LEMFO LEM7 Review, High-end Smartwatch Phone With A Low Price Tag

LEMFO LEM7 Review, High-end Smartwatch Phone With A Low Price Tag

LEMFO seems to have realized what most people want in a smartwatch and brings just that in the LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch. The company did a good job of building this smartwatch. The LEMFO LEM7 is a design leader and more modern looking while still giving a superb performance. You will enjoy an intuitive display with excellent contrast levels and pictures that look more alive. The LEMFO LEM7 smartwatch isn’t cheap but quality products in the market seldom are. Although it is a bit pricey in its class, the impressive level of performance and spectacular features justify the price you are required to pay. After all, some pretentious models cost a fortune but still deliver dismally. The LEMFO LEM7 smartwatch is another of the smash hit items in this corner and it is very easy to fall in love with for its elegance and speedy delivery.


The LEMFO LEM4 comes in an executive packaging that makes it a perfect gift for a dear one. Inside the package, you will find:

  • LEMFO LEM7 4G smartwatch.
  • Dock Charger.
  • USB charger cable.
  • 700 mAh power bank.
  • User Manual.

LEMFO LEM7 Review, High-end Smartwatch Phone With A Low Price TagLEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch

Design and Construction

If you are not willing to spend any more money replacing or repairing your smartwatch then the LEMFO LEM7 is your best chance. It boasts a solid and sturdy while still giving the smartwatch a sleek, premium look. Titanium alloy has been used to create the body and TPU rubber for the straps making the LEMFO LEM7 durable enough to withstand a rough use for ages. It is still lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. You can adjust the strap of the smartwatch to fit your specification. LEMFO elegantly engineered the LEM7 to make it incredibly thin and lightweight yet elegant. The general sleek construction will leave all your friends in awe of your new equipment. It will stand out in on your wrist as a symbol of success.

LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch


Don’t be deceived by the size of the 1.39-inch display. Images look gorgeous of the eye-popping AMOLED display with 400×400p resolution. The super sensitive interactive touch screen will surely steal the hearts of many. It showcases the most realistic and lifelike pictures which appear crisper, brighter and better and make details look clear even in dark scenes. The level of contrast and clarity are high making the pictures fantastic. This means that user who is new using the LEMFO LEM7 smartwatch will find it easy and fun to use. You can change the clock faces to what suits you. We are almost certain you are going to have a fondness for the LEMFO LEM7 as much as we do.

LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch

Hardware and Performance

Expect a lot from the LEMFO LEM7 smartwatch in matters running high requirement applications. The speed demon works in a super-fast and undisturbed manner and will handle any task you throw at it. Enjoy flawless and seamless loading of applications and quick loading times thanks to the 1GB RAM memory. If you plan to store your entire video, music, and photo gallery collection on the LEMFO LEM7, be comforted for it has an ample 16GB internal storage volume.

And just when you thought that things couldn’t get any better, this device runs on the latest Android 7.0 operating system. This means you will enjoy downloading the latest apps and features. You will receive OTA upgrade updates for the latest features in town. If you decide to set sail for a foreign country, the LEMFO LEM7 will be there to translate the languages for you with its translation tools. Enjoy long hours of real-world use courtesy of the solid and powerful 580mAh battery. There is an accompanying 750mAh back up charger dock power bank that charges the battery super-fast. It will save you the disgrace and disappointment of your handy gadget dying on you.

LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch LEMFO LEM7 4G SmartwatchLEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch


The LEMFO LEM7 will be a fine companion to all your adventures and should you decide to purchase it thanks to the 2MP high-definition camera. You will capture all memorable moments, take selfies, video chat, and record events. The pictures you get are crisp and clear with brilliant highlights and fine details.

Network, Connectivity, and Software

Expect to find a built-in slot for the nano-SIM card. You will enjoy making hands-free phone calls and courtesy of the 4G LTE connection, access your favorite online destinations. The manufacturer was also thoughtful enough to include Wi-Fi connectivity. This means that if you have a wireless connection, you will enjoy internet access without requiring a SIM card. If you like to send and receive files, then you may want to know that the LEMFO LEM7 also offers Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity.

If you wish to connect the LEMFO LEM7 smartwatch to your smartphone, you need to scan the QR code and download the WiiWare app. You will be able to see your notifications, enjoy the remote camera and remote music features among others. The smartphone must be running on the original Android 4.4 and above or iOS 9.0 and above.

LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch

Other Aspects

How often do you come across smartwatches are pretty to look at, fairly priced and also dependable and easy to use? Probably not so often. The LEMFO LEM7 is simple yet consistent in delivering in a speedy fashion. Using the LEMFO LEM7 is as easy as can be. The WiiWare app allows you to find your phone if you accidentally misplace it. Setting the LEMFO LEM7 up is a breeze and maintaining the smartwatch doesn’t demand much from the user. So the next time you decide to get a smartwatch, take a look at the LEMFO LEM7.

LEMFO LEM7 -Table of technical specifications

Feature Specs
Performance 1GB DDR3 RAM 16 GB Flash
Display 1.39”AMOLED 400×400p
camera 2MP HD
Software Android 7.0, OTA updates, Wiilwear android app
Battery Lithium-Ion 580mAh
Network Nano Sim Card, GSM/4G LTE


 LEMFO LEM7 4G SmartwatchLEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch


The LEMFO LEM4 is a powerful device that is well suited for business people, office workers, and students among others. It compares favorably well to the high-end competition for its high performance, sturdy build and premium design that adds a touch of class. The LEMFO LEM7 works as advertised and has left most users happy with what it does offer. You can be sure not to find yourself having to upgrade much sooner than expected. If you are serious about investing in a premium quality smartwatch, then you should wait no more because the prices are always changing.

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