3

The dock of the Oittm AirPods Charger is really impressive. It is designed and pulled altogether in a way that we will love it. The dock is made up of high-quality rubber, silicon and aluminium alloy. The rubber bottom holds the Oittm charging dock and keeps it from moving around the desk. The rubber grip gets attached to the surface and because of that, it prevents itself from scratching or moving from here and there. On the white body of Oittm AirPods Charger “Ottim” is stamped along with LED indicators that looks very cool.


The packaging of Oittm AirPods charging dock is rather straightforward. You will get a simple cardboard box. Once you opened the box, you will get the Oittm Dock surrounded by cardboard cutouts to prevent it from getting the slip and get damage. Other that Oittm Dock you will also get a user manual with warranty information. Using Oittm Dock is very simple you have to unwrap the USB cable from the bread tie and plug it.

Oittm AirPods Charger 4

It can be used with either a power adapter for the wall or plug it directly into your PC or laptop. A green light will appear on the front of Ottim Dock where it is inscribed with Ottim name. If the Oittm was written on the back of charging dock then it may look better because in that case, we can have a clear front.

Once the green light is on it means it started getting power. After that, you have to place your AirPods into the TPU protected scratch free silicon case layer and push it down. The green light will turn into red and start charging AirPods. There is an option if you want to charge the Ottim Dock or with AirPods altogether. Once the AirPods are fully charged the light will turn back to green colour.

Perfect Charging Solution for AirPods Case 

Oittm AirPods Charging Dock is best suited for travelling as it is rechargeable. And you don’t have to rely on power sources for charging. A 2.4A built-in lightning cable powers it. The charging unit draws 5V and charges AirPods quickly and quietly. Oittm Docks charges Airpods within an hour from 0% to 100%.

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  • Easily Docks your Airpods for charging with the built-in lightning cable.
  • LED indicator to show the Charging Status.
  • Anti Slip rubber mats hold the bottom of Oittm Dock and enhance its stability.
  • Compact in size and easy to carry while travelling and daily use.
  • Rechargeable and Fast Charging.


  • Attached cable rather than removable cable.
  • Logo in the front.
  • The weight makes is hard to carry.

Oittm AirPods Charger 7


The only complaint we get about the Oittm Dock is because of its undetachable cable. The loose wire allows you to shorten or increase the length depending on your need. Oittm AirPods Charging Dock is an item that will be of great convenience and use for you. In price, you will get a rechargeable charger that is affordable and made up of high-quality materials. Charging the AirPods will be safe, fast and extremely comfortable. The Oittm Dock will fit very well on your desk reducing the clutter of wire and keep you stay organizes. Oittm has created a luxury item that will inevitably become viral for those who are fussy about wire and chargers taking over there workplace.


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