GPDXD Plus launched – PUBG Mobile works like a charm

GPDXD Plus launched

As the age grew people started using Mobile Phones instead of televisions, and gamepads to game. Earlier people used to have gamepads to entertain themselves, but as the technology grew people started to use Mobile Phones as their all in one device. GPDXD Plus is a new device, that has been launched recently. The developers played PUBG mobile, one of the most graphic intense game. And the game worked like charm.


With the evolution of Mobile Phone, it was made clear to the people that smartphones cannot do all the tasks and also maintain a battery life of a whole day at the same time. Hence again there were gaming devices with came up and started to grow in the market.

One of the first devices that came up was the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo was costly at the same time came with a lot of downsides. Today we are going to talk about GPDXD Plus, a new device made solely for gaming.

Talking about the new gaming device, it is one of the best device currently in the market for gaming use. As the device has internet facility via Bluetooth, hence the processor and all the internals of the device will just be used to game on the device which furthermore will increase the device’s usability.

The construction of the device is just like the Nintendo 3DS which makes it quite easy to play as Nintendo is said to be the best gaming device available.

Let us first have a look at the brief overview of the specifications of the device.



The device comes with a 6000 mAH long battery life which promises runtime of 8 hours to 9 hours for intensive Android gaming, and more than 10 hours for emulator games.

But as you know these are calculated in ideal conditions and also the battery life depends on the screen and amount of action the game is having. Hence take these numbers by GPDXD Plus as the only reference.

The size of the gaming unit is 155mm by 89mm in length and width which makes it a comfortable handler just like any other smartphone which makes handling and using the device a charm.

Mostly gaming devices are said to be bulky, but this one is having the best combination of the screen size and bulk so that you don’t get tired while using the gaming device.

Processing Power

GPDXD Plus comes with 6 – core MT8176 Processor which is a power saving processor and complements the 6000 mAh battery for longevity.

The processor doesn’t have to handle any cellular activities like constantly searching for signals and looking forward to the messages and other internet syncing activities.

This makes the hexacore processors good enough for the device to game on.

Complementing the processor is the 4GB LPDDR3 memory which does the work quite well of smoothing the gameplay on most of the device.

The thing which this device is not capable of is playing more than two high – end games simultaneously back to back without memory loss issue.

This issue is due to low memory while a single game demand around 2 Gigs of memory. While small games are no issue for the device and we can have a blast by playing games back to back.


Games do require memory to get stored in for which we have 32GB of storage which is enough for around four high-end games on Android. Around 5 – 6 small games which makes the device an absolute beast to keep you entertained on long highway trips.

Also if you find that you are falling low on storage, then you can even attach an external Micro SD Card which will further increase the capacity of the device.

Display which is the most important part of the device is a 5-inch IPS touch panel which is bigger than the older 3DS LL model.

The device can be used without the buttons like a normal Android device also.

Another thing is about the Mini HDMI Plug with which you can connect the device with your Television to play games on big screens.

Operating System

GPDXD Plus runs on Android 7.0 and is soon to be upgraded to Android 8.0 which means it is up with the market strategy of the latest version of the operating system.

The device does have WiFI facility to update your device and download games on the device.


The device comes with a 5 – inch display which sits on the main side of the device. The device opens just like a laptop and is similar to most of the gamepads of the early 2000s.


On the controller side, the device has two joysticks on either side which have L3 and R3 button complementing them.

Bellow the joysticks we have the traditional X Y A B buttons on the right side while on the left side it’s the directional Pad which is commonly known as D-Pad.

Apart from these, we have volume buttons and two other buttons which are mostly to access menus and other such activities.

There are four buttons at the bottom which controls the start, select, back, and home on the phone.


Speakers are located on either side of these buttons and complement the audio experience which is indeed a stereo sound which makes it an immersive experience.

If you want an additional sound gear for your GPDXD Plus, give Roccat Khan AIMO Headset a try.

Device when not in use can be folded and carried which makes it easy to travel with and also will save the screen from handling damages.


Apart from all these the devices also have a hole to stick in a strap so you can easily hold the device while you are traveling.

So in case the device slips from your hand you can grab the device without any issue and damage the device due to the fall can be prevented.

Also if you think that due to the folding device the screen can get damaged, then you must also note that around the screen there are several rest rubbers.

These rest rubbers rest the screen far from the keys so that the device can be safe and sound from wear and tear.

Key Mapping on GPDXD Plus

Playing games on the device is a charm, but talking about one of the main features of the device is about the physical keys which we get with the device.

The device will be able to make different types of combinations for playing your game with your customized keymaps.

The device comes with 16 different physical buttons which are enough for playing most of the Android games.

The GPDXD Plus enables us to create our habits of playing the game in a certain way.

There are different ways to play the games, and the device offers two modes which include Normal, and Moba.

These two modes are made to better your experience of playing the device. Talking about the keys, there are 12 physical buttons which are enough to be used in racing, first player shooting, and other horror games.

Gaming Experience

Playing any game on the device is as good as experience the action in real. The sound of the device is crisp and gets the best sound while playing on any android device.

Trebles, Bass, and Mids, are balanced so well for gaming that you can get immersed in gaming forever.

Talking about the gameplay, it is easy as the screen is not covered by your hands and you have the best of experience as your hands are to the bottom and don’t interrupt in any way to have any obstructions during any action scenes in the game.

Which makes you more attentive towards the game, while the physical buttons make the playing experience buttery smooth.

When you start playing the game using the gamepad, you will find issues in aiming and controlling the car for which you will have to get used to, or you will even have the option to use the touch buttons on the screen so you can use your old way of gaming.

But getting familiar will be the best option.

Display of the device is so good that even though it is quite small at just 5-inches, still it makes the gaming experience so smooth and so plush that you don’t feel about the device being small to game on.

Another benefit of the device is that the physical buttons will save the space that your hand used to take on your devices and interrupt your view on different parts of the game.

Usually, the bottom portion was hidden which for racing can interrupt with the cars that are running behind and hence it will make it easy for them to overtake. Hence the small screen is not going to be a huge issue while playing the game.

Comparison GPDXD Plus vs Nintendo 3DS

GPDXD Plus is said to be in direct comparison with the segment-leading gaming device the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo happens to have its limitations which are something which the GPDXD Plus says to answer.

Nintendo 3DS comes with its custom software which makes the games which are to be played on the device to be purchased by the company.

Which is the major downside of the device, even though the device is priced lower than the GPDXD Plus, but it needs the user to buy all the games which are to be played on the device.

While with GPDXD Plus you can use all the different types of games which can be sideloaded on the device and you enjoying your vacations without the need of getting a new device every vacation.

Side by side Comparision

GPDXD Plus supports Android Gravity, Touch Games,  NDS Games, GBA Games, SFC and MD Games, DC Games, etc. all these types of games are available with GPDXD Plus while the Nintendo 3DS comes with a selected selection for gaming.

Another important thing about Nintendo is that you will do get many exclusive games on the device.

The device the best in the price range as you can easily flaunt your device with exclusive games with your friend.

On the flip side, the GPDXD Plus offers the same games as we can play on other devices hence it will not age difficult to move to the new gaming environment.

Nintendo 3DS comes with two displays of which the upper display is a normal screen while the bottom one incorporates the touch.

The games on Nintendo 3DS are designed so you can get the controls and other features on the bottom screen or the physical buttons while the upper screen will make you emerge into the experience of playing the game.

The GPDXD Plus incorporates only a single screen, but still, the screen is a much better unit as you have more controls over to the physical buttons and you also have the option to custom map each button which can make your gaming experience much more pleasurable.

Both the devices are good in their terms Nintendo 3DS is for serious gamers who are looking to game those exclusive games on their Nintendo, while he GPDXD Plus is a device with which you can easily game the android games that you use to game with while you were enhancing your gaming skills.


The device retails for 260$ which is high when you look at the specifications of the device, but the real world performance of the device does speak something else.

Mostly the devices have a price drop of around $20 – 30 which again justifies the price. The features of the device such as Button mapping, 1080 HDMI output to the screen again enhances your gaming experience.

The device does come with a hike in the price of its competitors, but it does have its advantages.

During the initial testing phase, the probable artifacts about the GPDXD Plus were checked by playing PUBG mobile game. Furthermore, it is to be noted that the PUBG mobile app worked like a charm.

What do you think about both the devices? The Nintendo 3DS and the GPDXD Plus , also let us know which device you will choose if you were looking for a device solely for gaming.

Do let us know in the comment section on what do you think about the device in the comment section below, also if you own one, please let us know your experience using one personally.


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