Quelima SQ12 Sport Mini DV Review: A Convenient Action Camera


It doesn’t matter in which part of the earth you are residing! All thanks to the affordable commuters available either to buy or can be taken for rent today. Daily average commuter vehicles like bus, cars, and bikes have made it possible for anyone to travel far away from home in minutes. This activity might take your very less time and effort while covering the same distance while walking. In this post, I will be going to share my own experience with using Quelima SQ12 Sport Mini DV Camera from past few days.

Quelima SQ12 Sport Mini DV

What are we missing while Driving?

I always do pray to God before going for a drive. Since it is not only the matter of my safety and harm but a small mistake of mine or any other guy can harm any other third guy. We need to be severe and always drive while having a focus on our surroundings because it is a matter of some one’s life and property.

You might be having all the high tech features in high-end bikes and cars. But no one gives you 100% guarantee that you will not get any harm if you met with an accident. For many people, it is not only about their life but about their car’s condition as well. Some automobile fanatics love their cars like their spouse and do not want any single scratch or so while maintaining the situation for a long span of time.

Quelima SQ12 Sport Mini DV Review

In case you also concern about your vehicle then what is your plan after meeting with an accident. Whether your car is insured with any trusted agency? Do you feel it confident to run your vehicle on roads without any worries? Do you never used a car’s central locking system feature in your car or so?

It doesn’t matter whether you are so confident about your driving and safety. I do not need any security feature in your car then pause reading this post for the next 2 minutes. Think what will be going to happen if due to bad luck you met with an accident?

Quelima SQ12 Sport Mini

Are you Prepared for Tomorrow?

Are you do not care whether your car will get hurt from any accidents? Do you have enough money to do the necessary repairs back again? Then it is up to you, and I think you are the luckiest person in the earth!

Be prepared, However, if you are having even a single percent doubt in your mind regarding what to be done in case of an accident. If you or your car met with an accident and you have no insurance against the same, then you can solve this problem like the way I can. Keep reading to know the trick!

Quelima SQ12 DV

I got serious about this issue when of my close friend has been met with an accident! The best part is his vehicle was insured with a top insurance firm, but the worst part is why he spent his money every year on renewing the insurance!

You might be confused about why I am saying like this! It is because after few days of the accident my friend claimed for the insurance. But unfortunately, he forgets to know about the fact that he is under third party insurance.

Quelima SQ12 Sport Mini Review

Third party insurance,

It is type insurance in which if due to you or your vehicle met with an accident with any person. Then that person has the right to claim for the insurance against you. Since for him you are the third party, the person himself is the first party, and the insurance firm is the second party!

I hope I am going right, please excuse me for any wrong information if I mentioned regarding the same. However, my main motto is to let people aware of the actually behind their overconfidence. Especially regarding driving or maintaining a personal vehicle as per government laws and regulations! I am not expert in this field. Different countries are having different insurance policies, driving laws, rules and regulations.

Quelima SQ12 DV Review

So while getting the approval of the insurance policy, the forum asked my friend to show them any proof of the accident. For example with what type of vehicle, model, vehicle number, etc. he met with a crash. At least any photo, video or guarantee that can tell them about what happened on the spot of accident correctly!

It is the thing that is very tedious in the process, and my friend luckily gets the proofs from others mobile sets whose shops are there nearby. Finally, my friend was succeeded in producing some genuine evidence about the accident and some more details about his third party. After some time he got the insurance for his vehicle.

Quelima SQ12 Sport Mini DVR

My Decision to Buy Quelima SQ12 Sport Camera:

After this incident, I am aware of the procedures and difficulties that we need to face in such situations. So I decided to prepare myself in advance to make for an accident! To do so, I have researched much on the internet and also talked with automobile safety experts,

I do not want to spend much since I am a casual driver. So I am in search of a cheap technology that can help me to get it done correctly and conveniently possible. At last, I came to know about action cameras that you can use in any of your daily commuting vehicles.

Quelima SQ12 Sport Mini DVR Review

What is the primary function of Quelima SQ12 as Action Camera?

Action cameras like Quelima SQ12 are the type of cameras that are very small in size that can be fit into your pockets easily and can able to record some good quality videos. You can install it either on your helmet in front of the bike chassis while driving a bike. Also, you can place it anywhere near to the back viewing mirror or anywhere on the dashboard while using it in a car.

Quelima SQ12 Review

I can remember while watching a YouTube video where a guy is using an action camera to record his bike stunts. And I found it impressive! The best part what I like about this camera is that you do not need any second person to hold the camera and shoot still and clear photos and videos.

Therefore, I thought why not I could use an action camera,

Both while riding my bike or a car. I can start the recording before a ride and stop it once I reached the destination. Some of you might get the idea what was actually in my mind as well before using an action camera on a car or bike.

Quelima SQ12 DVR

But for the other people, let me tell you the most significant benefit of using an action camera on the commuters. At the time of recording what is happening on the front side. The action camera continuously records the things once you switched it on. You can save the recorded footage inside the same or on an external card if there is any facility of it!

Now, suppose while driving someone from the front will collide with your car. At that time you are confident about the fact that you have the recorded footage of what happened exactly. And that will work as a significant proof for you while claiming for an insurance policy. Not just this you can also show it to the second party who is quarreling with you by finding you the real culprit of the accident!

Quelima SQ12 DVR Review

Why I Bought Quelima SQ12 Mini SVR Camera?

So after spending the time of a day or two in searching for the best action camera finally, I decided to buy Quelima SQ12 Mini DV action camera.

You may have a question in mind – why I have chosen SQ12 only as my companion to be with me when I need a spectator who can remember or record my activities on itself? So to answer it, I think it’s better to get you aware of all the features and specifications of the camera!

Highlighting the features of Quelima SQ12 Mini DV camera I got;

  1. As the name suggests, it is Mini, or in other words compact, so it makes me comfortable to use sometimes in front of my helmet as well. And most of the people don’t recognize that it is a camera.
  2. The SQ12 camera is having a FOV angle of 155 degrees. Both make it safer and an optimal camera that is helpful especially while reversing a car or improving the view sight.Quelima SQ12
  3. I can record my long drive tours as well on it like when I continuously drive for 1 hour or so. After all, it is having an excellent inbuilt battery of 200mAh.
  4. I can without any doubt use the SQ12 DV camera on my helmet or can install it anywhere on the outer portion of the bike. It can withstand to work generally in any weather condition without any problem.
  5. The camera features loop cycle recording and 2-3m motion detection feature. Both of them provides me safety and comfortable driving environment.
  6. Quelima SQ12 Mini DVR can support to record videos up to 1080p resolution or Full HD. So no issues regarding clarity videos or so.
  7. SQ12 Mini DV camera is also having a feature of advanced H.264 image compression technology. Thus whenever it captures any photo, it first compresses it and then saves it on its storage to save some space for other content.
  8. I am using a TF card of 32GB with the camera, and it has the maximum limit to enhance its storage capacity.
  9. SQ12 Mini action camera also features two LED Infrared lights. That makes it easy for the camera to take high-quality pictures even in dark or night hours.
  10. The camera is offering a good look throughout because of a conductive time stamp feature.
I am always afraid while driving either a bike or a car!

It doesn’t mean that I am not using at driving or so. However, before buying Quelima SQ12 Sport Mini DV camera, the main problem is different! I know even if I drive correctly then there are many chances that a hopeless driver can drive idiotically and might be met with an accident with me!

Today we can see to provide the car manufacturing companies have produced a smooth and safety braking system on bikes and cars ABS or Antilock Braking System. It can help you save the unbalances or accidents happening due to the only case of improper braking. Also due to the chances of risks occurring with non-ABS vehicles!

Talking about the cars now many car manufacturing companies are providing safety airbags on fronts and sides. These can help much both the passenger and the drivers to save from a big jerk or any injury after having a car collision or any other type of accident!

Highlights on the Specifications of Quelima SQ12 Mini DVR Action Camera;

  • Type: Mini DVR, Full 1920 x 1080 Dashcam.
  • Chipset: Generalplus1248
  • Function: Motion Detection, Loop cycle Recording, Night Vision
  • Image Sensor: CMOS.
  • External Card Support: TF 32 GB maximum but not included in the package.
  • Storage Card Class Rating Required: Class 10 or higher than that.
  • Battery Capacity: 200mAh
  • Battery Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Working Voltage: 3.7V
  • Charging Way: Car Charger
  • Lens Size: 2.33MM
  • Aperture Range: f2.5
  • Camera Pixel: 1.2MP
  • ISO: Auto
  • Video Format: AVI
  • Decode Format: H.264
  • Video Frame Rate: 30fps
  • Resolution: 720P(1280 x 720), 1080P(1920 x 1080)
  • Video Output: Mini 8 pin USB
  • Image Resolution: 12M (4032 x 3024)
  • Image Format: JPEG
  • Audio System: Built-in speaker/microphone (AAC)
  • Power Cable Length: 60cm
  • Operating Temperature: 10-50 Degree C
  • Loop-Cycle Recording: 5min
  • Night Vision Distance: 3-5m
  • Product Size: 2.20 x 2.20 x 2.24 cm/ 0.87 x 0.87 x 0.88 inches as per height x length x width respectively.
  • Product Weight: 0.0160 kg
  • Package Size: 6.00 x 14.00 x 9.00 cm / 2.36 x 5.51 x 3.54 inches as per height x length x width respectively.
  • Weight: 0.0830 kg
  • Package Contents: 1 x SQ12 Mini DV camera, 1x Holder, 1 x USB cable, 1 x clip, 1 x User Manual.

What makes Quelima SQ12 Mini DVR Sports Action Camera Essential?

I can remember when I was at the age of between 5-10 years my father use to drive an old age car that might be having so much power and safety features as compared to modern day cars. Commuters are made for the convenience of the user.

Some people consider it as a luxury of their daily life. So a powerful high priced bike or car is a trend among not just rich people but also among the youths belonging to economic people. Parents after an age usually gift either a motorcycle or car to their child especially as their birthday present.

Even youths are also wished for and force their parents to buy a nice looking car or bike for them especially while going to colleges. A teenager today needs speed, power in a motorcycle or car while enjoying the luxury of a ride but what about the safety?

If you also have a bike or car loaded with many features then think once only about the safety features available in the same! Do you believe whatever many safety features available in your car or bike are enough to save you from road accidents and from hurting you!!!

My Review on Quelima SQ12 Sport Mini DVR Action Camera:

Well, the SQ12 has many exciting features that I liked much about it and chosen it as the best one for me! It is always with me whenever I am traveling on a bike, or on a car otherwise, it is there in my pocket. Since I don’t know when I’ll need it in any of my daily course of life.

The camera is working fine, and it doesn’t have too much feature that cannot make it complicated while using. And of course, I am again mentioning it as a small and of lightweight making it easy to use everywhere.

What I am missing from the product is the fact that it is not having any indicator or so for notifying the charging condition of the battery. So if you are not charging it at specific intervals, then you need to bit calculative about the total hours you have loaded it.

So it is a good idea to have an action camera on vehicle recording everything while you are traveling, and I am not the only guy who is using it for the first time. Many people are using more than one action cameras on their cars to record the activity of nearly all the sides of the vehicle while in action!

I am sure an action camera is a solution to stop ROAD RAGES happening all over the world between people, and it is hazardous. It is a fact that if you do not hurt from an accident then possibly you might be injured as a victim of road rage. It is for sure, and it needs to be stopped as early as possible!


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