AGM A8 Review: A top rugged smartphone


Need a phone which comes in your budget but with all the premium smartphone features. Trust me AGM A8 is what you are looking for. This phone comes with all the features you are looking for but at an affordable price. I got this phone, and I am using this smartphone since last 10 days. I am absolutely in love with this smartphone. Even I was not aware of the pros and cons of this smartphone. However, accidentally or you can say coincidently I got to know about this smartphone. Let me tell you how I got to know about AGM A8.

My journey to know about AGM A8 Smartphone

I am a nature lover, and I love to explore nature. I love to visit places where you will find the forest, waterfall, mountains, river, etc. Once some of my office friends and I decided to visit a waterfall which was surrounded by forest. The trip was of about 3 days, and we were 4 people who went for the trip. As I love to travel so, I packed some of my requirements like a camera to click pictures or for video recording, small music player to listen to music while getting bored, a video game for my time pass, my laptop, etc. Moreover, this is not at all easy to travel with so much of luggage. However, these were my requirements as I wanted to enjoy my trip to the fullest.

When we landed at our destination because of some issue at the airport or for the flight we didn’t seem able to get our luggage. They said we would get our luggage after 24 hours. However, the trip was of only 3 days. Moreover, all we had with us, were our smartphones and our wallet. However, we didn’t want to waste our time in waiting for our luggage. So we decided to explore the place from the first day itself. While tracking the place, my smartphone got slipped from my hand, and it got damaged. Then my friend said me to use his phone as he has two smartphones. Also, the smartphone was AGM A8.

AGM A8Then I used his phone for 3 days. At that time I got to know about the details of the phone which I am going to share with you.

Design and Physical Overview of AGM A8 Smartphone

AGM A8When I first saw this smartphone, it attracted me because of its unique shape and style. It comes in black color and is made up of thick plastic. AGM A8On the right side, it has its power button and volume control buttons in bright yellow color. It has got a sporty look. AGM A8However, the only thing is it is bit heavy maybe because of its size. We can say it is 159 x 83 x 16mm in size and is 248 grams of weight which is perfect for outdoor use.

Display of AGM A8 Smartphone

AGM A8The thing which amazed me was with so fewer prices it comes with the screen size of 5.0 inches. This is perfect for watching videos or playing games. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla glass which is quite robust to break, and this glass makes it suitable for rough use. The screen resolution is 1280 x 720 pixel which is a HD screen. AGM A8Its robust body makes it perfect for rough use as it is waterproof, it is dust resistant, and the best part is it can also be used in temperature range of -40 degree to 80 degrees. It is designed in such a way that you can use this device with easy in any place like a rainforest, desert or highland. These robust features made me to use this phone with ease without any tension of damage of phone.

AGM A8 Smartphone: Hardware, Processor and Operating System

AGM A8If we talk about its processor, to maintain a balance between power consumption and its smooth functioning it is powered by Quadcore Qualcomm 425 chipset with CPU of MSM8916. AGM A8AGM A8For quick and smooth functioning it has got 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM and has an expandable memory of up to 32 GB. AGM A8Popping up toward operating system then AGM A8 is installed with Android 7.0 Nougat. No doubt that, this android version is not the latest one but with this price range this version is more than enough. AGM A8With this smartphone you may miss the opportunity to play high-end games. I have played Nova with it. There were some lags while playing this game. Also, there is little bit rise in temperature while playing the game.

Camera performance of AGM A8 Smartphone

Now heading to its main feature, i.e., camera. For me, it is one of the prime requirements as I love to travel, so I use to capture the moments. AGM A8This smartphone has a dual camera, the rear one is of 13 megapixels with high pixel CMOS Sensor, and the front camera is of 2 megapixels with auto focus as well as touch focus. AGM A8These features let take a sharp and clear picture. But in practical when I clicked some pics, it was not up to mark. AGM A8The rear camera was able to take clear images in daylight and it fades away in night or artificial light. AGM A8Whereas you won’t get any satisfactory result in front camera.

Battery life of AGM A8 Smartphone

AGM A8I cannot overlook battery life while purchasing a smartphone. As I travel so much, I need a long battery life smartphone. Because while traveling I hardly get time to charge my phone. AGM A8 comes with the removable battery with 4050 mAh battery life. The battery will last up to 2 days in standby mode. While playing games the battery doesn’t drain a lot. But you can feel little heat while keeping your smartphone on charging mode.

AGM A8 Smartphone: Network and Connectivity

AGM A8This smartphone comes with 2G, 3G and 4G network type so that full range of connectivity people can use this phone. Moreover, for connectivity, it has got wireless connectivity like Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, LTE, Wi-Fi, GSM, 3G, 4G, A-GPS. Addition to these there is a 3.5 mm audio out port and one Micro USB slot. I didn’t find any issue in terms of wireless connectivity. And the operator network strength is quite good on this smartphone. Even in heavy rains, the amplifier catches good network strength.

Other miscellaneous features of AGM A8 Smartphone

Apart from all these main features, it has got some other features also. First, let me tell you that this smartphone has 2 x Nano SIM slot and one dedicated Micro SD card holder. That means at a time you can insert 2 SIM plus Micro SD card, unlike some other smartphone in which you can either put 2 SIM or 1 SIM plus 1 SD card. This smartphone has also got sensor like Ambient light sensor, Gravity sensor, Geomagnetic sensor, Proximity sensor. Not only you can click pictures or record videos, but it also comes with sound recorder. It also has some inbuilt features like calculator, calendar, browser, MP3, MP4, etc.

I have nearly told you about almost all the features of the phone. I know it is quite strange to believe that this smartphone has so many features at such a less price.


AGM A8In the beginning, I thought to use his smartphone only for one day as we were about to get our luggage in 24 hours then after that, I would have used my stuff for tracking. However, when I used his smartphone for one day, it was so handy and comfortable to use that after getting my luggage also I didn’t use any of my stuff. AGM A8 is multifunctional. It has covered almost all my needs as it has decent camera quality with enough space to store pictures. It also has enough space for videos or movies, so I didn’t use my laptop, and it also has the right music system, so it covered the use of music system also. Moreover, the good thing is, this smartphone is also handy to play games so no need to carry video games also.

After returning from the trip the first thing I did, I ordered AGM A8 smartphone. The AGM A8 smartphone comes along with one power adapter, one USB cable, one Screwdriver and one user manual.

So those who want to enjoy more features with fewer budgets; this product is the best option for them.


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