Quelima G60 Baby Monitor Security Camera Review

Quelima G60 Baby Monitor Security Camera Review

No one can imagine how insecure living in a world without cameras would be. With the G60 baby monitor camera in your home, business or office, you will end up noticing a lot more than you expect. All users can agree that the Quelima G60 will help to relieve their worries and assure them that the baby is safe even if they are not right by their side. With the Quelima G60, you will be able to hear when your baby wakes up or cries which is a huge relief. And not just that, you can still use this unit to monitor your home, business, office among others.


The Quelima G60 comes wrapped in a sturdy box that keeps the content protected. Inside you will find:

  • The Quelima G60 camera.
  • 700 mAh power bank.
  • USB cable.
  • Europe standard adapter.
  • User’s manual.

Design and Construction

Many at times cheap is expensive but this is not the case with the Quelima G60. It is covered by a premium quality ABS cover that makes it durable and can withstand long years of serious use. The Quelima G60 is only 0.279KG in weight meaning easy to carry and move it into any room in case an impromptu nap occurs The camera is a decent small size, measuring 10×5.5×2 cm so is sizeable enough to fit in most of the small spaces in your nursery. It comes with a universal mount which is a great addition.

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Assembling the Quelima G60 is as easy as ready to use right out of the box. You don’t require any special skills or tools to set up and use this unit. You are only required to download the app, plug the company into the power outlet and you will be good to go. On the Quelima G60, you will find control keys that allow you to set an alarm.


You can monitor all the activities through a dedicated app. You will be required to scan the back code to download the app.

Hardware and Performance

If you are on a quest for a capable security camera that can record video and capture still images, then look no further than the Quelima G60. First-time parents are usually worried about leaving their baby alone and want something more than visual reassurance. If you are a first-time parent you will want to note that the Quelima G60 supports two-way voice. There are a built-in microphone and speakers that helps you hear your baby crying and even choose to soothe them with your own voice. You can also talk and instruct other members of the family. The phone alarm reminds you when you have to check on the kid. This prevents you from getting so drawn into what you are doing and forget to check on the baby.

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The Quelima G60 automatically saves the footages taken so you watch later when you are free thanks to the ability to play in real time. You are free to purchase a memory card and save the photos and videos captured directly to the external storage. The other feature we found practical is the ability of the Quelima G60 to detect when doors and windows open or close.

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When it comes to keeping an eye on your loved little one, you will obviously want a camera that can capture images from different dimensions. The impressive 720p camera on the Quelima G60 promises larger than life pictures and astounding levels of detail. The camera is praised for cleans shot that centers on excellent illumination without creating shadows. The Quelima G60 features infrared night vision meaning both in the dark and in the day the picture will be crisp and detailed.

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Another functional feature you are sure to like is the expansive rotation movement of the Quelima G60. The security camera can rotate 355° horizontally and 120° vertically to capture all the moments around it. We are almost certain that you will like the intelligent digital zoom and motion detection. These features alert you if there is any movement inside the room. This is crucial for security in your home or premises or if the kid silently creeps out of bed.

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Network, Connectivity, and Software

The Wi-Fi feature is a major sweet spot about the Quelima G60. If you wish to keep track of what is going on remotely, you can download the app on any iOS or Android smartphones, PC or Mac system and web browser. You can still use a wired LAN cable if you cannot access a wireless network.

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You will get a little more freedom and can be away but still keep an eye on your lovely child, pet, home, business or office.

Other Aspects

The idea of sneaking into the nursery to check on your sleeping baby always ends up in waking them up

The Quelima G60 will also assist you to observe and learn your baby’s habits. You will be aware of when they asleep and wake up. The manufacturer included effective features to filter out background noise and ensure you only hear what is important.

Table of technical specifications

Material ABS
HVGA 1280×720p
Max SD card 32GB
Infrared Distance 3-5 Meters
Weight 0.095kg
Product Size 10×5.5×2 cm

Conclusion on the Quelima G60

The days of old monitor cameras that give unattractive product photos with insufficient lighting, distasteful backgrounds and lots of shadows are long gone. You need to grab this effective and well-built Quelima Q60 if you want professional looking and studio-quality рісturеѕ. It doesn’t matter if you sleep in the same room as your child. On those days when you need to go out and take care of some issues, you won’t be able to stay close to the nursery. You will definitely need this piece to constantly check on your adorable bundle of joy. You can still use the Quelima G60 to check on other parts of your home when the baby is past the age of requiring a monitor.

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