Microwear H5 3G Smartwatch Phone Review – Fashion meets Function

Microwear H5 4G Smartwatch review

Smartwatches are not designed to replace a smartphone and neither is the Microwear H5. However, on those moments when a phone is too awkward to carry, like a workout, this communication device. The McrowaerH5 is an awesome combination of amazing features and impressive specs at a reasonable price.  It may not be the best there is but for what it costs, it can certainly hold its own. The SIM card smartwatch is primarily designed around fitness and exercise and it comes with a Sports Management feature to keep you on top of your game physically.

Microwear H5 4G Smartwatch Review

Storage, Hardware, and Battery

Store your most-liked media content and apps in the 8GB internal storage space available and easily access them whenever you want to. Don’t fail to take a shot of every exciting moment when you have a 5.0 MP camera to play with. It is hard to beat the 600mAh battery that can withstand days of serious abuse. Additionally, the Microwear H5 comes with a built-in speaker and microphone so you can take calls and listen to media without the need for an earpiece.

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Performance and Software

The efficiency and speed portrayed by this device are laudable thanks to the 1.1GHz Quad Core processor. Get top-notch performance and unfailing performance with 1GB of RAM.  The introduction Android 6.0 OS to the device makes easy and fun to use and adds to the fun.

Microwear H5 4G smartwatch Review

Design and Construction

You could easily be forgiven for buying the Microwear H5 as a jewel for decoration for the well-made design. The design is simple yet spectacular and the build quality top-of-the-line. It comes with a 1.54-inch touch screen display with lifelike pictures and excellent contrast levels.
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Network and Connectivity

It is no longer that serious leaving your phone at home, you can still communicate and access the internet with the 4G LTE SIM card support. Working out with practical features like the heart rate monitor, sports management feature, GPS, pedometer and more make it an exciting time to be a fitness enthusiast.  Because real men relish challenges, you can set goals and targets and monitor your progress and develop courtesy of the sport modes. It is Bluetooth 4.0 enabled and Wi-Fi enabled.

Microwear H5 4G smartwatch Review


  • Multiple languages supported.
  • It comes in several colors to suit your preferences.


  • Poor camera.

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Inside the Package

  • Microwear H5 4G Smartwatch
  • 1 Phone case.
  • 600mAh Polymer battery.
  • 1 USB cable.

To wrap it up

No surprise to see Microwear making waves in the Smartwatch market; it’s one of the areas where their brands excel. This is one of the best 4G smartwatches that can hold a sim card. The Microwear H5 4G smartwatch is truly innovation at its best, with tons of great features exclusively designed for users on the move.

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