Leagoo Z6 Review: The Ultra-Cheap Yet Functional Phone

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If you’ve ever wondered how much more productive you’d be without the “attention magnet” of a smartphone that you currently use, the Leagoo Z6 is what your subconscious was yearning for. We’ve all had that feeling, despite how reliable the fancy mobile assistants we keep close at heart can get, sometimes simple does it.

leagoo z6 review

We decided to not only scratch the itch for a simpler mobile device and went on to procure the Leagoo Z6. Just to see if life could be made simpler by having a simple, yet functional mobile device. Very few of us were as eager to downsize, but as we went on with the experiment, things got really interesting. Read on!

Introducing the Leagoo Z6 Smartphone.

Yes, it is a smartphone; at the lower end of the vertical spectrum of mobile devices. The definition of a smartphone has a lot of space and luckily the Leagoo Z6 fits well within the boundaries. We’ll take you through the features and hardware specifications of the device before revealing our findings from the experiment.

Unboxing the Leagoo Z6 – First impressions

The Leagoo Z6 fits snug in its packaging, allowing only for the bare minimum of accessories to be included with the purchase. These are; the device itself, a plastic protective case, a charger with detachable USB connector for data transfers, and a manual of a few pages.

opening the box leagoo z6


The first thing you’ll notice upon placing your hands on the Leagoo Z6 is that it is completely built from plastic. Economics at play. It weighs around 150g with the battery, roughly a centimeter thick and 14,3 x 7,2 cm for length and width respectively. It’s a small device, though a bit on the thick side of the dimensions scale.

unboxing the leagoo z6

As is the ritual, we switched it on immediately.

Running on Android 6, one can’t help notice the reduced performance level compared to high tier smartphones running on the latest OS version. That doesn’t mean you can’t do things with the device. It comes with the following apps pre-installed;

leagoo z6 switched on

  • The default Android Audio Player,
  • The Google Play Store for more apps,
  • Google Maps and Google Navigation apps,
  • A handy Flashlight,
  • A simple email client,
  • The Android stock Clock, Stopwatch, and World clock,
  • E-book reader,
  • The regular calendar we all love,
  • A calculator in case you want to compute some figures,
  • Notebook,
  • The default Browser,
  • FM Radio and Sound Recorder

great sound on the leagoo z6

At the price that it’s currently going at, that level of simplicity is probably worth it. Don’t forget the experiment.

The Display

The screen bit of the hardware is glass and offers an 854×480 resolution. Who needs 4K image quality when going for fewer distractions, right? For a 5-inch size screen, that’s sort of the bare minimum specs to still be usable and not irritate the user after negotiating quality with the hardware inside; we’ll get in there in a moment.


This is a great display for texting, reading emails, and other basic tasks (that people trying to keep their hands off their phone would appreciate). You wouldn’t be playing heavy graphics games on the Leagoo Z6. We tried, there is a ceiling right where the fun begins. From our perspective anyway. Still, it packs potential should the occasional gaming be required. Some titles thrive even on low-end devices.

The Leagoo Z6’s Cameras

With two cameras, on either side of the phone, you can take selfies as well as hold video call sessions with your friends and family. The rear camera provides a clarity of 5 megapixels, while the front-facing one stops at a resolution of 2 megapixels.

the Leagoo z6 cameras

Both cameras support flash, making for better image quality than their thresholds indicate. Also awesome about these cameras is the fact that you can actually record video at 720p. That’s respectable for a phone in this price pool. The issue with pictures is not only hinged on the number of megapixels anyway, there are so many filters and apps on the Play Store to fix up images before posting on social media platforms.

The Leagoo Z6 Usability Test

Back to the experiment; can one live a more productive life after adopting the Leagoo Z6 as their main communication device? Well, that depends on how active one is on various social media platforms because the Leagoo Z6 supports them all! From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, to WeChat. You name it. If Android supports the social media app, it will run on this device.

usability leagoo z6

While those are points on the ease of use end of the usability test, it nullifies the premise that someone will become less distracted if they purchase the Leagoo Z6. Supporting over 10 languages, including all internationally recognized tongues, also awards the Leagoo Z6 with valuable points worth putting on the scoreboard.

An Overview of The Hardware Inside The Leagoo Z6

Memory – The Leagoo Z6 smartphone has a RAM of 1Gb and onboard memory of 8Gb that you have the option to extend up to 8Gb using a MicroSD card. Again keeping the horde on the low.

memory of the leagoo z6

CPU – A MediaTek MT6580 Quad-Core processor pulls the strings, working at a respectable 1.3GHz frequency. The 32-bit architecture also has a Mali 400MP graphics dual-core system that renders resolution on the rather robust Dragontrail Glass screen.

hardware specs of the leagoo z6

The performance benchmarking figures produced by the Leagoo Z6 are attributed to the hardware specifications described above. It is well worth mentioning at this stage that they are somewhat surprising given the numbers on the receipt.

Making Calls With The Leagoo Z6

Like any other smartphone, the Leagoo Z6 relies on tower signal to communicate with other devices, although it only picks up 2G and 3G band frequencies for calls. Being a dual Sim device is a plus, making it more than capable of keeping you in touch with your friends should you ever need to call them.

It does support WiFi connectivity, along with Bluetooth and GPS for navigation.

Battery Life

Perhaps the sharpest selling point of the Leagoo Z6 is the battery performance. With an impressive talk time of 24 hours (more than a day’s worth!), and a standby stretch of just under a week at 6 days, that means you don’t have to reach for the charger every now and then as with other top-tier smartphones.

leagoo z6 battery life

The removable battery has a capacity of 2000mAh. You could accessorize and get another one as a backup for the times you’re far from a power source for long, but the performance alone implies a spark each time you press the on button.

Let’s evaluate our findings


  • Compact yet has features that one can live by on a day-to-day basis,
  • Very reasonably priced,
  • Supports the same technologies as expensive phones,
  • The battery life is impressive,
  • Very practical.


  • Cannot be used as an entertainment device due to its low-end specifications,
  • The plastic build makes it vulnerable to all sorts of damage,
  • The cameras are of low-quality resolution

back camera leagoo z6

Our Final Verdict on The Leagoo Z6

If you’re looking for the entry device into the Android Sphere, this is the phone to buy. Not only would it be reasonable to buy it based on the low price tag, it has all the basic functionalities as stock apps, while you can extend usability through the Google Play Store.

final verdict leagoo z6


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