Xiaomi Mi 8 Box Leaked: Images shows the camera and other sensors

Xiaomi Mi 8 Box Leaked

Xiaomi Mi 8 is all set to be released on the May 31st of this year. The 8th-anniversary conference that Xiaomi is going to host will feature Xiaomi Mi 8 and MIUI 10 along with Xiaomi Redmi 6. Furthermore, just a couple of days before the launch event, Xiaomi Mi 8 Box Leaked in images.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Box Leaked

The images show everything related to the retail box packaging. The box is simple and is black. The Xiaomi Mi 8 Box Leaked retail box looks classy though, but there is not much of imagery or branding is done on the box itself.

What else was evident: Xiaomi Mi 8 Box Leaked (via images)

There were also several images, that shows the placement of the camera and other sensors that are located on the forehead of Xiaomi Mi 8.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Box Leaked

Apart from this, the image shows the front camera, light, ambient sensor, infrared sensor and the dot depth sensor. These sensors along the camera will help the device to offer the 3D facial recognition. Thereby enhancing the capabilities of Xiaomi Mi 8 face unlock feature.

But what about the Xiaomi Mi 8 Box Leaked? Are there more product images that are being leaked? Like the Xiaomi Mi band 3 is also expected to be launched on 31st May.

What do you think? Do these leaks benefit you to get a sneak peak of the devices?


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