Wireless Charger Review: Epic Magic Runes


This review is about a Qi-certified wireless charging pad, eliminating the need for cables when charging your phone. The special function of this particular wireless charger is an array of LEDs that will light up as a device is placed on the pad. As seen in the video above, the lights are illuminating in in a specific order and with a magic runes design, making the everyday energizing of your device a unique ritual.


The wireless charger is delivered in a record disc sized box that feels surprisingly light, revealing the low weight of the product even before opening the box. The packaging feels premium and tasteful, yet simple and minimalistic.

When opening the box, the wireless charger is revealed. Besides the charging pad and some warranty information papers, there is only a USB Type-C cable included in the box. To operate this product, however, a wall adapter is necessary to connect the charging pad with an energy source. For most people, that shouldn’t be a problem, as these USB power adapters come with every phone purchased.

It is interesting to note, that the included cable is a standard USB Type-C cable, promising a very future proof connectivity option for this charging pad, as most devices of the future will be equipped with a USB Type-C connector and ship with USB Type-C cables. For this charging pad, the inclusion of a USB Type-C connector shows that the product is a new design and up to date with today’s standards.

Built Quality

The wireless charging pad has the shape of a perfectly round disc. It is slightly less than 10 inches in diameter and about half an inch in height. On the bottom side, it is placed on 8 rubber feet, making sure it will not move around, once placed on a surface. It is made out of plastic, yet with a matte finish, giving it an extra premium feel and touch. The pad seems very sturdy too. It is impossible to twist or bend it in any way and there are no squeezing or squeaking sounds when trying to do so.

Overall, the built quality is very impressive for the price point that this product is available at. Another surprise when reviewing this device was the inclusion of both, Micro-USB and USB Type-C connectivity. While on one side the charging pad can be connected with the included USB Type-C cable, on the other side of the pad there is a Micro-USB connector, in case the use of a Micro-USB cable is preferred. This gives the user a lot of flexibility and is very much appreciated.


Once connected to a power source, through either the included USB Type-C cable or a Micro-USB cable, the pad is ready for use without any further preparations. Any phone that supports wireless charging is compatible with this pad. These include for example the Apple iPhone 8 and newer iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S7 and newer Samsung Galaxy devices, but also many other devices of many other manufacturers. The charging pad supports the Qi standard of wireless charging, guaranteeingcompatibility with most wireless charging enabled phones on the market today.

Once a compatible phone is placed on the charging pad, the LED arrays will start lighting up. Step by step, rune by rune, circle by circle, the pad will fully light up within a few seconds. The overall very pleasing experience is perfectly timed with the beginning of charging right after the last circles and runes have been illuminated. For this review, both Apple and Android phones have been tested and both worked great. Additionally, it is important to mention that the use of a phone case is no problem for this wireless charger. After the charging process is started, the runes will keep shining for approximately another 20 seconds, before turning off again to not distract the environment.

Bottom Line

In this review, the Magic Runes Qi-certified wireless charger has surprised with a high quality and reliable functionality at a very affordable price point. It is a great gadget that will let users enjoy wireless charging in an epic way! The built quality is very high and the flexibility in connectivity is a great addition. The illumination of the pad when placing the device on its surface is perfectly timed and very pleasing. The charger works flawlessly with any wireless charging enabled device and the LED array of magic runes offer a very outstanding and attractive design.


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