KingWear KW99 Review, An Affordable Smartwatch Phone With Tons of Features


The new era is bringing in more smartwatches than the conventional watches and seizing the popularity of the products in the market today, every tech company almost, has started to make its own line of smartwatches. King Wear is one such company that has created quite a niche for itself among the new entrants of Smart watchmakers. The parent company, KingWear Intelligent Technology was incepted in 2012 and since then, the company only has an upward trend of growth. After launching a line of high-end Android devices, the company is now shifting towards the smartphone sector. Today we’ll be reviewing the KingWear KW99, a Smartwatch Phone.

KingWear KW99 Review

The KingWear KW99 Review

  • The display and outlook

The body of the KingWear KW99 is made of refined steel which is responsible for providing it the light-weightedness. Compared to the predecessor which was the KW98, this one is slightly extra rugged, has a wide bezel and is in overall, slimmer. Coming to the display, the viewing angles associated with the 1.39 Inch, HD Display with AMOLED are large. The resolution of 286 PPI gives makes viewing small digits inside it very easy and the leather strap, with which it is bound, provides for a comfortable and stylish wear.

KingWear KW99 Review

Behind the screen, the KingWear KW99 has a sensor that detects the heart rate. It also comes with a slot for plugging in a 3G sim and a power connector to charge the watch. There are two buttons on the body, the power button and the other, the home button.

KingWear KW99 Review
Heart Rate monitor
  • What is the hardware?

The stylish looking watch packs as much power under its hood thanks to its MTK680 bearing a 4 core processor each with a frequency of 1.33 GHz. With a RAM of 512 MB, it is easily one of the most powerful watches on the market. With WIFI ability, Bluetooth, social media notifications and alarm, the watch can do all that a phone can do. The operating system with which it is built is Android 5.1 which means that you can use the good old play-store even in there!

KingWear KW99 Review

  • The all-important battery life

There is no use of the eclectic features if your smartwatch does not have a good battery. The KingWear KW99 provides a standby capacity of lasting for 2 days when the battery is full. Although the battery is non–removable, it is well – protected inside the steel shell and packs 400mAh inside it.

  • What else does it have?

The maximum network connectivity supported by the smartwatch is the 3G which in turn supports the GSM and WCDMA. With the anti – lost system built in, it is easy to track your smartwatch when it is not with you.

KingWear KW99 Review

Also, the built-in Android operating system functions in multiple languages including, English, Mandarin, Hindi, Bengali, German and French. It is a perfect instrument for people looking to operate the mini phone on the wrist in their mother tongue.

KingWear KW99 Review

Additionally, the watch has a video playback option and MP3 support stream. It includes all the basic apps available in a standard Android phone such as the Calendar, Browser, Notifications and Voice Recorder.

What comes in the package?

  • The watch with the battery fit-in.
  • An instruction manual printed in English
  • A screen protector
  • A charging USB cable

Pros and Cons of buying the KingWear KW99


  • AMOLED Display provides larger viewing angles and bright display
  • The processor ensures performance without lag in everyday usage
  • Long lasting battery for up to 2 days
  • Can support both the Android and the iOS
  • Does not need to link with any smartphone to operate


  • Absence of camera
  • Can’t support external storage devices
  • Not resistant to water and dust

The verdict

Whether you love sports watches or fall for the classic ones, the KW99 covers it all. It can be a limited – usable smartphone tied to your wrist and if you are not a camera fanatic, you will enjoy the advantages it packs in. Most importantly, it is not heavy on the pocket!

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