Vernee V2 Pro review: A Rugged smartphone with 4 Cameras

Vernee V2 Pro

The world is growing too fast. Everything in this world is interconnected. Due to internet boom, everything is reachable to everyone now. To enhance these web networks, many smart devices are being introduced day by day. The invention of the smartphone has made a remarkable impression on the web world. Now everything is possible with a smartphone, which was previously done by PCs or Laptops. Now you can do everything in your palm.

So, the thing is that which smartphone to buy? In the market, there are many brands, and many types of smartphones are available. Choosing a perfect smartphone which will suit your needs as well as your profession is a big task.

Nowadays, many smartphone makers are inventing rugged smartphones. These smartphones are highly recommended for a person who is working in a vulnerable area. These smartphones are very well protected and have very high water resistance. Here I have mentioned about the rugged smartphone VERNEE V2 PRO.

My journey to Vernee V2 Pro Smartphone

Basically, I am a gadget reviewer. I review almost all types of gadgets including the smartwatch, smart plugs, earphones, and smartphones, etc. I always roam to different parts of the world to review the gadgets where those are launched at first.

Luckily, on 19th February this year, when I woke up I got a letter from the postman. And surprisingly the message was invitation letter for MWC 2018. It is a huge achievement for me. Then, on 25th February I went to Barcelona. On 26th February inauguration happened. Later one by one ever brands were unveiling their new smartphones.

The moment, I got attracted the most when Vernee has unveiled its most awaiting rugged smartphone. This smartphone is more powerful and more protected than other brand’s rugged smartphone.

Read the article below to know about this powerful, rugged Smartphone.

As I don’t have this smartphone with me at my home, so I haven’t done the unboxing. Still, I have reviewed this smartphone according to my experience with the smartphone during MWC.

Design of Vernee V2 Pro Smartphone

Protective Parameters of Vernee V2 Pro Smartphone

Vernee V2 ProAlthough it is a rugged smartphone, it is not designed as typical rugged smartphone like other brands. It looks like other brand’s premium smartphones. Somewhat it resembles Samsung S8 smartphone. As a rugged smartphone, it comes with many protective parameters. If your smartphone is dropped by you unknowingly, it won’t break easily. That doesn’t mean you will throw your smartphone on the floor knowingly.

The manufacturer has given protection for dirt, moisture, and dust. You can even wash your smartphone on running tap water. This smartphone comes with Military Standard MIL-STD-810G to protect it from sudden fall in temperature. It has IP68 waterproof protection to protect the smartphone from water and dust.

The case of this smartphone is of polycarbonate where the edges of the smartphone are covered by dense metals. You can get solid rubberized plastics at each corner of the smartphone.

Physical Overview

Vernee V2 ProWhile looking at the display, this smartphone has a 5.99 inches display, and the screen has a Corning Gorilla Glass protection. This protection enables the smartphone with anti-scratching as well as anti-breakage. The smartphone’s display has an aspect ratio of 18:9 which gives you infinite display experience. And the display covers 81.3% of body size of the smartphone.

Vernee V2 ProAs a durable smartphone it has side frames, but these frames are very thin. The upper bezel is little wide with dual front camera setup of 13.0 MP + 5.0 MP and proximity sensor.

As its predecessor Vernee V2, this version is also missing the home screen button. I don’t know how the users will take it who are addicted to home buttons.

On the back, you can see dual camera setup of 21.0 MP + 5.0 MP with a dual LED flash. Also at the upper center of the back, you can have the fingerprint sensor to unlock your smartphone.

Vernee V2 ProAs usual the other smartphones, it also has the same layout. You can get power button and volume rocker key at the right edge of the smartphone. The main speaker, microphone, and power charging port are placed at the bottom edge. You can get hybrid SIM tray on the upper side.

Review of Vernee V2 Pro Smartphone

Vernee V2 pro smartphone Display

Vernee V2 ProVernee V2 pro smartphone has a 5.99 inches FHD+ display which is well protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The aspect ratio of the screen is 18:9. I got good broad angle view with this smartphone. Moreover, the IPS display adds more color to this display.

With 403 ppi picture quality, you will get nature picture experience. The color production and sharpness of all pictures are excellent.

The contrast of this smartphone is very high, which gives you a very sharp picture, and you will get decent brightness.

I can say, you can read contents at night without stressing your eyes, and you even can watch movies with it for a long time.

Vernee V2 ProPerformance of Vernee V2 Pro smartphone

Vernee V2 ProVernee V2 is powered by MediaTek Helio P23 octa-core processor. The processor is not up to mark. But for a mid-budget smartphone, this processor is excellent. If it were some Snapdragon processor, it would be better. In this processor, the four cores are clocked at 2.0 GHz and rest four cores are clocked at 1.5 GHz frequency. It has Mali-G71 GPU for video accelerator which is clocked at 700 MHz frequency.

Vernee V2 ProThe great thing is that this rugged smartphone comes with 6 GB LPDDR4X RAM and 64 GB eMMC storage. You can expand your memory more up to 128 GB with a micro SD memory chip. The smartphone works with latest Android 8.1 Oreo.

However, I have played some high-end games such as Asphalt 8. I don’t feel any lag in medium resolution setting. However, you may get little lag in the high-resolution setting.

The smartphone doesn’t get hot a lot while playing games.

Vernee V2 ProSurprisingly this smartphone comes with NFC chipset. I had performed contactless payment which is cool. You can use Android Pay for contactless payment.

Vernee V2 Pro Smartphone Camera

Vernee V2 ProI like the camera setup of this rugged smartphone as it comes with four camera setups. Here you will get dual camera setups both for the front as well as in the rear.

Vernee V2 ProIn the front you will get 8.0 MP (f/2.8) + 5.0 MP camera. You won’t get any LED flash in the front. However, in rear, you can get 21.0 MP (f/2.0) + 5.0 MP camera with dual LED flash. Frankly, I don’t like the camera performance. In dual setup camera, both the camera should have the different focal length to have a natural blurred effect. But here, the manufacturer has used software to enhance the camera to get blurred effect.

You can’t get natural picture clarity. In the daytime, you can get good picture quality, but the camera will upset you in low light condition or at night.

Battery Performance of Vernee V2 pro Smartphone

Vernee V2 ProYou will have massive 6200 mAh non-removable battery with this smartphone. And surprisingly this smartphone supports quick charging. You will get 9V and 2A power adaptor with this smartphone. To charge from 0% to 100%, it will take 2.5 hrs.

You can enjoy video playback of 15 hrs, while you can enjoy uninterrupted music play up to 90 hrs.


Vernee V2 ProThose who are working in vulnerable areas they can opt this smartphone. This rugged smartphone is well protected with impressive features. Also, it has got a look like a premium smartphone.

As per hardware performance, it will give you the decent result. You can play high-end games. Also, the battery performance is entirely satisfactory. You can get a big screen as well as a beautiful display with this smartphone.

But the camera performance will upset those who love photography. Software enhancement in camera won’t give you the proper result.

You can opt for this smartphone as it is available at a reasonable price if the camera is not a big concern for you.






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