Reusable USB Cable Review



The day I picked up the USB Cable, The package is quite heavy for a USB Cable, the package is small that you can hold it in a hand, but still quite heavy. I opened the box and found that the USB Cable on its own there’s no other extra things inside it, the USB Cable is more Good looking in personal than the pictures in internet, they give effort on the premium appearance of the product and also in the main feature of the product the sliding-function which allows you to reuse the USB Cable the reason why is this USB Cable is so special than other USB Cable out there, What I loved on the product is the USB-A Connector and the Type-C USB-B Connector is 50% made of Zinc ALLOY  and 50% HARD-PLASTIC.


In my experience of using this REUSABLE-USB-CABLE, Well, There’s a lot of tangle, It Is because the Cable-Wire Is made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers, a rubber like material) a good choice of material for recycling  but a struggle for some users like me, might experience a lot of tangle in Cable-Wire.


What’s Inside the box is a USB Cable and a thin plastic holder nothing more, the manual is printed in the back of a small box, but I have to say the USB Cable is longer than I expected (1.5 meter/s), and also I tried cutting a short length of USB Cable to see if the USB will still work?, and as seen on youtube videos the Cable still worked.



I have to test the Durability of one of their products.

  1. Snatch-like-a-boss

Admit it Some of the gadget users is too clumsy and just snatch their phones like there’s no cable connected to it, so what I did is snatching my phone like a boss and see if the cable still work?

After snatching my phone, the USB Cable starts to waggle and so I continued Snatching my phone 5x more, and surprisingly the Cable-wire didn’t disconnect the Type-C USB-B connector and the waggle did not get worst.

  1. Stretch-It

This second durability test is similar on first test, and one of the reason why USB Cables malfunction, is one of your clumsiness, sometimes you forget that you have short cable and accidentally stretching your cable, and since that the material they use on the Cable is stretchable I decided to try that thing too

Just like the First test the Cable starts to waggle but did not get worst.



  1. Slide-Flip Function/Feature

I can’t deny the fact that this USB Cable is special, this cable can last a year for its premium quality  because of the slide-flip feature you are able to recycle this USB Cable a hundred times.

  1. Zinc Alloy USBs

My First thought of this USB Cable is it’s made of plastic, but when I Unbox this USB Cable I was surprised that it is really made of alloy, just imagine 50% of your USB-A & USB-B connector is made of alloy and the 50% of it is made of hard plastic and last but not the least is the Cable-wire is made of TPE a good choice of material that is stretchable at the same time recyclable.


This charger is not only eco-friendly but budget-friendly for the price of $16.90 you will get TWO high quality Re-usable USB Cable that can last more than a year (depends on you if you’re a cautious person)


  1. The Waggle

I am a bit underwhelmed about the waggle on the Cable, it’s just feel so unsecure and bothers me, but if you’re a cautious person you might not experience the waggle that I experience.

  1. The Tangle

The tangle is the most common problem I have to deal with this USB Cable, it is because of the material of the Cable-wire (TPE), but the only problem with the material that they chose is the tangle because TPE is a bit grippy at the same time stretchable but TPE has a lot of benefit like TPE is recyclable & durable.



This USB Cable is great not only in specs but in price but I suggest fixing the waggle in the Cable, and putting the magnetic feature and slide-flip feature in one USB Cable that would be great to see in the gadget market and I’d rather buy that thing instead of local USB Cables that last only for a week.


Overall this Re-usable USB Cable is great, a high-end quality, budget friendly, and worth-it.


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