Bakeey A42P Review- Your Child’s Protective Companion


The greatest challenge as a parent, probably, is keeping track of your kids. Fortunately, technology brings you a practical way to always remotely monitor your child and ensure that they are always safe in Bakeey A42P kids’ smartwatch. It is a cool and trendy smartwatch that has been installed with helpful apps such as GPS to assist you in tracking your kid any time you need to. Don’t expect any high-end specs; this unit is built simply to suit the needs of the little ones. The company went to the drawing board and kept some of what people love while implementing newer technology making this unit a masterpiece in its own right. At just a touch of the screen, your precious kid can make an emergency call to you and notify if there is imminent danger. This is one apt device for kids.

Bakeey A42P Features


Bakeey A42P Remote Monitor Children kids smartwatch keeps the kid away from boredom with a number of exceptional features created specifically for young ones. The solid NTK processor ensures the system gets sufficient oomph for all your child’s ordinary day-to-day tasks. It comes with a micro sim card slot with GSM support so you can call or text with this adorable piece.

Bakeey A42P Remote Monitor Children kids smartwatch supports HD 2-way conversation which is more dependable communication since you and your bundle of joy can keep in touch whenever. Your kids will get to chat with their friends and family and set voice messages with their circle of friends keeping them connected and entertained. Your child will also capture their favorite memorable moments with the included camera.

Bakeey A42P ReviewBakeey A42P Review.Bakeey A42P ReviewBakeey A42P Review

Functional features

This particular smartwatch is packed with practical features that ensure your lovely little one gets the most out of their handy gadgets. The  LBS location feature allows you to locate the child instantly whenever they decide to venture outdoors. You can install the DOWEAR app and conveniently control the device from your smartphone for enhanced remote tracking. From the app, you can set the watch to only display the time if you wish to limit your kid’s access to the other features. The Bakeey A42P Remote Monitor Children kids smartwatch provides for an alarm clock, this builds the time keeping concept for your kid. For instance, a parent can simply set a simple reminder for the child to take their meds at noon.

Bakeey A42P ReviewBakeey A42P Review

Bakeey A42P ReviewBakeey A42P Review


Design and Safety

Your child will love the sleek and stylish that is sure to shine in the spotlight. The Bakeey A42P Remote Monitor Children kids smartwatch is lightweight at 38g and comfortable to wear. You child can wear it all day without feeling weighted down or uncomfortable.

In case of emergency, the watch has an emergency feature from contacts or SOS, so your child can immediately dial for help. The flashlight ensures you bright lighting on their way in case of darkness find the child out. The materials used to construct this handy gadget are free from BPA and other harmful chemicals. This makes it safe for your kid in the case put the smartwatch in their mouth. The screen is also low in Blu-ray emission hence safe for the eyes.

Bakeey A42 ReviewBakeey A42 Review


Bakeey A42P kids smartwatch offers a vivid capacitive TFT HD touchscreen for clear display and easy navigation of the menu. It is a breeze to use and easy for the kid to navigate and operate on their own. The HD screen produces crisp pictures with lifelike details that almost pop out at you when you stare at them.

Bakeey A42 ReviewBakeey A42 Review

Material and Durability

Bakeey A42P Remote Monitor Children kids’ smartwatch is a pleasant blend of fashion meets function with a solid build. The silicone straps are designed durable and easy to clean therefore no worry when the kid is playing outdoors. They are also lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. The straps are breathable and well ventilated ensuring a snuggle fit. The watch is durable and waterproof in deep waters meaning swimming, running or a shower shouldn’t be a reason enough for the kid to remove the watch.

Bakeey A42 ReviewBakeey A42P Review


The long-lasting 550mAh powerful polymer lithium battery was created to hold up for long hours of intense use. You will love the low battery alarm that saves your child the disappointment and disgrace of your kids’ smartwatch dying in the middle of a task. The quick charge capability means your child won’t have to wait for hours before leaving the house with their watch. You will get a USB cable that allows you as a parent to upload useful content and learning the material of your choice.

Bakeey A42 Review Bakeey A42 Review Bakeey A42 Review Bakeey A42P Review


  • Fast positioning lets you locate the kids in no time.
  • Strange numbers that are not in the contacts are automatically intercepted for safety.
  • The mobile App disables during class time to allow for maximum concentration.
  • There are multiple colors to match your child’s taste and preferences.


  • The battery may not last long enough during intense use.

What comes in the package.

  • Bakeey A42P Remote Monitor Children kids smartwatch.
  • USB cable.
  • User manual.

 Bakeey A42P ReviewBakeey A42P Review


If you have children, the last thing you want is seeing them playing on your personal phone.  Your important files may be under threat of being deleted and the components damaged by the destructive little ones. The Bakeey A42P Remote Monitor Children kids smartwatch is an ideal solution to keeping them quietly entertained. It includes entertaining and educative features that help in your child’s development.

This watch certainly meets its praise. It rates highly for the powerful processor, practical features, and a nice screen that make it enjoyable to use. The stylish and colorful construction adds a strong fashion statement to your child’s outfit. It commands respect and certainly makes a kid feel bright, it’s a must get. So, if you haven’t yet opted for a smartwatch for your child, it is high time you opt for the Bakeey A42P Remote Monitor Children kids smartwatch.

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