OnePlus Bullets Wireless earphones: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

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Since the Apple has launched wireless AirPlugs for Apple iPhone 7 competition among big companies about wireless earphones has risen. Recently on Wednesday one of the biggest tech giant OnePlus has unveiled its iconic wireless earbuds, the only thing missing from One Plus series. The earbuds merely name as OnePlus Bullets, and they are entirely wireless. This doesn’t mean that OnePlus is going to ditch iconic 3.5mm jack it will be available in OnePlus 6. Most of the wireless earphones present in the market are quite expensive and have average battery life. However, as OnePlus products are always come with something extra, OnePlus Bullets is no exception.

The best part about the OnePlus Bullets is they are also coming equipped with dash charging. Furthermore providing 5 hrs of battery backup just after 10 minutes of charging. The total battery life you will get will be of long 8 hours and at the appealing price of $69 it is really affordable. OnePlus has again done the same thing it has done with its smartphone. In a simple budget they provided wireless earphones with a ton of features inbuilt.

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OnePlus Bullet : Design

The Bullets wireless have a neckband-style design which rests comfortably on the neck. Without any problem or fear of getting it fall like Apple Airbuds.  The buds of the earphone are mare up aluminium metal and feature a short 9.2mm energy tube design for enhancing audio. With the inline placed in earphones, the remote user can change tracks in between and also use it to increase or decrease the volume. In addition, it can also be used to trigger the Google Assistant.

Some of the best features that OnePlus is providing is the inclusion of magnetic straps. After snapping the magnetic earpiece, the wireless earbuds can be turned off and just after snap it out to turn it back on. The Chinese Startup has also include Dash charge system into its wireless Bullet earphones that is first for these kinds of devices. It has got type C cable charging that we get with the OnePlus smartphones. These earphones are develope in high skill R&D team of OnePlus, and it can withstand any normal day to day activity or any vigorous physical activity without falling off from your ear. Consequently, you can do any exercise you want including jogging, running or weight lifting inside the gym.

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Sound Quality

The OnePlus Bullets uses Qualcomm aptX technology that provides high-quality sound across a Bluetooth connection. They feature 9.2 mm drivers with energy tube technology that carried to provide high-quality audio across the overall Bluetooth link. The energy tube is made up of silica gel and non-metallic mineral that reduce frequency disturbance and noise formation. At the time of using we hear the unusual fewer noise and clearer playback all the time.


The OnePlus Bullets is features as the water-resistant coating so it can withstand normal splish and splash very easily. You can take it out in the small rain but just don’t try to wear and swim with it. The outer body is a form of aluminium, but silicon earbuds make it stick to your ears occasionally it requires some adjustment to get a nice feel. The sides of earbuds are magnetic so they can be utilised in many ways while you are not using them. This technology is also used to auto pause songs whenever you are sticking them together. Magnetic snapping on and off help in saving battery. whenever you snap the earbud together it will automatically pause the ongoing music.

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The best part about the fast charging is that it doesn’t require original Dash charger form OnePlus. Any type C charger will do the trick. With the integration of Google Assistant just presses and hold the button to control google Assistance.  It is in regards that google assistant is not directly associated with OnePlus rather it uses the device it connects with.

Pros and Cons


  • Emotive, appealing, accurate music
  • Large-scale soundstage
  • Great fit moreover lightweight for satisfying support
  • An excellent choice for active sports
  • Fast USB-C charging


  • Sound can be a little harsh in a peaceful atmosphere
  • Those dangle cables are an artistic tragedy

All Killer Zero Filler

All thing considered with so many attractive and latest feature the most attractive about the OnePlus Bullet is its price point. It’s generally hard to find any wireless headphones with this much good quality and under such a big tech giant name OnePlus. All the quality made wireless earphones are overpriced and go upto $99. The Bullet is not that much stylish or compact, but the build quality and sound quality we are getting with OnePlus are quite fantastic.

OnePlus Bullet 6

The OnePlus Bullets are the surprises of the year. The company has designed a whole new device with features that are not available in any same kind of device available in the market. The Bullet with OnePlus devices in the market is expecting to get more latest updates in the coming future.

Pricing and Availablity

The One Plus Bullet wireless will go on sale on from June 5. The price introduce for merely $69 which really make it very affordable and reach for even peoples who don’t have One Plus device. The bullet comes packed with the different set of earbuds to find the best fit for your ears. The One Plus bullet can be used with any of the android device present in the market. But it produces the best result when use with any of One Plus device or higher flagship models phones.



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