UWear UW80 review: Trekking up the mountain

UWear UW80

The original function of the watch is to let people master the precision of time. It can be vibrant and rich. Some unwritten concepts make many people have a unique plot, a taste, and a status symbol. However, for many ordinary office workers, buying an expensive watch is a luxury, and the functionality of the watch is only stuck in the function of viewing time. The practicality is very weak, so today Xiaobian will open it to everyone. The watch “imagined wings, open a new world of smartwatches – UWear UW80 smart sports watch!

UWear UW80

The Uwear is one of the best brand dedicated to the manufacturing of affordable sports watch. The Uwear sports watch comes with an inbuilt navigation system, robust battery life, real-time body condition monitor, real-time location and your trail sharing. Its various sports modes with lots of function make your all adventures activities safe and fun. Nowadays the sports watch market is full of all kind of stuff and sometimes its become hard to find one that suited for you. For hikers and adventurers who consider safety as their first priority, we have Uwear UW80 smart sports watch.


UWear UW80

The design of Uwear UW80 is quite simple it gives a look of normal watch but have a lot of things under the hood for hikers. The smart watch screen is made up of Corning gorilla glass which provides extra protection to your smart watch with long lasting silicone straps. Even the charging process is quite simple.On the dial you will get five set of buttons that include Lights, Start/Stop, UP, Down and Backlap. There is no need to detach the dial from straps to charge up the smartwatch. You can attach charger charger externally and can charge it up with any USB powered source.

It is made up from various high quality material which provides it durability and make it strong to face various harsh conditions. It seems to be quite bulky from outside but actually is quite light weighted. Every watch coming out from the lab go through various testing and put to it limits before coming out for the users.

A trip that says you want to go, let you measure the height and depth of the world.

UWear UW80

✪ the height of the world

The height measurement function is essential for the mountain climbers. When climbing, the UWear smart sports watch will show the height of the mountaineering and the time, steps and mileage used by the mountaineering.

You can measure the height and height of the mountain when climbing so that you can make an adequate assessment of the time required and your body’s ability to withstand.

✪ the depth of the world

UWear UW80

Real gold is not afraid of fire, so the watch is not afraid of water pressure. UWear smart sports watch can go deep into the water 100 meters, even if swimming, surfing, doing other water sports, it does not matter, to achieve the actual depth of waterproof, far higher than the industry’s internal waterproof index of 30-50 meters.

Safety First

UWear UW80

With the best in class built-in GPS, the Uwear UW80 pinpoint from the place you are starting and track the distance speed and pace while you are hiking. It all works even if your phone is not around. The smartwatch can efficiently guide back to the place from where you started. So you will never have to get worried about being lost in nature.

The Uwear UW80 comes with all necessary features packed within it for hikers. The list includes barometer, compass, and altimeter. Some of the handy features of the watch include for multiday-trips includes hygrometer and thermometer.

Calling love in the center of the world, wherever you ask for help and help
UWear supports 3 central navigation systems: GPS, GLONASS, and BDS, which can provide you with the best navigation solution (usually only one of the smartwatches), and getting lost will guide you back to the starting point. UWear has long battery life. You can stick to it for up to 45 days, so don’t worry about getting back home!

With UWear, you can share your location with your loved ones and family with a free app, share the beauty along the way, and share your new horizons.

Customized SOS buttons can place on UWear watches, and when you are in danger, the watch will notify all friends and let them find you as soon as possible.

UWear UW80

Burning passion, the beauty that you meet unexpectedly


In the normal mode, the watch displays the speed, the time used and the mileage. On the training status, you can set the duration and mileage of the training. The speed of each kilometer vibration reminds you how much speed you need to complete the training task within the specified time.

➥ 2. Calories

According to the calorie measurement of exercise, healthy exercise does not hurt the body, exercise in the state of monitoring, not only can ensure the effect of exercise but does not harm the body, very scientific.

➥ 3. Heart rate

Only by understanding the physical condition can you get the best results from your workout. UWear heart rate sensor built using a name of a photoelectric volume pulse wave-technology (pulse signal detector) (PPG, photoplethysmography) is, AppleWatch also use such a technique. Especially suitable for people whose heart is not very good, especially helpful for the elderly!

It stated that golfing could also record the time, mileage, steps and the number of shots in each group and the number of holes!


For those who love sports, bring Uwear smart sports watches to more exciting places!. It can handle extreme conditions with ease and be with you all the time. Location sharing is an very useful function and will keep you with your love once. Overall the smart watch is gift to hikers and recommendable to every hiker over there.


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