Ticwatch S Smart Watch Review – Winning Looks and Impressive Functionality.

Ticwatch-S-Smartwatch Review

Ever come across someone so in love with their smartwatch? It must have been the Ticwatch S SmartWatch. Users have nothing but praises for this device for the first-rate performance and brilliant features. Just from the looks, you can tell that the Ticwatch S was meant for serious use. It sports a latter-day yet timeless look that makes it a spectacle. The company includes many high-quality characteristics but keeps it simpler while still maintaining the luxury of a first-rate watch. Additionally, the circular bezel is a great way to go for most and the interface is super cool, it’s easy and fun to use.

Performance and Software

Ticwatch aims at saving you time and frustration of waiting with commendable processing speed. The company optimized the performance to make light out of the most intense apps and features. The Ticwatch S can clock impressive speeds courtesy of the 512MB RAM so you can be sure of smooth operation without lags and drags.

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Aside from that, you shouldn’t notice any lag or drags between swipes or transitions owing to the highly responsive intuitive and interactive interface that is a delight to use. Unleash the track hero in you with the Sync Sports Data feature courtesy of the included heart rate monitor and pedometer. It will easily make you escape reality by getting you so into the track that you decide to achieve your goals regardless of the long hours it will take

Storage, Hardware, and Battery 

The Ticwatch S8provide users with 4GB of storage space to keep all their valuable files. Don’t fail to take a shot of every exciting moment when you have a workable remote camera to play with. All these exciting features eventually take a toll on the battery and can be a big drain on power. The 300mAh battery is simply no match to all the pressure from powering this unit. The battery can, however, hold up to some serious runtime.

Ticwatch-S-Smartwatch Review

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Design and Construction

Simplicity is sometimes the surest way to go, the simple and straight forward design with a round display and thin bezels makes it a pleasure to look at. Its sleek and tight design is a marvel to look at and will make you stand out and command some respect from the people around you. It comes with an ABS plastic case and a silicone band. Aside from that, a 1.39 inch circular AMOLED display with 400 × 400 pixels ensures the images are as exhilarating as can be with deep contrast levels and crisp pictures.

Ticwatch S ReviewTicwatch S Smartwatch review

Moreover, it comes with a 1.4-inch touch screen display with lifelike pictures and excellent contrast levels. The display is built for image quality and makes it more fun and interactive to use this thing. In addition to that, this device is waterproof and will stand up to spills, sweating and harsh weather.

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Network and Connectivity

To save you the trouble of pulling out your phone all the time, you can pair the Ticwatch S smartwatch with your Android 4.3+ or iOS 8+ smartphone to receive notifications, read texts and receive calls from your wrist. Furthermore, it is Bluetooth 4.0 enabled meaning sending files will be less of a hassle.

Ticwatch-S-Smartwatch Review


  • The anti-lost feature makes it easy to locate the smartwatch.
  • It is waterproof and safe for wet conditions.
  • It supports multiple languages.


  • Limited color options available.

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Inside the Package

  • Ticwatch S smartwatch
  • 1 Charging cable.
  • Chinese /English user manual.

Ticwatch-S-Smartwatch Review

Final Words

Get your spin on with the Ticwatch S smartwatch. The overall performance of the device is up to the mark and response rates are acceptable. To add on that, the design is simple yet spectacular and the build quality top-of-the-line. The Ticwatch S is not cheap but quality products on the market seldom are. However, if the price was to be brought out of the equation, it is up to scratch and works as advertised. Highly recommended.

Click to Buy Ticwatch S Smartwatch For $210.25


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