SIMGOT EN700 Review: SUZAKU – Red bird


The Chinese producers do not transfer astonishment to amaze the newcomer. Every minute in the world 250 succulents await, it takes 2 shots, drinks 30 million liters of beer, and leaves the new model of headphones in Kitai))
Physically, it is impossible to buy everything or take it. Therefore, I want to choose the most exciting models. Today on the lookout, the internal headphones SIMGOT EN700. Today on the review I will have headphones from a young but already well-known manufacturer SIMGOT.


The SIMGOT brand was found in 2015.
They came to the market with the model EN700. Which made a challenge with its bright design, and had a good sound.

This year – an updated version of the headphones, SIMGOT EN700 BASS.
Moreover, just a month ago – the most advanced model in the line of SIMGOT, EN700 PRO came out.


SIMGOT EN700 PRO get the ship in a modest, white box, medium size.
On the front part, a black-and-black pattern of headphones is taking into use.
On the back side – the specifications, the manufacturer’s contacts, and the 12-digit security code were placed.


Inside the main box, there is one more. It makes of very dense cardboard, with a relief texture.
On the cover of the box, the design of a dragon is used as a symbol of China.


Remove the cover.
Headphones are on the pedestal. A little lower, the cover is placed.
Accessories are in the case.
To get to the cable (from the factory, it is not connected to the headphones), you need to remove the pedestal.


Along with the headphones go – two sets of silicone ear cups, leather case, Velcro tape, manual, VIP-card, and a brush for cleaning headphones.

Case leather, brown.
The size: 85х72х33 mm
It is closed utilizing magnets.
The inner covering is soft, velvety.
Initially, it contains silicone attachments. However, it is intended – it is natural for carrying, and storing headphones.
The cover is comfortable, looks stylish.
There is not much room inside. You can place – or headphones, or accessories.


The manufacturer provides two sets of silicone attachments. It integrates into cardboard cards.

The first set (Eartip I)
For high resolution, and crystal clear sound.

The second set (Eartip II)
For a more comfortable, neutral sound – with a slightly strengthened bass.

The rigidity of Eartip I and Eartip II nozzles is the same. Differences are only in the diameter of the canal.


As can be seen in the photo – the nozzles differ in color, as well as in the case.

The plug is straight, metal – rather large (diameter 8.5 mm), but light.
Painted in pale golden color – with a wide black stripe, in the middle.
At the junction with the cable – a shock absorber is provided, made of thick heat shrink.

Splitter of impressive size. Made of white plastic.


Above the splitter is a convenient metal slider.
He has large holes inside. Therefore, the slider easily slides up the cable. At the same time – the relief structure of the cable does not allow it to slide down on its own.

Connector 2-pin.
The headphones are inserted tight. Sits tightly.

Cable twisted, eight-core (in the pictures that the manufacturer’s website – for some reason four-core) – in a transparent, silicone insulation.

Above the splitter is a four-core cord.


The thickness of the main cable is 2.8 mm. The thickness above the splitter is 2.3 mm.

Half of the wires are copper – the second half, silvery.

At the very top, heat shrinkage is applied to the wire. Which performs the following duties
– Keeps the shape of the ear
– Protects the skin from rubbing, the relief surface of the cable
– Protects the cable insulation from contact with sweat.

The appearance of the cable is similar to a jewelry, metal chain.

The cord is very soft, and looks solid.
This is probably one of the best quality cables that I’ve seen in 2017.

2-pin SIMGOT cable EN700 PRO, next to the MMCX headphone cable Dunu

Looking at the pictures with the image of SIMGOT, that on the official site – it seems that the headphones are not very ergonomic, and a rather strange design.
But it is enough to take them in hand – you immediately notice that you have a really high-quality product, which was done not after the sleeves.


Shells are rounded, elongated in height – similar to pebbles.
They are entirely made of metal. The main body of the headphone is aluminum. On the back side there are also decorative inserts, made of copper (contour), and steel (lattice).

The grille creates some illusion that the SIMGOT EN700 is an open type headphone.
In fact, the steel grill there is only for aesthetic reasons (for beauty) – the headphones are closed.
I just checked it – I closed the sound guide with my finger, the sound does not come from the back.

The sound guide is located at a small angle.
The diameter is 5.3 mm. The length is 6.3 mm.

Inside the sound guide there is a protective metal mesh.
The mesh is in the recess – which minimizes the likelihood of damage to it, during replacement of the nozzles.


On the body, near the sound duct – you can see the hole, which is designed to equalize the pressure.

A little higher, the letter designation of channels is place.

On the back, a white paint depicts the logo of SIMGOT – which is framed by a copper circuit.

Build quality at the highest level.

I have SIMGOT EN700 PRO in the brightest color version (right earpiece red, left blue).
Unusual design, and red and blue colors – will not leave you unnoticed in the crowd.
But not everyone will like this decision. Do not worry – there are six colors available.
– Red + blue
– Black + Red
– Red
– Blue
– Gray
– Black
IMHO – gray most simply looks, black is the most stylish.

Headphones can only be worn behind the ear.


Despite the rather large size, there are no problems with planting.
Thoughtful anatomical shape, allows you to wear SIMGOT EN700 PRO even to owners of rather small ears.

If the Dunu Titan 1 (my main headphones) is rare, but it happens that the headphones have to be adjusted in the ears – then SIMGOT simply inserted, and forgot.

Sound insulation average. Better than in Ostry kc06a and Dunu Titan 1 – but worse than in headphones, which have a deeper landing.

When listening to headphones, I used the following sources

– FiiO X5-3 player (high-quality, slightly V-shaped sound)
– Nubia Z11 Mini S smartphone (sound with bass bend)
– iPhone 4S smartphone (rather neutral in sound)
– External Xuanzu amplifier (slightly darkens the sound)

Player FiiO X5-3 noticeable changes the sound, depending on the firmware.
To reduce the dependence on the source, and to obtain a more objective result, I used the software v1.1.5, v1.1.7, and v1.1.8

The sound describes, based on listening to headphones with complete attachments.



The subwoofer is slightly biase towards the lower bass.
The upper low frequencies are smooth.
I could not find the graph of the SIMGOT EN700 PRO. But judging by the sound – at the junction of the upper bass and the lower middle, there is a decline.
This “recession”, gives the sound the necessary ease, and protects the sound from the parasitic buzz.

The bass has good speed, good depth, and weight.
But it must be take into account that the number of LFs depends heavily on the attachments it uses.
If on other my headphones (Ostry, Dunu) the number of LFs does not change much, depending on the selected attachments. That’s SIMGOT, the difference is very serious.



The middle, the main horse of the review hero.
The vocals sound flawlessly – both male and female.

Instrumental and choral compositions play magically.
When you listen to the works of Paul Mauriat, or Arnesen Magnificat – you simply immerse yourself in music.
To more complex, jazz compositions – there are also no complaints.

Let’s move on to something more difficult.
Nickelback and My Darkest Days sound energetically and emotionally. But with Fall Out Boy and Emphatic, SIMGOT does not always do well. The bright character makes itself felt.

I noticed such a feature.
In the early days – Nickelback was quite difficult to listen to, at a volume above average.
Headphones have been around for a long time. During this time he listened to a lot of songs. But there were no hard genres there.
A week later, I launched Nickelback, My Darkest Days, Linkin Part – the sound changed, for the better.
The “warm-up” has worked, or just the hearing has adapted.


The sound of high natural, with a remarkable elaboration of details.
With resolution and cleanliness, it’s all right. There is no feeling that we can not use some tools.

Sony hybrid

On the Dunu Titan, I only use them.
I took other nozzles only three times (for a short time) – when unpacking, when I did a review, and now. .

On the SIMGOT EN700 PRO, they somehow did not “go.”
The bass is adds to – both the lower and the upper. It’s not bad.
The bad thing is that the details are suffering. The middle is not so clean anymore. And the top is not as detailed.

I do not recommend using a nozzle with SIMGOT EN700 PRO, which softens the upper frequency range.
Yes, these attachments will remove the sharpness inherent in some compositions. But you will also kill all the beauty of the sound of the SIMGOT EN700 PRO – their crystal clear sound, with a very high resolution.

Foam Comply

There is more LF.
The nature of the sound a little goes into the darkness.
The HF suffers, and the scene – which narrows to the center.


It seems to be a nozzle and not very different from stock. But how much they change the sound.
It seems that you listen to quite different headphones.
The sound feed varies drastically.
The focus is on the bottoms, not on the middle.
The bass is powerful, and very deep – with resonance.
The sound is as if it were playing a big drum, or a subwoofer.
Such a sound can be a bit tiring with time. But the bassheads will like it.
What is important – the quality of the middle and upper levels, does not suffer.
Low frequencies slightly mutes, mid-frequency instruments, since SpinFit accentuate the bass.
But the bottom bass is amplified. Therefore, the lower classes do not run low.

Metal and alternative rock – sound as it should.
A portion of the drive is provided.


+ Excellent detailed sound
+ Comfortable case – in an unusual, memorable design
+ High-quality, removable cable


– For some musical genres, the sound is vivid (in the stock tips)

SIMGOT unhurriedly expand their line of headphones. The manufacturer took the model EN700 as the basis, and began to bring it to perfection.
In the BASS version, they improved the sound. In the PRO version – again improves the sound, and the cable can be replaceable.

The EN700 PRO is a well-balanced model. It combines – beautiful appearance, comfortable fit, and good sound.
If you take into account the quite democratic price, headphones definitely deserve attention.

Many creators, nowadays they try to crush the middle of the hour, that’s the time to bring the musical instruments closer to you and bring out the water. In the SIMGOT EN700, the speed is not selected, the next one is set aside. Vocalist is not straight in the face, but is at the mercy of repentance. The musical instruments do not sound close to what is happening on the stage, but the play, are plan in the theater and have a clear rhythm.

High prices garmoniruyut c low and medium, and do not evict on the general background. Light, bright, clear. Vmeste c tem, komfortnye and pleasant, do not brighten and do not cuss.

Nashushniki univeral, and one and the same play music, all sorts of music, from the hard rock and metal, to light, melodic comics.


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