Xiaomi flagship store opens in Nanjing: One further step in Retail.


Xiaomi has opened their first Xiaomi Flagship store in Nanjing on 25th of May 2018. The first ever flagship retail store is built on an area of 600 square meters.

Xiaomi always had their ways to astonish everyone. Being a smartphone manufacturer, they’ve taken a plunge into consumer electronics markets, and recently their Rice Cooker crossed 1 million sales.

Xiaomi flagship store

Xiaomi flagship store: What all can be seen?

Well, not just smartphones and other consumer electronic devices that Xiaomi has been selling via their online chains, but general retail items will also be featured.

Xiaomi flagship store

Xiaomi flagship store, their supermarket will have food items, clothing, and other consumables.

As per the official announcement, there are over 15 categories in just the smartphone section; then there will be smart furniture and even kitchen items.

In total there will be around 2000 different categories of products to choose from in the Xiaomi flagship store, in Nanjing.

Xiaomi flagship store

Though this is an initiative of the Xiaomi-Youpin combined collaboration, there will also be several third-party independent products that will be featured in the store.

As per the initial impressions goes, the sales team will try to extend Xiaomi’s policy of selling ‘extremely cost-effective’ products.

The store is not officially open for business but is soon to be inaugurated.

Apart from this, Xiaomi is all set to launch their flagship device Xiaomi Mi 8, and the latest MIUI 10 on 31st of December.

And this step of Xiaomi in the retail sector indicate a great initiative that may disrupt the peace of other giant retailers in the future.


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