Macaw Tx-90: Beautiful high quality Bluetooth headset


Domestic headset brand MacaW recently released a mid-end neck-mounted Bluetooth headset TX90 with a price of 399 yuan. Bluetooth specification is 4.1, equipped with Qualcomm CSR8645 chip, support aptX, waterproof level up to ipx7. It is worth mentioning that the Macaw TX-90 realizes the luminous logo through advanced processing technology. Moreover the unique unit flipping technology has achieved breakthrough high sound quality in the same cavity space. How is it?



White box + transparent plastic cover, some simple English logo, very beautiful.


Support aptX


The TX-90 has launched three colors: red, blue and black. The evaluation prototype is black. The physical feeling is still ok.


The back is in English, with no Chinese characters.


The Macaw TX-90 weight 45g, this data contrast with love wave W1 (29g), Yatian B6 (26g), Sony WI-C400 (35g) and millet collar Bluetooth headset (40g) are biased.

In my personal experience, the neck-mounted Bluetooth headset is best controlled at around 30g. Unless it is to achieve a certain special performance (such as WI-1000X that exceeds 60g). The general principle is “the lighter, the better.” The 150mAh battery is still very good. It is relatively large capacity, 350 hours of standby is also very atractive. Charging time is 2.5 hours, usually.


Build Quality:

The TX-90 is made of a particular “liquid silicone” material in the neck.

Regarding “liquid silicone”, quote a paragraph from Baidu Encyclopedia: “Liquid silica gel is a relatively solid high-temperature vulcanised silicone rubber. It is a liquid glue. It has good fluidity, fast vulcanisation, safer and more environmentally friendly, and can fully meet food grade requirements. Liquid silicone has excellent tear strength, resilience, yellowing resistance, thermal stability and heat ageing resistance, and is mainly used in children’s products, medical supplies and electronic products (buttons).”

This material is made into a collar. The feel is indeed a “soft bullet”. It is too “soft” and too “bomb”, and the collar is thicker and visually like a black worm. In addition, on a rough basis, this collar is still “cylinder”-like, and it always feels not enough to fit on the neck.

However, the advantage is that the storage is convenient, even if it is so thick, throwing can be circled into two rings, and then in your hand, as shown above.



The bag that comes with the bag is very good. Obviously it is more grade than the accessories of ELECOM HPC21.


Although the head is relatively large, it can still be easily stuff into the bag. The storage aspect is indeed better than the neck-mounted headphones that many collars are difficult to “reform”. It is bound to be convenient to go out.



The TX-90’s headphone cable extends from the front end of the collar. This solution is actually not right. It is more popular now that the headphone cable extends from the middle of the collar to shorten the distance between the collar and the ear. It is also visually more straightforward and more concise.

Like the Sony first-generation collar headset EX750BT is the Macaw TX-90 design. However the new generation model WI-H700 has been changed to the middle of the collar on both sides of the line.

However, observing the collar structure of the Macaw TX-90, I feel that it is impossible to “lead” in the middle, so, … just like this.


The buttons seem to be electroplated, silvery white, and the bumps are apparent. The handle is not bad. Moreover, the texture of the button and the silver-white “round hoop” on both sides of the collar against each other, also achieved a better overall aesthetic.


In order to facilitate the storage of the headphone cable, a rubber “clip” has been specially put up to bind the two lines, similar to the Sony EX750BT.


The earplugs were also have electroplating, and they looked so delicate and bright.


The earmuffs and shark fins at the front of the cavity are completely integrate into one another. Which is different from most Bluetooth in-ear headphones (the earmuffs are earmuffs, and the shark fins are shark fins).


I took the earmuffs and noticed that there was a pressure relief hole at the top, and what surprised me, even more, was the design of the front cavity…


The official “flip-chip” design, the response is the same in the external structure. It is not too good to say that this work is complete.

Looking back at this cavity without a “sound tube”, it feels fantastic.


There are two “holes” on the inside of the right control panel, the MIC on the left and the charging indicator on the right. It displays red while charging and is fills in blue.

The life of the Macaw TX-90 is excellent, 12 hours (the experience will be shorter). Generally speaking, Bluetooth audio products, in the case of going out, 6 hours is enough, can reach 12 hours, it is even better.

Bluetooth connection: long press for 3 seconds to boot, long press for 6 seconds to start the connection, the connection process is smooth, fast

Latency: Online video, some movies or TV shows can feel delayed or ahead. Audio playback is normal.

While wearing there was no discomfort in the ear. When going out for a quick walk, there is a certain sense of falling, mainly because the collar is too thick and heavy, and the two “tents” of the neck are not tight enough. Once a large deformation is a touch, the entire collar will have ” The trend of the word “type”. These are the conditions that occur under the more violent action, but for the ordinary use of everyday is ok.


In general, under the premise of IPX7 waterproof, TX-90 is not so suitable for more intense sports, I think it is a pity. However, the official did not think about the main “sports”. In my analysis, it is characterize by the sound quality and the luminous logo, which is its core competitiveness.

Of course, the illuminated logo is not advise to look too close. It is not a uniform “breathing” of each letter, but a small light that illuminates in the earbuds and illuminates four letters. However, due to the large range of light exposure (diameter is close to 1cm), in the case of cloudy weather, taking it out will definitely lead to a “return rate.” At the age of 35, this sense of fashion is also worthy of praise. It is perfect to do. It is worth buying beautiful people who are fond of “colour”. Meizu is not out of a 900-red laser Bluetooth headset, sales are outstanding. Moreover, if something does not happen suddenly, Macaw TX-90 is estimates to have good sales.


In fact, playing “light effect” is a fashion trend in the audio circle in recent years. Both JBL and SONY have launched products that will shine. However, all of the speakers, the earplugs can shine, and I know what I know now.


Sound quality:

The Bluetooth transmitters for testing include the Nut Pro phone, the VAIO Z series laptop, and the Sony F886 Walkman. Of these three machines, only the F886 supports aptX, but after a lap, the VAIO Z notebook is the best Bluetooth. At the transmitting end, the sound quality is excellent. I even think that under this system, the sound quality of the Pulse Song Macaw TX-90 is very close to the Tongue EM2 tested a while ago. I realised my favourite sound: transparent, feminine, thick and not stuffy, it is very similar to the HIFI-class in-ear headphones. This incident also made me sigh for a long time.

The second best sound quality is with the F886 Walkman. The F886 is the one that I have contacted from hundreds to thousands of players. This time is not bad, just not as broad and dense as VAIO laptops.

The third sound quality is the phone with a nut pro. The music is very good, but I can feel the weak sense of information between the two devices during Bluetooth transmission. However, even so, it is excellent.



Compared with the Tianlong C260 (158 yuan), there is a definite win. Low-frequency strength, volume, medium-frequency thickness, density, high-frequency dynamics, and volume sense all have better performance. Compared with 299 yuan ELECOM HPC21, Macaw TX-90’s low-frequency sense is more moderate, tri-band control is better, the full-range resolution has better performance, especially high-frequency layering, and HPC21 does not achieve the degree of detail. HPC21 looks a bit too “rushing”, not suitable for relatively elegant, HIFI some recordings or music.

Compared with the Japanese brand new brand NUARL NB10R2 (about 600 yuan), the Macaw TX-90 density is slightly inferior, the elasticity is not as good as NB10R2, and the rest of the rough listening is comparable, and under the vast compilation of music, Macaw TX-90 listens to it. Better than the NB10R2, the details are beautifully presents itself, the resolution is clear, and the transparency is excellent.

With the nut pro phone, compared to the SHUER SE215, Macaw TX-90 high-frequency separation is better. However, the intermediate frequency is relatively thin (after all, Bluetooth), the rest of the frequency band (tone) is close. Because of the high-frequency analysis slightly over SE215, and the sound has Resilience. I feel that many songs are even more beautiful than the SE215, and they have a clear sense of freshness and are never rigid.

In a way, the Macaw TX-90 is better than some of the 200 to 400 yuan wired earbuds I have ever imagined. Unless it is indeed “true”, this sound quality is already very advance in the “Bluetooth” in-ear product.

In short, if the Bluetooth in-ear headphones are recommended in the name of sound quality, the TX-90 of the dynamic structure of the pulse song is very recommendable.


Advantages: High quality (high-frequency resolution) and high music sense get realise in the Bluetooth headset. Usually such headphones will have a perfect sense of music, but the quality can hear the defects.

The glowing breathing light logo is more fun. It will naturally enhance the sense of fashion, and can even be use temporarily as a “lighting tool”. The overall workmanship is in line with the price setting, and the collar hanging neck looks better. Life is more than 10 hours. Support aptX, incredible ipx7 waterproof.

Disadvantages: The shape is slightly cumbersome, not suitable for sports use, the back of the collar is thicker, and the use of summer may give people a feeling of “dry heat”. It seems that there are no more earmuffs, only one pair, I don’t know why it is an individual reason. Alternatively, this is the case. The charging port is not cover by rubber skin, which may affect waterproof and dustproof.


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