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These days as the gaming industry is flourishing day by day and latest games like Fortnite becoming viral and taking all over the Internet. It is a time when gaming is not a simple thing like playing Mario. With games getting more prominent and require everything highend the need of perfect Gaming Monitor is must.

Nowadays PC games allow players to do anything and see anything that is seriously out of the world. Now as we are approaching the middle of 2018, and you are looking out there to find the best PC Gaming monitor that can genuinely bring your gaming experience to another level. Because playing CS GO, Planetside 2 or any other online game in the regular monitor is a hard task and you can’t enjoy all the features, and the lags included. Latest games require the latest hardware to support them and to explore all the features included in them and AOC U3277PWQU gaming monitor feed them all their need.


Playing the best games on anything less than best gaming monitor is a waste of time. As you can’t explore all the features included in the game and also not play upto your actual potential and skills. There is a wide variety of different tech and features available inside the best gaming monitor, but AOC U3277PWQU is a cut above than all. If you want to sit and immerse yourself in playing Call of Duty or any other online or offline game. A 4K Ultra HD gaming monitor with the HDR feature is all you need. AOC U3277PWQU provides high refresh rate and low latency so you can effortlessly top any leaderboard you want. This is going to be one hell of a ride with tons of information about AOC U3277PWQU Gaming monitor.

Display and Specifications

The Display of AOC U3277PWQU comes with a large 4K UHD screen with an excellent pixel density, and remarkable UHD feel to content. The screen size you get is of 31 inches, in addition to that, you get a sharp contrast of VA (Vertical Alignment) panels. VA is only available in AOC U3277PWQU with the screen size less than 40″.


The AOC U3277PWQU uses a 60Hz 31.5″ VA type panel, but they instead named it as AAS (Azimuthal Anchoring Switch) panel. VA panel creates a resolution of 3840 x 2160p resolution and 10-bit colour processing. While testing AOC U3277PWQU, we never get any dithering and any mention of any FRC at any stage. Furthermore, a static contrast ratio of 3000:1 is specified along with a 4ms grey to grey response time.


From the look of the monitor, it looks like a simple, homely monitor. The bezels are slightly thick at 0.79″ inches at the top and side and 1.02″ inches thick at the bottom. This can be concerning to some people who are looking for a bezel-less monitor. However, in the price range of AOC U3277PWQU provide many features worth to get noticed. The bottom bezel and the upper part of stand base are made up of brushed material. They consequently add a premium look and feel to the monitor.  The screen surface has a coat of relatively light metal antiglare, which we will explore later.


The OSD (On Screen Display) is controlled by pressable buttons underside the bottom of the bezel from the right. If it had a touch-sensitive display, it could have been better. There is a LED indicator on the front of the display. It glows blue when the monitor is on and red when it is in low power state, i.e. receiving less power than required for working efficiently. From the side, the monitor appears reasonably thin near the edges but bulky from the central and near attachment part of the stand. The AOC U3277PWQU stand offer tilt (5° forwards, 24° backwards), height adjustment (180mm or 7.08 inches), swivel (165° left, 165° right) and pivot (90° clockwise rotation) for any adjustment need.


From the right side of the screen, you will get 2 USB 2.0 ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports with upstream. The blue coloured port is USB 3.0; the yellow-coloured port is USB 2.0 while the other black colour port is of USB 2.0 port.  The monitor comes with the feature of fast charging that means you will always have some extra time for gaming. To the left of the stand, there is AC power input source (power convertes internally). With zero power switch to completely shut down and power off the monitor in case of an emergency.


To the right is the remaining port: HDMI 2.0 with MHL, DP 1.2, VGA, Dual-Link DVI and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The AOC U3277PWQU comes with 3W integrated speakers, which provide high-quality sound with decent volume. However, if you are looking for a heavy sound, you have to use a headphone or use some additional speaker with the monitor.

AOC U3277PWQU Calibration.

Subpixel layout and screen surface.

The AOC U3277PWQU monitor uses a relative light matte anti-glare screen surface in it. The screen is not a standard IPS-type panel that is used on other 32 inches models with low haze. The screen surface used on AOC U3277PWQU is same as we can find in 28 TN models which are of high haze. The standard RGB stripe subpixel layout is taken into use. This is the standard pixel layout and already used by both Apple MacOS and Microsoft Windows.


Gama tracking

The monitor gamma tracking was decent and out of the box. It tracked nearly 2.2 on average according to the colourimeter. However, from the image, as you can see it bowed a bit centrally, it means some shades will appear slightly lighter than they should appear.


Pros and Cons


  • Efficient gamma tracking and vibrancy straight from the box with a VA panel offering more consistent and vibrant colour.
  • Strong static contrast with the power to deliver a pleasant atmosphere in dark environment and stand out very nicely in dark surrounding games.
  • Decent pixel saturation with overall responsiveness without overshoot because of VA panel type. Ergonomic flexibility for the stand with the feature to both stand and wall mount.Strong static contrast with the power to deliver a pleasant atmosphere in dark environment and stand out very nicely in dark surrounding games
  • The 31.5 inches screen with  3840×2160 4K UHD resolution combined with beautiful and practical detail levels. Full native capabilities with both DP 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 output


  • Little bit deviation from the ideal 2.2 curve and some other over-saturation issues. Due to which wide colour range that can’t be tamed.
  • Due to slightly slower than optimal pixel response a slight mass of additional blur.
  • Not the best insert plug system, we have seen. It can be made much better.



The AOC U3277PWQU monitor has always been a well-rounded monitor for gaming or professional endeavours. WIth 31 inch screen size, the AOC U3277PWQU monitor provides a profesisional spot for the 3840 x 2140 4K UHD resolution for extensive gaming. The pixel density is sufficiently high so playing any game is pleasurable without any lag. The use of VA panels helps bring out the best definition, and dark scenes come alive with the monitor.

The AOC U3277PWQU monitor is very easy to recommend for both gamers and professionals. It is price well enough that a regular gamer can fulfil all his desires. If we overlook some ghosting problems, the overall experience makes it easy choice to go for. With the fastest connectivity, you will get immersive gaming experience. With the monitor, you can play continuously for as many hours you want.





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