Vivo NEX poster leaked: A true bezel-less beauty


The most hyped phone of the year 2018, the Vivo NEX came around with their concept design earlier this year. As per the latest rumors, the phone may soon hit the retail stores. This true bezel-less beauty machine will be packed with some AI wisdom technology. Today, Vivo NEX poster leaked, and the device looks gorgeous.

The device seems similar to the concept version we already saw a few months back. Vivo NEX poster leaked shows a sliding camera that comes out of the main chassis only when it is needed. This gives Vivo NEX an edge over all other smartphone manufacturers.

Vivo NEX poster leaked: What’s more to expect from Vivo NEX?

Vivo NEX poster leaked

Apart from the latest hardware like, Snapdragon 845, LPDDR4X 8 GB RAM and Adreno based 630 version GPU, the true bezel-less design of Vivo takes the breath away.

The device manages to gain as much screen real estate as possible at least that is what is evident with the Vivo NEX poster leaked.

Furthermore, the right camera placement shift also gave an edge to the device manufacturer to make such a marvelous piece of product.

As as the Vivo NEX poster leaked message goes, ‘The Flagship of AI Intelligence,’ we can think of something great this phone will bring to the lives of consumers.

What do you think? What all features seems useful to you? And when compared to Xiaomi Mi 8, what do you think which one will win the hearts?



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