Adonit Pro 3 Review : No More Mistakes With Adonit Pro 3

Adonit Pro 3

The 90’s timers will recall that there was a time when mobile devices used to have switches to operate them. Finger touch interface has come after a long time. There was a time when mobile devices with 5-inch screen were considered significant. However, as we enter in the year 2018, the era of bezel-less and infinity display has started. Now even in a mid-range smartphone, you can a get an 18:9 ratio screen and 6 inches big display. Devices having a more prominent display and extra screen space doesn’t always mean there will be more simple usage scenario. The phones, tablets and every touchscreen devices have optimized for our fingers over the last decade. Today every touchscreen device has capacitive touchscreen technology which senses electrostatic field and uses our fat finger for operating. However, with the entry of, Adonit Pro 3 lot of things are going to change.

Adonit Pro 3

We can operate the capacitive touchscreen devices by our fingers only. There are still many people out there including Professionals who are using styluses for content creation. For using the capacitive screen with a stylus, you need a specially designed capacitive stylus. Adonit has long been one of the most successful makers for the capacitive touchscreen styluses. The Adonit Pro 3 is specially designed to use with phones and tablets running on Android or iOS. Adonit Pro 3 features unusually precise PixelPoint tip, a substantial premium metal body with fine grip. The Adonit Pro 3 PixelPoint precision accuracy best suited for highlighting texts, doodling, drawing and besides leaving your screen free from scratches and greasy fingertips.

Packaging and Design

The Adonit Pro 3 comes in a simple cardboard box with multiple cushions to support it while traveling and to avoid any mishap. It comes in a dark grey color cylinder color, other colors available to choose from are silver, dark blue and rose gold. The Adonit Pro 3 features a Targus stylus 50mm long rubber grip at the front. The Targus styluses have a large rounded rubber tip for more comfortability and longtime use. The Adonit Pro 3 is a metal tube with 126 mm in length and 8mm in diameter. So holding the device is same as a pen.

Adonit Pro 3

The cap of stylus protects the high precision tip of the device. The cap is made up of very light material, and you can keep the cap at the back of pen while using. To keep the cap in place magnets are used and they stick to the overall metal body. The cap can feel like wobbly sometimes, but it will never come off accidentally while using the stylus.

Adonit Pro 3 4

The Adonit Pro 3 is a luxury looking stylus, one of the best we have ever seen and used. The colors of every stylus are classy and refined. With the rubberized bar providing a comfortable and stable grip. Moreover, the aluminum barrel with stainless steel details looks stylish and sleek. The aluminum stylus has a build in the clip so you can carry it quickly and safely.



One of the best parts about Adonit Pro 3 is the fact that it can use with every touchscreen devices available in the market. There is no need for Bluetooth pairing or continuously charging for the device.  Zero moving or electronic parts present inside the stylus you have to take it out and use it, with no shortage of cheap pointing devices available on various websites but the accuracy you will be getting with Adonit Pro 3 is unmatchable. Furthermore, Adonit with its R&D has converted styluses into a stylish accessory for any phone, tablet or any other touchscreen devices.

Adonit Pro 3 5

From the looks, Adonit Pro 3 looks like a simple ballpoint Pen only with a metal point and a small ball on end. For the testing purpose, we have used the Adonit Pro 3 on a wide range of devices including HP slate 7, Android tablet, Microsoft Surface Pro, HP split, touchscreen laptops, Android smartphones every touchscreen devices which we get to lay our hands on. On the iPad, we tried withdrawing applications like Procreate, SketchBook Inc, AutoDesk, Adobe Photoshop. The capacitive stylus work in an excellent manner on every device we tested with and produced quality results.

Features & specifications

Over the year we have tried many capacitive styluses with our iPad and Android tablets for various purposes like drawing and writing. With only a few exceptions they have been pretty similar, and Adonit Pro 3 is also on our exception list. The Adonit are manufacturing styluses from way back in 2011. Since time company has learned a lot and that we can see from the Adonit Pro 3.

The metal ball act as a universal joint to small 7mm diameter clear plastic disk. The disk can rotate 360 degrees and curve in any angle about 45 degrees from the vertical. While using the stylus, the disc must lie flat on the screen. The screen only picks up the signal from the inner part of circle plastic disk giving you the PixelPoint precise point. The transparent disk allows you to see what you’re doing without missing out a single detail. The plastic disk of Adonit Pro 3 slides smoothly and silently across all of the glass touchscreens.

Adonit Pro 3 6

While using Adonit Pro 3, we found that its a cut above rest. Without using any power sources, it helps in writing fine lines due to the narrow tip. It is better suited for professionals who are working on drawing and sketching. You can do fine details with patience, but with broader strokes and larger screen, it gives the best result. The only thing which lacks on Adonit Pro 3  is palm rejection and pressure sensitivity. You have to work with full dedication and attention as its very easy to start rotating the screen or smudging work if your hands accidentally touch the screen.

Adonit Pro 3: The Good and The Bad 

The Good

  • The rubberized grip and textured surface for enhanced grip and long hours work.
  • Protective metal cap Clear disk improves visibility.
  • Compatible with all touchscreen devices.
  • Looks stunning.
  • Unique tip design is excellent for detailed line work or writing.

The Bad 

  • No pressure sensitivity.
  • No shortcut buttons.
  • Tapping sound is noticeable in quiet areas.

Adonit Pro 3 7


The precision tip and clear disk provide the benefits to Adonit Pro 3. It is impossible to draw two lines with a millimeter distance between them, but it can be achieved using Adonit Pro 3. The solid stylus can be used for both writing and drawing purposes. It works well enough while taking notes or for sketching. The bottom line Adonit Pro 3 is the best stylus you can get for illustration and precision line, along with an affordable price tag too. If you’re out there on the hunt for a good stylus for your large touchscreen device, Adonit Pro 3 is the answer.




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