Xiaomi China is expanding their boundaries to Paris

Xiaomi China Paris Expansion

Q2 seems like it has been owned by Xiaomi. First, the news broke about the release of Mi 8 and Redmi 6, which followed by the launch of MIUI 10. And now, Xiaomi China have announced their entry to the French market.

As we all know Xiaomi now have a multi-brand picture, and it no longer is focussing on only the smartphone and tablet market. This versatility of Xiaomi China is because of their deep-seated interests in consumer markets.

Xiaomi China Paris Expansion soon after Spanish involvement

For the sake of proof, have a look at their product line up. Apart from dealing with smartphones and tablets, Xiaomi China is all over the place.

From smartwatches to smartlights and bulbs, from air purifiers to even electric scooters Xiaomi China is slaying at it.

Xiaomi China already made their entry to the Spanish market?

Yes, it seems like Xiaomi China is on their worldwide excursion itinerary. Just six months back they launched Xiaomi’s Exclusive store with their e-commerce business in Spain.

The devices that debut in Spain were, Mi Mix 2S, Redmi Note 5 and their ecological electric scooters.

The senior vice president mentioned that ‘Bringing Xiaomi to Paris is their important milestone as it makes a mark in their international expansion process on Xiaomi. He also explains how they are going to fulfill the needs of the Western European market by their commitment to supplying more innovative tech’.

What do you think? The globalization of Xiaomi is a bold step? Will this help the consumers to break the monopoly by Samsung and Apple? Or Xiaomi will receive defeat?

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