Guaranteed No Stress With Quelima SQ13 Mini Car Camera Series(SQ11, SQ12)

Quelima SQ13 1

The dash cam or car camera has become popular enough over the last few years due to the number of advantages it provides. The car cam carefully read and record every detail that takes place both inside and car, and outside the car on road. Furthermore, it can be used for a variety of purposes as well. Whatever happens inside or outside the car you will be having first-hand confirmation of that. It will protect you from any type of fraud. As insurance-related incident started getting a frequent problem. Quelima is one of the foremost manufacturers of car camera from Portugal. Which provides optimal and reliable view site with benefits from getting fraud by anyone. It has recently launched a new dash cam Quelima SQ13 which is new in addition to its already successful series of dash cam SQ11 and SQ12.

Quelima SQ 13 comes with distinctive functions like motion detection to loop cycle recording. Therefore allows you to have more comfortable and safe worry-free driving environment. With the mini body and compact size along with 300mAh long battery life, it can continuously record the video for 90 minutes. Before moving on to the features of Qulema SQ13 lets take a recap what Quelima has done with the series of SQ. Moreover, how it’s adding more features to SQ13 than SQ11 and SQ12.

Quelima SQ11 2

Quelima SQ11 Recap

Quelima has launched SQ11 in the year of 2017, and since then it’s adding new features to its upgraded models. This Quilma SQ11 Mini Camera is not just super stylish and compact, but it allows you to make HD videos with audio patching format. It can record videos in HD quality and save them in micro SD card that, you can insert in your PC. Recorded video can be used to send the videos as a proof by mail or directly upload to youtube or directly send to police. It also comes with small IR LEDs that let you enable the camera to take videos in the night also.


Quelima SQ11.2

It’s a very small camera that can record videos in 1080P HD DVR quality and can behold on single finger only. It weighs only 20 grams and with the size of dice, it can be used as a spy cam very well. The small size allows setting the camera anyplace, and it doesn’t take any space.


The small camera has a viewing angle of 120 degrees and LEDs for night vision. It has modern H.264 squeezing technology which decreases the size of the video but has higher video quality. The camera has 3.6 mm lens and 1.2 megapixel CMOS sensor that can record video upto 1080P and 720P at 30 frames per second. Photos taken by SQ11 are save in JPG format with 12 MP resolution in provided micro SD card which is expandable up to 32GB.

Quelima SQ11.3


With an inbuilt battery life of 200mAh, it can run for 6 hours mostly. For charging purpose it has to connect to any USB type port. It is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows so you can use in any PC you want. SQ13 can detect movement upto 5 to 10 meters with the inbuilt motion sensor. It can record anything happening near to your precious car. With the camera, you will get every mechanism to hold it up in on place. This device comes as water resistant, so it handles regular slip and splash.

Quelima SQ12 Previous

Quelima SQ12.1

Quelima SQ12 was launched in China with DVR camera quality at a meagre price. It comes from the Qeuilima SQ11 series and can store and record videos and still images with ample decent quality. The maximum camera resolution in SQ12 is of 12 megapixels for the still images. For videos, it is 1.2 megapixel with the focal aperture of f/2.5 which works very fine. The 23 mm wide lens gives a higher field of view of 155 degrees. With the loop timing period of 5 minutes it very high for recording small situations of videos.

It has the motion detection technology that can capture any motion happening under view. The motion detecting sensors react to the motion from 2 to 3 meters and with the built-in microphone to record any surrounding audio. One of the most convenient features i is it has the night vision. With the night vision, it can capture videos in absolute darkness with maximum visibility of 3-5 meters. You will get two external port one is for connecting the device for charging with a USB port and other is for memory card system which supports micro SD card slot.

Quelima SQ12.2


With the battery of 200 mAh which is same as SQ11, it can be low for some persons. But in actual it can work for continuous 6 hours. The reason it can be run for long duration is that it doesn’t have any display. It just starts recording wherever you place it for surveillance. The camera is also very tiny and lightweight which weighs only 16 grams. The only issue we had with SQ12 is that it doesn’t have any feature like wi-fi or Bluetooth for connectivity and everything have to be done directly on either PC or LAPTOP. Moreover, it takes the longest time to charge up even then a smartphone.

Quelima SQ11 SQ12 SQ13
Lens 1.2MP 1.2MP 3MP
Weight 0.0180 kg 0.0160 kg 0.0240 kg
Max image resolution 12 12MP 12MP
Video compression format H.264 H.264 H.264
Image format JPG JPG JPG
Memory 32GB 32GB 32GB
Battery 200 mAh 200mAh 300mAh

Quelima SQ13 Future

Quelima SQ13.1

The Quelima SQ13 recently launched in China and is the successor in the SQ family series. Quelima SQ13 is an exciting device from all the previous models. It has an entirely new camera with better lens and better design and builds quality.

Quelima SQ13: Design

Quelima SQ13.2

First of all Quelima’s are master in creating cameras with super lightweight and tiniest body. Quelima SQ13 has the most compact design ever, it occupies an area of (LxWxB): 3×2.80×2.50 cm. It can fit easily on your fingertip so it will not take any space on your dashboard. On the left of Quelima SQ13, you will have the Mini USB port for charging and an SD card slot supporting TF card up to 32GB. It comes with 2.33 mm lens and has a recording angle of 120 degrees. With the aperture range o f2.5 to capture the entire surrounding.


The camera inscribes in Quelima SQ13 is a 13MP 1080P which can record clear an vivid videos of 1920×1080 pixel resolution. It can capture still images with a quality of 12 MP camera. The IR LEDs, on SQ13, helps in taking videos at low light to capture videos at night. It supports capturing high definition videos at low light as well or in dark environment. The Quelima SQ13 Mini HD 1080P Car Camera has a prebuilt microphone to capture any nearby surround sound with high clarity and quality.

Quelima SQ13.4

It can be also used to record any performance video with high-quality sound and video. The Quelima SQ13 start to record videos when anything comes under its radar of two to three mitres or whenever motion is detected. The Quelima SQ13 is powered by 300mAh battery which is more than its old counterparts. It offers 9 hours of usage for endless and continuous driving or recording video.

All Killer Zero filler

Quelima SQ13.4

The Quelima SQ13 has the memory capacity of 32 GB which is expandable by add on an external memory card. The SQ13 comes with a very useful feature of waterproof design which keeps it safe from any mishaps. After placing it in a case, it can withstand within 30 meters of water so you can always have a dive with the Quelima SQ13 waterproof case.



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