Xiaomi Smart Electric Rice Cooker exceeded 1 million in sales

Xiaomi Smart Electric Rice Cooker

We all know Xiaomi as one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. But what we don’t know about them is, apart from a smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi has invested a lot in their other products. One such product is Xiaomi Smart Electric Rice Cooker

It was first launched in the year 2016, since then it has made a record sales of 1 million units. Apart from this, the Mijia IH Rice cooker has been used over 40 million times so far to cook rice.

Xiaomi Smart Electric Rice Cooker

Other variants of Mijia IH Rice cooker

Soon after the launch of Mijia IH Rice cooker, Xiaomi also released its other variants.

The 3L variant costs around 399 Yuan and the 4L variant came for 599 Yuan. The original version was set for sale at 999 Yuan back in the year 2016.

This shows how dedicated Xiaomi is in pushing their products out.

The cooker has a minimalistic design, and it can be controlled via an app that can be installed on your device.

The cooker has already won several awards and certifications like the IDEA Innovation Design Award in the United States and the China Red Star Award.

Furthermore, the rice cooker has a built-in LED light that enables the users to watch the progress and status of the cooking cycle. As per its performance, it can also retain a lot of heat inside of it.


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